Red Envelope Giveaway from P.F. Chang’s {15 Winners} – CLOSED

This giveaway is now closed.  

As you may know, Monday was the start of the Chinese New Year!

2012 is the Year of the Dragon.

Today's fabulous giveaway is brought to you by the very delicious P.F. Chang's!

To kick off our celebration of the Chinese New Year, my family visited P.F. Chang's on Monday evening. P.F. Chang's has always been a bit sentimental to us because this is where my hubby took me on our first date!  Yes, after four-wheeling and hiking, he took me to P.F. Chang's in my dirty, dusty jeans and sweatshirt!

And yes, the food was delicious as always.  Chinese food is one of my many weak spots.

The Red Envelope represents a significant tradition in Chinese culture. Red Envelopes, filled with gifts, are presented to family and friends during the Chinese New Year. The color red symbolizes good luck.  I am wishing you lots of good luck today because P.F. Chang's is generously giving away 15 Red Envelope prizes to Oopsey Daisy readers!

Yes indeed--15 winners!  There will be one grand prize winner and 14 other Red Envelope prize winners.

Here is some more information about what is included with each prize:

Here is how you can enter to win one of the 15 fabulous prizes from P.F. Chang's:


1.  Nominate a dragon in your life - someone who embodies characteristics like confidence, generosity, honesty, etc.  Tell me about that person in your comment!  I look forward to reading these!


2.  Blog, facebook, or tweet about this giveaway.  If you're tweeting, feel free to copy and paste this tweet and leave a comment to let me know:

Celebrate Chinese New Year with your favorite dragon & @PFChangs! 15 winners at this fab #giveaway at @OopseyDaisy917

3.  Follow Oopsey Daisy on Pinterest!  Please let me know in a comment.

This giveaway will remain open until Wednesday, February 1st at midnight.As always, all winners will be announced via Facebook/Twitter and e-mailed directly.  And yes, there will be lots of winners, so check your e-mail next Wednesday night!

There are some fun things going on the P.F. Chang's Facebook page, too.  During the Chinese New Year, you can dine at P.F. Chang's and request your very own Red Envelope to receive a discount on your meal. Fun!

Good luck, and Happy Chinese New Year!

P.F. Chang's provided me with a gift card free product for this giveaway.  As always, all opinions are my own.  You can read my disclosure statement here.

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  1. Melanie Stapley says

    I follow Oopsey Daisy on Pinterest! Love your boards!

  2. I follow Oopsey on pinterest!

  3. Melanie Stapley says

    I posted a tweet about this giveaway!

  4. It’s quite easy to think of someone generous in my life-my husband! He’s a graduate student and works long crazy hours while I am blessed to stay home with our two kiddoes. He does an amazing job at juggling a full load as well as being a great dad, but not only that! He is always willing to do the dishes for me (my least favorite chore) and stay up so I wake up to a sparkling clean kitchen!

  5. My dragon would definitely be my husband. We’ve been through a lot together and he is my best friend and closest confidant. His strengths balance out my weaknesses. Plus, he and I both LOVE P.F. Chang’s!!! What a great giveaway and Happy Chinese New Year!

  6. I just started following you on Pinterest-can’t wait to see all your pins!

  7. Samantha C. says

    I would definitely nominate my husband. I have never met a more giving and caring person. He is the best husband in the entire world and a great father. Right now, he is totally taking care of me because I am 27 weeks pregnant and we have 3 year old triplets. He makes sure that I do not over exert myself!

  8. Samantha C. says

    I follow you on Pinterest.

  9. Melanie Stapley says

    A dragon in my life is my sister who volunteers every week to help children that don’t have a supportive home life with school, making sure they have everything they need (clothes, food, school supplies, etc.), being a friend and mentor, etc. I know she has changed a lot of lives for the better and given them confidence to be their best!

