Sunday’s Snippets: Prayers

For me, Sundays are a nice break from the usual routine to enjoy a day with family!   Here on the ol' blog, I use Sundays to give you glimpses into everyday life.  Because even though vinyl and mod podge are a lot of fun... believe it or not, most days we are just eating PB&J and working on getting the laundry done!

This week was all about prayer. Lots of prayers were given, and lots of prayers were answered.  It was rollercoaster ride with plenty of ups and downs.  But it was just a few days ago--Monday, to be precise--that Little Man enjoyed an entire morning of fun with his cousins and everything seemed just fine.  We visited the Denver Firehouse Museum.  The boys had the chance to dress up head to toe in fireman gear.

Fireman hats, coats, boots, even gloves!!

They even had the chance to drive a fire truck!

Yes, it was a dream come true for these boys!!

But little did we know that this sweet guy (Little Man's youngest cousin) was very, very sick.

Since our field trip, my sweet 20-month-old nephew endured more than any little guy should have to endure.  Tests and more tests.  Trips to the pediatrician's office. Then the specialist.  Then the hospital.  Each day, the results seemed a bit more grim.  But after a week full of tension and waiting, good news has finally arrived!  And never has the word "negative" sounded so sweet.  So while the most terrifying possibility has been eliminated, we continue to pray for answers about the cause of it all.

Times like this put everything into perspective.  Somehow my overflowing inbox isn't bothering me right now.  And yes, the dishes in the sink are being ignored. Because right now knowing that everything will be alright is all that matters.  Prayers are answered, my friends.

Get ready for another exciting week at Oopsey Daisy!  You can look forward to...

-- The return of the Creative Carousel, Valentine's Day style!

-- A sewing project {still learning my new machine!}

-- Another incredible wowzers linky party.  You never cease to blow me away!

-- An easy peasy valentine

What were the best parts of your week?

"See" you tomorrow!

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  1. We had something very similar happen with our little guy the week after Christmas. Countless visits to the doctor and the hospital, blood tests, xrays…Everything kept coming back negative, which was great, but didn’t give us answers. And then one morning, he woke up as if he’d never been sick. It’s still a mystery as to what he had going on, but we’re very grateful to now have a healthy little boy.

    I’m so glad that everything has turned out well with your little man as well. We’ll be sending love your way. Stay well!

  2. Awww, I’m so sorry for what your little family had to go through. When our oldest wasn’t even one yet, we went through something similar – tests, eeg, etc. It is scary and you just wish you could make it go away for your child! I hope you find answers, and that you are taking care of yourself. I’ll be thinking about you, friend! Lots of loves!

  3. Hurray for happy endings! I’m so excited to hear your family’s happy news, my friend! I hate the little one had to go through so much, but yay for it turning out negative! Btw, the boys are ADORABLE in the firemen getup. 🙂

  4. Oh Alison- I am so sorry that you’ve been weighed down with worry, but I am so glad that it is all well!

    When Sommer was 2, she woke up one day with purple blotches “hickies”, literally all over her face and body. They told us through blood tests that her bone marrow was being suppressed and they thought it was leukemia. We went through much prayer and thankfully, as you know, it too was negative, and only a virus, but I now forever hate to hear any parent waiting on results of the type. I’m so glad Little (Cutie-Pie) Man is ok. Take care, sweet friend! 🙂 Luvs

  5. So sorry to hear about the hard time your family has been through lately. I hope they get some answers and the little guy is feeling better soon! Our little girl has had several surgeries and been through a lot, so I know how hard it is to have a little one in the hospital- It’s hard when you can’t do anything but leave it to the Lord… it’s even harder when you don’t know what it is. Your family will be in my prayers.

  6. Happy to read your prayers were answered for your nephew. The world just stops spinning for awhile during times like that. All the things you thought were so important just melt away. “Because right now knowing that everything will be alright is all that matters”. Amen to that!

  7. I am so grateful that your prayers were answered. There is nothing harder on a parent than a sick child. The power of prayer is incredible.

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