Celebrating President’s Day!

Happy 3-day weekend!

Well, it may be a 3-day weekend, but we are back to our usual routine today.  We are in party recovery mode here at our house!   But today I wanted to share a few fun ideas for President's Day!

Abraham Lincoln has always been one of my Dad's heroes.  Ever since my parents were first married, my Mom threw an epic celebration for one of my Dad's heros, Abraham Lincoln. My Mom is one incredible party planner, and she has created a fun night to remember for going-on 34 years now!  As a little girl, this became one of my favorite family evenings each year--and it still is!

My Mother hosts guests, and we all eat a huge Southern feast!  We eat everything from fried chicken to okra; black-eyed peas and pecan pie!  YUM!  Then the games begin!  Here are a few of my favorite activities:

Penny estimation jar.

Typically my Mom counts out how old Lincoln would be this year, and this is the magic number of pennies in the jar!

Coin toss.

 We use a calendar chart of the month of February.  The date the penny lands on is how many points we earn!  But double points are awarded for Lincoln or Washington's birthdays.

Lincoln log building contest.

This has always been my personal favorite!

Lincoln log ice cream cake.

In addition to the pecan pie, my Mom always makes this yummy "Lincoln log" ice cream cake for dessert.  This is the talk of the party!

This has been such a fun way to honor a great president and have a lot of fun, too!

I hope your week is off to a great start!  

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  1. You did a great job I love the log cabin contest

  2. The Lincoln log ice cream cake is so adorable and fun! Love it!

  3. What fun ideas! Thank you for sharing a great family tradition.

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