  10. Oh my mom is the most magnificent, amazing and supportive person. As I balance a small time business along with a 2nd job as College Counselor with a 1 and 3 year old, my mom is the one that listens to my laughs, cries and most pleas for sanity. She never says I told you so and just listens as I rant about some unfair decision at work or my troubles. Unconditional love and her amazing ability to make the 4 hour drive any time I need the extra support or just her presence to give me sanity

  11. I tweeted your giveaway!

  12. I am now following you on Pinterest also. The addictive site! (Chelette Stephenson)

  13. rhonda smith says

    My husband!! Wonderful how God brings you just the right person. He is all of these things and more. We have had a rough few years with our adoption and with one of our children being sick and he has been my rock!! We love love love PF Chang’s!!

  14. rhonda smith says

    I am now following you on pinterest!!

  15. My dragon is my dad. He is such an amazing person. He is a dedicated person who never backs out of anything. I believe that over the years, as us kids have gotten older, he has become more appreciative of things in his life. I have found that he enjoys sharing his time with others, giving back, and sharing his stories. This sounds kinda dorky, but he is also very honest. He is mechanic and I have never seen him steer anyone into paying more than they have too. He is a strong man and I think he is a great “dragon.” Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. I just tweeted! @cherbeartoo

  17. I follow you on Pinterest.

  18. I follow on Pinterest now too! Cherie Goyer

  19. my son is a dragon! He is our oldest, our first-born, our only son and he is fierce in loyalty, strong in confidence, generous in character, and honest! He is an amazing big brother to his 2 little sisters! …and at 5 years old he also just thinks dragons are super cool 🙂

  20. My husband. He’d give it all away if I’d let him. He’s a good man.

  21. My dragon is most definitely my mother! She bravely does what not many have done or do…she raised 9 children, now caring for and being amazing with almost 30 grandchildren! She serves everyone and everything! She constantly has someone over for dinner. Caring for the elderly in her neighborhood, driving them to doctor appointments, taking them meals, going over just to chat and give them company. She is selfless, caring, brave, and confident! Love my dragon mother! =)

  22. I tweeted!

  23. I follow you on pinterest!

  24. A dragon in my life would be a friend of mine that I met when I moved out to Southern California for a year after college. I worked along side her for a year and we became fast friends. Now all these years later (25 yrs) we are still in contact while I moved back to the Midwest to be with my family. We have not seen each other since I got married (some 13 1/2 yrs ago) but we keep in contact and will go to bat for each other in a heart beat.

  25. The first person that came to mind was my husband. He is allowing me to be a stay at home mom while working with people he doesn’t really like. He is one confident person and I look up to him.

  26. I follow you on pinterest.

  27. While I have many dragons in my life, one friend has been especially helpful. We both had kids at the same time and she’s just the most uplifting person to be around! She’s full of energy and life and is always helpful, lending a listening ear and supportive in every little moment, both the ups and downs. And you know what? … Not surprisingly, I believe she was born in the year of the dragon (in fact we both were!) ROaaaaaaaarrrr!

  28. My dragon is my son. He is very gentle and tender and the most truthful and honest person I know, but he fiercely defends his beliefs and the people he loves.

  29. I follow you on Pinterest!

  30. My hubby is my dragon! He is strong, protects, loves & cares for our family with everything that he has!

  31. Brooke Hedin says

    I would definitely nominate my husband. What an amazing man he is that he would drop everything he was doing for a day to take care of his sick wife and two kiddos that needed attention WITHOUT any complaining. He supports me in my endeavors (even when I lost money-ha) and is my absolute favorite person to talk to. Love that wonderful man.

  32. Brooke Hedin says

    I’m following oopsey daisy on pinterest!

  33. My husband is a dragon. He is kind and caring. He works very hard to take care of our family. He is also very giving and loving. He helps out those around him and often goes about and beyond what is expected of him.

  34. I follow on pinterest!

  35. I shared on FB!

  36. I have many dragons on my life. My mom and dad both are and what great examples to grow up around. My husband is my everyday dragon. He goes to work and deals with the stresses of his job. I am able to stay home with our 2 kids and enjoy them. He loves to teach our kids new things and take them on “adventures” whenever he can. He is always encouraging us to be the best that we can.


