Let’s Talk Cupcakes!

I adore cupcakes!!

Nothing makes me quite so happy as a delicious (and beautiful!) cupcake.

I was thrilled but a little nervous at the prospect of producing cupcakes for our Colorado Bloggers' Spring Soiree.  In the past, I have been a little cupcake cursed--especially with the decorating.  Luckily Courtney of Sweet C's Designs loaned me her frosting gun which worked wonders!  I'm definitely purchasing my own frosting gun now.

I wanted these lovelies to be delicious AND cute.  I needed some great recipes that I could bake up perfectly the first time--no oopsey daisies!!  So today I want to share my new favorite cupcake recipes with you.  I tried out 5 new cupcake recipes plus frosting recipes--from scratch. All 5 cupcake flavors turned out amazing!  (Yes, I am still feasting on a few leftovers stowed away in my pantry!)

I had so much fun baking them that I have been scheming up brand new cupcake recipes to try.  Perhaps I have been watching too many episodes of Cupcake Wars?!

My poor Kitchen Aid!  Just as soon as I had one batch of cupcakes in the oven, I washed everything, and started over!  Our kitchen was transformed into a bakery.  It took a lot of self control to avoid nibbling on them before I got to the decorating!

First up.. the "Mile High" Oreo cupcake.  These happy little guys went FAST!  In fact, I witnessed a run on the very last one.  You really can't go wrong with Oreos right? They're Little Man's favorites, too!

The batter of these Oreo cupcakes was almost like a chocolate mousse.  I could have stopped right there and devoured the batter in spoonfuls!  The cake was rich, but the frosting was light because it was whipped cream.  Yum!!  I consulted the genius of Annie's Eats.  Definitely check out her recipe... so delish!

And decorating them was easy.  I just stuck an Oreo on top!

I have a little secret:  This "Pikes Peak Pink" cupcake was by far my favorite!  I am a strawberry lover, and I loved that these were jam-packed full of fresh strawberries!  The batter called for 2 cups of chopped strawberries, and the frosting had a delicious strawberry puree mixed inside.  These were incredibly moist and fresh. And don't you love how elegant that strawberry is up on top?!

... As I am writing this, I have to go back for a little sampling...

Again, I used a Annies' Eats' recipe for Strawberry Cupcakes.  This girl knows her cupcakes!

This "Red Rocks Red Velvet" cupcake was my ho-hum flavor choice.  I have never truly been a fan of red velvet until now!  I keep going back for more of that red velvet.  The cake flavor is so yummy, and the frosting was seriously tasty!

Want the recipe?  I know you do!  I used this recipe from Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body.  I'm totally making these cupcakes again!

I made these "Castle Rock Carrot Cupcakes" for my hubby.  He has always loved carrot cake although it's definitely not one of my favorites.  But after baking, I kept going back for more.  They were SO moist!  And the carrots were shredded, so there were no chunks.  I was worried that they weren't the prettiest cupcakes, so I worked a little harder to dress them up and cover up the funky tops!

To create the carrots on top, I just used some of Wilton's sparkle gel. It may seem so simple, but I was so proud of a few happy carrot tops!  (Definitely a decorating novice!) Yes, again, I used Annie's Eats' recipe here.

Finally, say hello to the "Denver Double Chocolate" cupcakes... or shall we just call these deadly?!  I used this yummy recipe from Sweet Treats and More.  Besides the chocolate cake and chocolate frosting, they also have mini chocolate chips inside.  So maybe we should have named them "Triple Chocolate"?!

But guess what? I created my very own chocolate buttercream frosting--and that was my favorite part.  I will share that recipe very soon.  The secret ingredient was hot chocolate mix.  Yum!

So here I am 5 pounds later still drooling over cupcakes! Do you have favorite cupcake recipes you would like to share?  Shoot me a link!  I would love to try them out!

Join me tomorrow for a super fun tutorial!!

I got to know my new sewing machine and made something seriously FUN for Little Man.

I can't wait to share it with you!

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  1. I love the names you came up with! They all look so tasty, I’m wondering what excuse I could have to make 100 cupcakes.

    • Alison@Oopsey Daisy says

      Thanks Lorie!! I got the link for those yummy chocolate cupcakes from YOU!! So thanks for the tip!! These are all yummy! XO

  2. Funny I was on a find the perfect vanilla cupcake recipe this weekend! I am excited to try all these!!

  3. You’re cupcakes look amazing Allison! Mmmm!

  4. The cupcake display was AMAZING! The one I ate was super yummy. I think it was the chocolate one, but honestly they all looked wonderful. Great job!

  5. I can attest that the cupcakes were amazing at the soiree! Thanks so much for your hard work… Here is one of our favorite cupcake recipes… It’s kind of like banana bread in a cupcake with a cream cheese frosting, it really is awesome! ENJOY… http://mommyapolis.com/yummy/banana-cupcakes/

  6. You rock my world! How you had time to bake AND decorate ALL those cupcakes, run a blog, and keep up with being a mommy… I’m working on a superwoman cape for you!

    I love cupcakes that look simple and elegant. Yours are so lovely! They look delicious, and I am pretty sure if I lived closer I would be knocking on your door right now to demand a batch 😉 .

  7. Now I’m craving cupcakes. I’ve never had a strawberry cupcake before but those look amazing. And the Oreo is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Alison, these look amazing!! I’ve pinned to my recipes board. I’m sure the day will come when I’m desperate for a good cupcake recipe 🙂

    (wish I had one now, actually!)

  9. These are fantastic – pinned!

  10. I know this is an old post, but I noticed you made these in Denver. I live in Denver also and was just wondering if you adjusted any of the recipes for high altitude? It Dan be difficult baking up here! Thanks!


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