Shamrock Pops with Printable Flags

We made it to Friday!  Where has the week gone?!

I have been super busy with preparations for the Colorado Blogger Spring Soiree!  I can't wait to have an official blogging meet-up here in lil' old Colorado.  Who would have thought?!  I'm giddy at the idea of it and can't wait to meet up with some of you tomorrow!!

I am finally getting my St. Patrick's Day act together.  Recently I raided my pantry and used up some leftover Valentine's Day candy to create these festive shamrock pops!  These were so.easy!

I am all about rainbows right now.  I am craving some bright colors and some springtime!  See those rainbow flags?   Yes, you can print those.  But first... let's make some shamrock pops!

So I raided my pantry and found these heart candies from Valentine's Day.  I had these left over from Little Man's ABC valentines.  (Although this would be even easier if you had a heart mold!  Because I realize that dipping chocolates in chocolate might be just a little bit silly!  So yes, use the mold.  Or a heart ice cube tray!)

My idea was combining 3 chocolate hearts to create a shamrock.

Here is what I did:

I melted some green candies.  I made sure it wasn't TOO hot so it wouldn't melt the chocolate!

I stabbed a small hole in the center heart.  Don't do what I did and just jam it inside the heart.  Use a fork.  It works better!

Then dip your 3 hearts in the chocolate.

Combine together and let dry on wax paper.  These held together surprisingly well!

Now decorate!  I covered up my messy dipping with some fun sprinkles !  Little Man even helped decorate a few.

These will be fun to give away to friends!

And don't forget these rainbow flags!

If you would like to print your own "Lucky Me" rainbow flags (you could even wrap these around a straw if you would like!), just click here to download the PDF.

We're feeling pretty lucky lately.  Good things are happening for us right now.

Have a fantastic weekend my friends!!

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  1. What a yummy and cute idea! =)

  2. Alison@Oopsey Daisy says

    Thanks so much Jill!! XO

  3. Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

    Newlyweds on a Budget

  4. Super cute! I’m a little surprised you still had Vday chocolate in the pantry. Mine is long gone! lol! Adorable idea, my friend! And I’m glad you family has found themselves some luck. That’s always nice!

  5. What an awesome way to use up the Valentine’s candy! You’re so creative!

  6. What a cute idea! I love the flags. Many thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Adorable. I love your creativity (and frugality) to turn Valentine hearts into shamrocks. You’re a genius!

  8. I need to comment here more. 🙂 I still have V-day candy too… ok, we still have Halloween candy. Sad, but true.

    I’m SUPER jealous about that Colorado crafty meet-up! I can never make it to the Glitter Academy nights out here, so I’m excited you get to go be crafty with friends! I hope you have a blast.

  9. Hi Alison! It was fun to meet you today at the Colorado Meet-Up event! I was wondering what lighting you use for up close pics of your projects (the one with the white background). Do you have a special light box for photography or maybe just a great spot in your house for photos. Just curious! Thanks!

  10. GREAT idea! Chocolate dipped in chocolate?!?! I bet little man was thrilled! 🙂


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