  38. My Husband is my dragon. He is one of the most honest men i’ve ever met.

  39. I follow on Pinterest!

  40. I’m following you on Pinterest, and I can’t wait to see all of your pins show up on my feed!

  41. This is such a cool giveaway and unlike others I’ve seen. Thanks, Alison!

    When you say words like confidence, generosity, and honesty, I immediately think of my (fairly) new husband, Scott. I did marry him, after all! 🙂 I literally see people light up when they talk to him, because he brings out the best in others. He has tact, but is always honest with me. He never succumbs to the myth that men have to say what women want to hear in order to be a good partner. And what kind of guy gets text messaging when his girlfriend lives 3,000 miles away and gives her an ENTIRE closet when she moves in two years later? Oh, yeah. A generous one! he is, without a doubt, my dragon!

  42. My husband is a dragon in my life. He recently took a new job that took us out of the state and to a brand new place. The job pays less for now and the money loss is starting to hit us. We’re barely making it month to month. Even though we’re struggling financially right now my husband has been so positive and strong. He always puts others before himself, including our little boy and I. We just love him so much. Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway! A night out is much needed for our little family! 🙂

  43. My dragon is definitely my hubby! He does whatever he can to excel. But more than that he does everything he can to help the people around him excel. He is always looked to as a leader by friends and family. I love that he always stands up for what is right even if other people don’t like it. His work hours are long and stressful but as soon as he walks through the door, at the end of the end, his focus is on his family (even though I know his body wants to drop to the floor and sleep). Since the day I met him, I’ve heard people say nothing but good things about him.

  44. i follow on pinterest!

  45. I’m following you on Pinterest! (Allison Miller)
    PS I love your name! 🙂

  46. I have never met a more “dragon” of a person than my husband. I know just about every wife will have the same answer (which is so cool right?!) But with the complexity of what my husband has been currently perusing, confidence is a must and he has shown it. And even though he barley has to sleep, he gladly helps and serve others. And I have never heard of a more honest person. Both in his personal life and more difficultly, in his professional life. And we have seen the blessings from that honesty. We don’t get to go out much but if there is a special occasion, P.F. Chang’s is our treat! Thanks for the awesome give away!

  47. I nominate my husband… he is the most honest person I’ve ever met.

  48. A red dragon in my life is my best friend Amanda. She is a high school English teacher at an at risk school. She drives 45 minutes a day, past two non-at-risk school systems to get to her school. She exudes confidence, generosity, honesty, and compassion for the young adults she teaches everyday. She is also a mom of the most polite 4 year old I’ve ever met, and a new mom to a beautiful 5 day old newborn. She is currently on maternity leave and is still answering emails to parents, grading papers, and fundraising for a trip to take some of her students to England. Even with all of this going on in her life, she still can always find the time to take my phone calls when I’m upset or overwhelmed and need a sympathetic ear. I also admire that she always knows when to just listen and when to say what I need to hear, not just what I want to hear. A good friend is honest, even when you don’t want to hear the truth. I love her with all of my heart and am so lucky to have her in my life.

  49. Oh, and I did retweet this, and am now following you on Pinterest.

  50. I nominate my mom, who taught by word and example, that honesty is always important, even when it’s inconvenient (like having to go back to the store to pay for an item that got into the cart without being purchased accidentally).

  51. My red dragon would have to be my grandmother, she is seventy years old and still acts young at heart. She is sweet, kind, and giving. She doesn’t have much but she always makes sure everyone has everything they need. She can’t go into a place even if it is not in her own town and know someone. People are friends with her everywhere. She is humble and always honest! She is confident that tries everything at least once. One time she even tried doing the splits because my sister said she couldn’t. She got up and pretended that she wasn’t hurting. She is also strong and a little stubborn. I love her and I hope we can go to P.F. Changs together.

  52. I follow Oopsey Daisy on Pinterest!

  53. I tweeted a tweet about this cool give away!!

  54. Michelle Watabe says

    My mom is super supportive! She listens endlessly to my petty problems. She comes and helps us when we need it. She’s always trying to build and maintain solid family relationships through traditions, vacations, food and fun! Love her so much!

