Scentsy Valentine Warmer {Review}

I don't usually post on Saturdays.  For me, Saturdays mean that I can sleep in and lounge in my PJ's.  It's my day off!  Mr. Oopsey Daisy takes Little Man out for doughnuts and some errands.  It's our family catch-up day!  Allow me--in my jammies and all!--to share one of my new loves with you!

Why hello, lovely little Scentsy Valentine warmer!

You might recall that Scentsy's independent consultant, Samantha Fryer, is one of my newest sponsors.  Recently I had the fabulous opportunity to try out this sweet Valentine's Day warmer.  I had hoped it would add a little coziness to our winter--and just in time for Love Day!  I was thrilled when my package arrived.

I was almost heart broken when I tore open the box to find a broken light bulb. But sweet Samantha quickly sent out a replacement--adding to the anticipation!  There are so many reasons why I love my Scentsy warmer!  Here are just a few:

* I love that this is safe for kids!  There is no open flame. It is a wickless candle, and the wax never becomes hot enough to be a fire hazard.  That makes for one happy mama.

* I love that I just plug it in, and 5 minutes later, our house feels cozy.  The aroma permeates quickly and just makes our home feel "homey."

* I love that I can switch up the scent just by ordering a new bar.

* I'll state the obvious here:  It's super cute!  Right?

And P.S. The cinnamon vanilla scent is amazing!  My husband is incredibly picky about scents.  But 5 minutes after plugging in our warmer, Mr. O.D. was already raving.   Don't forget that Samantha has a free gift (with purchase) available for all Oopsey Daisy readers!  Just e-mail her at to order and claim your own little gift!

I hope you're having a fantastic weekend!


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  1. Emilee reynolds says

    Are you doing v is for valentines for mommy and me packet? I had my first successful mommy and me group and used your winter packet. I love your ideas! Thanks.

  2. I love my scentsy! I use it all the time! This one is so cute. I agree with Emilee…we are having so much fun with the W is for Winter packet! I can’t wait to start other one’s when we finish this one! Have a great rest of the weekend.

  3. They are discontinuing Cinnamon Vanilla on March 1st, make sure you stock up!!!!!

  4. cacao cottage says

    so nice! {…and where ever did you find the fun glam hearts?}

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