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Stocking Stuffers For Guys

This post was originally part of Kojo Design's Gifts for Guys series. 


I la-la-la-LOVE this Gifts for Guys series!

Guys are totally neglected in the crafting world, don't you think?

Don't tell my husband I said so, but I think that every guy secretly wants to be pampered.  I know mine does.  Especially when he's sick.  Or tired.  Or had a long day.

I have a theory that if my husband could go to a spa completely anonymously, he would do it!  Let's face it, he travels for work all week long, so he probably deserves it!  But this gift brings the spa straight to his stocking!

This year, I whipped up a couple of {simple} stocking stuffers to help pamper my man!  I created some homemade lip balm, body scrub, and foot scrub to stuff in his stocking.  He may pretend to be underwhelmed, but I happen to know that he will secretly indulge in these little goodies!

My hubby will literally turn around and drive back home if he is missing his chapstick!

So I knew he would appreciate my homemade lip balm.

This is SO easy!  To make your own lip balm...

1.  Gather your supplies.  You will need beeswax, organic shea butter, safflower oil, and your favorite organic oils.

2.  I grated 1/4 c. beeswax to start.  I combined it with 3 T. organic shea butter and 2 T. safflower oil in a plastic bowl.

3.  Then I started microwaving this until the beeswax melted completely, and the liquid was completely clear.  Then I added 2 tsp. of peppermint essential oil and just a touch of food coloring.  (I wanted this to be peppermint-like!)

4.  As quickly as possible, I poured the liquid into the chapstick containers I found at my organic grocery store.  I refrigerated this to be sure it hardened up, and it turned out beautifully.

Who knew it was this easy to make lip balm?!  I will be making more very soon!

I love Google.  I simply googled "brown sugar body scrub" and selected my favorite recipe!  Again, this was so simple to make with just a few simple ingredients!

I used a recipe for peppermint foot scrub that I found at The Idea Room.  Perfect for Christmas!

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I is for Insects {Mommy School}

Something about back-to-school time renews my own excitement for Mommy School!  After a lazy summer, I have decided to really fire up my engines and get our Mommy School going!

Here's the latest and greatest printable Mommy School packet...

This packet is MASSIVE.  We're talking a whopping 80 pages!

I have been sleeping and breathing BUGS for the last week.  It's kind of funny because Little Man has always been a little squeemish when it comes to creepy crawlies.  But I'm determined that by the end of this unit, he'll like at least a few bugs!

Are you curious what's inside??

Letter of the Week:  I

Number of the Week:  10

Color of the Week:  Black

Song of the Week:  I'm Bringing Home My Baby Bumblebee

Theme of the Week:  Insects


I am not giving away all my secrets with this packet, but here are just a few teasers (All downloads are available at the end of the post):

These are ALWAYS one of our favorites... bug action cards!  We'll be practicing our best "buggy" moves!

"Count the stripes on the bees" activity.

A little ladybug math... match the numeral with the correct number of ladybug dots.

"I is for..." coloring pages/letter tracing.

And there is much MUCH more!

The arts and crafts section of this packet is enormous.  And I found some extraordinary songs and fingerplays!


Terms of Use (Please read before downloading) -

This is where I may sound grouchy.  But I'm not.  Just covering my bases!

* All Mommy School printables are created for Oopsey Daisy subscribers.... so just hop on over to the sidebar and hit "follow!"
* This packet is in PDF format.  Please be sure that you have the most updated version of Adobe Reader in order to open the file.  This packet is too large to e-mail, so this download is the only way I have to share this with you.  Be sure that your computer’s spyware will allow downloads from the internet.
* PLEASE do not take advantage of my willingness to share.  I will not customize this packet using different fonts, colors or personalized formats.
* This packet is for personal use only!  You may use this for your own preschool class or in your own home.  You may never sell or redistribute any part of this packet.
* Clip art designs &/or fonts copyright Dianne J Hook. Used with permission from DJ Inkers. (Thanks SO much to the fabulous people at DJ Inkers!)
* I do have a copyright on my blog. You may not redistribute my Mommy School packets or host them on your own site.  Please link to my personal blog to refer a friend.

Are you ready to get started??

You can download I is for Insects here.

I hope you enjoy Mommy School as much as I do!

I can hardly wait to get started with this fun unit!


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