  55. The dragon in my life is easy – my husband. Even though we were both born in the year of the pig, he exemplifies many characteristics of the dragon. He is very generous in that he works really hard for our family and does the dishes every night after dinner. Happy Chinese New Year! What a fun giveaway.

  56. I nominate my 13 month old daughter, Quinn! She already demonstrates qualities I wish I had! She’s strong, outgoing, playful, intelligent, and can make anyone fall in love with her.

  57. And I follow you on Pinterest!

  58. My mom is a dragon. She was able to raise two kids on her own and taught us how to be strong, confident, and independent.

  59. i think my mom is my dragon. she is so generous. she chooses a project each month to donate to the humanitarian need (whatever it may be) and organizes a day to do the project with friends.

  60. The dragon I’m telling you about is my mom. She is a self-made woman who can do anything.

  61. I’m following you on Pinterest – can’t wait to see all the things you’ve pinned.

  62. I follow you on pinterest too!

  63. Nickie Rouleau says

    My best friend is definitely my dragon. She has been there for me through the toughest times in my laugh and never fails to put a smile on my face. She is the most caring, kind person I have ever met and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. <3

  64. My mom is my dragon. She’s strong, supportive and never judgmental. She’s a wonderful source of support and inspiration. I’d love to be able to take her to dinner at PF Changs for a mother-daughter date! Thanks!

  65. My husband is my dragon! He is a police officer and works so hard to keep us all safe and also to provide for my son & me. He’s such a great dad and is someone I admire him so much and how strong, confident, courageous, and just plain smart!

  66. I tweeted

  67. I follow you on pinterest

  68. My dragon is my mother-in-law. She has taken me in like her own child since I was a teenager, and is such a great example to me in so many ways. She is the one person I can always call no matter what. I am so lucky to not only have a mother-in-law, but also a best friend!

  69. oh, I seriously love PF Changs. I’ve been craving it for a couple weeks! One of my dragons is my BFF Candice, generosity is definitely a characteristic she displays.

  70. My dragon is my mom! She is so committed (sometimes too committed, we would like to see her too every once in a while) in helping with the high school in our town. I hope that I can be involved as much as she is when my kids get that old, and that my kids will want me to be involved too.

  71. My dragon is my mom:) She is the most amazing person. She watches my little baby girl every day while I go to work and is the best grandma to her. She is always going out of her way to make my life as a working mom a little easier.

  72. I love P.F. Chang’s and so does my dragon…my husband. He is THE most honest person I have ever met. He is an incredibly hard worker too.

  73. I would nominate my husband. He is a very confident, generous and honest person. The good thing about him is he is kind with his honesty. Sometimes you NEED to hear something but you do need to hear it with kindness and grace. He is very good at this, if he gives feedback he is great about sandwiching it with good compliments and after you feel like he is just trying to help not be judgmental. I am very blessed to have this dragon in my life!!

  74. I follow oopsey daisy on pinterest!

  75. I follow you on Pinterest!

  76. I’m following you on Pinterest (@julerybox). I’m not sure how I hadn’t started doing so earlier. Hmmm.

  77. Like so many others, I nominate my husband. He graduated from medical school last year and is now in a OB/GYN residency program. He works an average of 80 hours a week and still has to study for weekly exams! We have seven children from ages 11 to 1 and he still finds time to spend time with us! He is absolutely amazing and so perfect for me! A night out on the town with PF Changs would be awesome, we have never been there before, but I have always wanted to try it! Thanks!

  78. My dragon is my boyfriend Mike (okay, we’re basically married). He is strong, loving and gives everything he can to his family. He works two, yes two, jobs so that I can stay home with our boys. On the rare occasion we have a little extra money, all he wants to do is spoil us a little by going out for a family lunch. Our first child was a surprise, but without question he stepped up and took away any worry I had about being pregnant. He supports me, is the best partner I could ask for, and works his butt off everyday so that we can have good life for our family. He is an amazing dad and does everything in his power to be the man his father was to him (his dad passed 2 years before our first son was born). He’s wonderful.

