$75 Glasses Giveaway {39DollarGlasses.com} – CLOSED

This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to our winner, Makala Clark!

Hey friends!  It's giveaway day!

And if you are in the market for a brand new pair of glasses or sunglasses and want to save some money, you'll love this!

39DollarGlasses.com is an online retailer for discount glasses.  You can find everything here!  They sell prescription eye glasses and sunglasses for incredible prices!  You can customize brand name plastic glasses or metal glasses in lots of colors.  Right now, you can order your own glasses at 10% off using promo code OOPSEY.

As you may know, I have had to wear glasses a lot more often lately.  My eyes suddenly rejected contacts last summer, and I only had an old pair of glasses.  So I was thrilled when 39DollarGlasses offered me a complimentary pair of eyeglasses.  However, ordering online was a little tricky for me.  Tracking down my current prescription and translating it for the website was nerve-racking for me.  Luckily the site offered easy tools for measurement.

One of my favorite features of the website was this "SmartFit" face shape tool.  This way I could imagine how my face shape would look in each pair of glasses!  I wish I could do the same thing for hair cuts!

I finally decided on these lovely pair of glasses in black.  I loved that I could read the reviews on the glasses before ordering, and the site offered a print-out of the actual size so I could get an idea.  It can be a little frazzling to order something as important as prescription eyeglasses without seeing them first!

The thing I loved the most... the cost!  I customized my frames with scratch-resistant coating, and my cost was still only $68.95!  I saved $256.05, and I loved seeing that price tag!  Again, this is where I have to show off to Mr. oopsey daisy!

In just a week my lovely new specs arrived!

Hubby hasn't been around to take pictures of me in them, but I am loving them!

What I liked about 39DollarGlasses:

* I loved all of the information on the website.

* I found the face shape tool very useful!

* The case and cleaning cloth were beautiful.

* Saving money is always a good thing!

* Most glasses are shipped from China, but these glasses are American-made!

What I didn't like about 39DollarGlasses:

* On the website, I found several links that repeatedly showed up as "bad gateways." Ugh.

* My lenses are much thicker than any lenses I have ever had on any glasses.  Interesting.

* I am always more comfortable with a custom fitting at an eye doctor.  I was on pins and needles waiting for these glasses to arrive!

One Oopsey Daisy reader will win a coupon code for $75 toward a new pair of sunglasses or glasses.  This is how you can win:

U.S. and Canada residents only, please!

1.  "Like" 39DollarGlasses.com on Facebook and let me know in a comment.  You receive a $15 coupon just for liking them on Facebook!  Please note that this company prefers that you don't leave any comments on their page in response to the giveaway.

2.  Let me know how you're following my blog!  Google Friend Connect is disappearing, so if you are were following me there, I don't want to lose you!  Instead, you can subscribe via e-mail, google reader, RSS feed, Google Plus, or Facebook. Leave a comment letting me know how you follow!

3.  Spread the word!  Feel free to copy and paste this tweet:

I'm hoping to win $75 toward brand new glasses/sunglasses from @39DollarGlasses at @OopseyDaisy917! #giveaway http://bit.ly/wcSH42

This giveaway will end next Wednesday, February 15 at midnight.

Giveaway winner will be announced via Facebook and Twitter and e-mailed directly.

Good luck friends!

Please read my disclosure statement.

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  1. Yay! I am excited about this! I am getting new glasses at the end of this month after being in the same pair for 5 years. I can’t wait! I liked 39dollarglasses on facebook and I already follow your amazing blog!

  2. My dad could REALLY use a new pair, even though he doesn’t want to spend the money. This would be perfect for him!
    I liked 39 dollar glasses on FB.

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  4. I follow OopseyDaisy using google reader! Love your blog – and could really use some new glasses! My eyes are much different after baby no.5 I’ve noticed! Thanks again!

  5. I follow Oopsey Daisy via RSS Feed! :o)

  6. Following you now! My hubby needs some new glasses!

  7. Awesome timing on this giveaway, my glasses just broke this weekend I was planning on checking out 39 dollar glasses! I’m a follower 🙂

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  13. Makala Clark says

    I liked 39 Dollar Glasses on FB! I have been looking for some aviator sunglasses for my hubby and will be ordering them soon! Thank you so much for introducing them!!!

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    I tweeted about this awesome giveaway!! https://twitter.com/#!/mrsmakalaclark/status/167641297040064512

  16. I follow you through google reader. Also, I’m wondering if you’re lenses were thick because you didn’t order high index plastic lenses? I would really like to know before ordering…because my lenses MUST be thin thin thin or I wouldn’t wear the the glasses. :o)

  17. I follow with google. I don’t know if it’s called google reader though. Maybe rss feed?…

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  21. Lori Burgess says

    I’m following your blog in my google reader, and I’d love to win the 39Dollarglasses.com giveaway, for my son. He needs glasses so he can get his license to drive. He’s been measured, and we choose his new glasses in the cart ready to purchase! Thanks.

  22. I just lost the nose piece to my glasses so a new pair would be most welcome. Thanks for the opportunity.

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  35. HuntinCamo says

    Hi! Just “liked” 39DollarGlasses on facebook! I don’t “follow’ you, I just check your website everyday. LOVE IT!!! I shared your site with my daughter’s preschool teacher telling her about Mommy School. She was a happy camper! Thanks so much for the GREAT ideas & the time & effort you put into your blog.

  36. I’ve just signed up for your feed through My Yahoo. I LOVE the name of your blog. My aunt used to say Oopsie Daisy all the time!! I have had the same glasses for over 10 years. My eyesight as good as it was back then but I make do when I need to take my contacts out! It sure would be nice to upgrade! Be blessed!

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  48. I liked 39 Dollar Glasses on FB! My husband has used them in the past and loved it!

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  56. I follow you by email. My son is getting ready for a mission and needs new glasses! Thanks!

  57. I am so excited about this. I just found out that I needed to get glasses & honestly I was just going to put it off because I did not want to spend the money. I even found a pair of frames on the site that I love! 🙂 I liked 39 dollar glasses on FB. I also follow your blog via email & FB. I love your blog & always look forward to super cute crafty ideas! 😉

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  74. I liked $39dollarglasses on facebook, I subscribe to your weekely blog, and I absolutely love your ideas! I have already done some of your activities with my little ones! I am also glad that you reviewed this website because I have considered using this before (I am a poor, poor english teacher!) but I worried that it was a scam! I desperately need new glasses, mine are over ten years old and my prescription needs to be renewed. I will get an exam and then order from this website! Please pick me!!!

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