  79. I follow you on Pinterest!

  80. I have to say that my oldest son is definitely the dragon in this house! He is generous beyond measure, if I ask him for something he always goes above and beyond what I have asked, and looks/plans for ways to be more generous with others. He is also the most honest person I have ever met, he is seriously offended if anyone ever asks, encourages him to lie or act sneaky. And he certainly has the confidence to stand up for what he believes and defend it to anyone! We don’t now how we rasied a son with such great character, but we are proud of him just the same. We are so blessed and to be his parents!!

  81. I am now following your pinboards! The more the merrier, thanks for the link!!!

  82. My sister Alisha is my dragon!

  83. I follow you on pinterest.

  84. Stephanie Mauger says

    Besides my husband, my old college roommate was definitely the dragon in my life that helped me become more “dragon-like” as well! I was really shy and kept to myself, and my roommate helped me become more confident. Not only did she help me, but she would always befriend people who weren’t as popular as she was and tried to make their day by doing something sweet. She was and will always be a great example to me!

  85. Stephanie Mauger says

    I posted this as my status on Facebook!

  86. Stephanie Mauger says

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  87. I’d have to say my sister and brother in law, and their daughter- she has a rare blood disease that causes bleeding in the brain. The last 6 months have been full of unexpected strokes, hospital stays, tests, therapies, and a brain surgery in a month. Through it all they’ve been full of hope and are dedicated to protecting and keeping their child safe- but letting her have a normal life within all the crazy. Come to think of it, if I won she’d need a night out at PF Changs- she loves that place!

  88. I would say my husband or my good friend would be my dragon nomination. They are both fully confident in who they are, while also being humble and incredibly thoughtful of others. They would give anything they have to help someone out.

  89. Tweeted.

  90. Follow you on Pinterest.

  91. Without question, my hubby gets the nomination. He is the rock of our family and is such a hard worker. He has found time this past year to start his new business, make it thrive, and still devote so much of his time to his family! He gives without thinking twice and is so honest in his interactions and dealings with all of his Chiropractic patients. I {heart} that guy!

  92. I follow on Pinterest!

  93. I have so many dragons in my life, it is hard to pick who to nominate. My mom is one of the most generous and courageous women I know. Even during life’s most difficult trials, she still holds her head up high AND looks for ways to give back to others. I look up to her, respect her, and love her. She is also my best (girl)friend and we have tons of fun together.

  94. Vanessa Pierson says

    My Dad, he is the greatest. He works like 14 hour days sometimes and still comes home and helps my mom make dinner. He is always taking people out to dinner and serving the people in his ward. Even if it means he has to help you out at midnight and he has to wake up at 4 am the next day. He is awesome.

  95. Vanessa Pierson says

    I follow oopsey daisy on pinterest and have for a while now!

  96. Ooh i love PF Changs. I would say that my husband had the qualties mentioned of a dragon. He works hard for us each and every day. He is currently working full time and he is a full time student. Yet he strives hard to make special moments with our boys. He is a wonderful husband and father.

  97. That would be one ofmy sisters. She and I are not very close, so if I won I think I would go with her to p.f. Changs!

  98. Follow you on Pinterest.

  99. I shared this giveaway on Facebook

  100. A dragon in my life would be my husband. He is confident, kind, caring and strong of heart. He inspires me with his ability not only to dream big but to work, work, work, hard to achieve those big dreams. He is the dragon of my heart 🙂

  101. I started following you on pinterest

  102. also posted about your site and this giveaway on Facebook 🙂

  103. I just followed you on Pinterest. I read your blog daily and I am huge fan of P.F. Changs….the freshest Chinese food around!!!

  104. My Dragon in my life is my son. He is amazing! He’s had a pretty rough little 8 years with all the things he’s had to over come. But through it all he’s been brave and courageous and amazing!!!

  105. Tenille Blackett says

    I would nominate my mom. She is the most caring person I know. She takes care of everyone including 2 neighbors who are elderly who she takes to all their doctor appts, shopping, cleaning etc. She is so selfless.

  106. Tami Isaacks says

    I follow you on Pinterest and FB ..
    My kingdom would be full of dragons …My dragons would be my children. They have taught me how to love more, laugh alot and be calm. The are my inspiration to wake in the morning and my peace to go to sleep at night. They have stood by my side through the hardest of times and the best of times. They all pull together when times are hard and I know in my heart that my dragons can survive when I am no longer here. They are so like dragons, fire breathing to protect each other from evil things, they have the biggest wingspan to fly when I need them, and just like dragons they know where home is.One of them had a problem and all of my dragons stood behind the hurt dragon with love, support and even money to help that dragon be the fire breathing dragon that we know it can be. They know the importance of picking each other up, patting each other on the back and a firm yet loving shove to get back on the right track. They are my reason for living…My children, my dragons…

  107. I would nominate my dad. He is one of the greatest men I know and I have always looked up to him. He is confident in that he can talk to anyone and become their friend. He is generous in that he is always willing to help anyone and everyone. He had a pretty serious accident a few years ago, and though I know doing a lot of physical labor causes him pain, he is first in line anytime someone needs help moving or needs help with yard work. He does what he can, thinking only of others! And, well, he’s one of the most honest guys I know and always does what he can to make things right if he feels like he was in the wrong. Love that guy!

  108. Following on Pinterest!

  109. My mother is one of the most generous people I know. She has a tendency to “adopt” friends and their kids frequently. She also gave scholarships to students that she said had taught her as much as she had taught them. She does it because she cares about people, not because she expects anything in return.

  110. I would nominate my husband. He is the most generous person. He works so hard to provide for our family. Then after work, on at least five out of the seven nights, he cooks dinner. These dinners are not just grilled cheese or sandwiches, they are all out AMAZING dinners. He is also the best daddy. Both of our boys enjoy being with him.

  111. I am now following you on Pinterest!

  112. I shared about your giveaway on Facebook.

  113. I follow Oopsey daisy on Pintrest!

  114. Posted on Facebook 🙂

  115. following you on pinterest

  116. I would nominate my friend vicky, she’s always willing to go out of her way to help me or others around her even if her situation is not better than the one she’s helping. Even though she may say she is shy, she has so much confidence in what she does everyday and raises 2 boys while her husband was in college full time and even now that he is working.

  117. My younger sister was born in year of the dragon, and I think it fits her. She used to be very reserved, shy, and even anti-social or weird. But seeing her grow into herself as a woman, she has become involved in so many different campus groups, traveling, and is someone I would describe as brave and fearless. She’s super smart to boot.

  118. following you on Pinterest

  119. The dragon in my life would have to be my hubby. He is the most generous person I know. Confident (but not over confident) in his abilities and knowledge, but always wanting to learn something new. And we LOVE P.F. Chang’s!

  120. Erica Best says

    he dragon in my life would have to be mother . She very giving and care and is always doing things for over.

  121. Erica Best says
  122. Erica Best says

    following you on pinterest

  123. My husband is my dragon! We work at a high school and gives of his time to many students he is also a voluteer firefighter/ EMT in our town and he anwswers the tone every time he can because as he has said everyone needs help sometimes.

  124. Oh goodness, I have so many dragons…but as I thought about it, I would nominate my brother, E. He has been through a whole lot of hard stuff that he handled more gracefully than most people. He has always been one of my biggest role models growing up and still teaches me a lot about forgiveness and going on with life even when life seems to not be able to get much worse. He’s one awesome dragon!

  125. I would definitely nominate my husband. he is my best friend!!

  126. Courtney Gordon says

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  127. Courtney Gordon says

    I would like to tell you about my friend Leah. She is the leader of our Moms group at church. She has 2 beautiful girls and one on the way and still finds time to organize a wonderful program that gives moms in our little town a much needed break! She has a sweet calm spirit and is so giving with her time. When you talk to her, you always feel like YOU are the most important thing to her at that moment!

  128. One of the dragons in my life is definitely my mom. She is generous to a fault- always helping out neighbors, dropping of small gifts, creating care baskets or working with charities. She’s honest and confident and I hope that I can follow in her great example.

  129. I follow Oopsey Daisy on pinterest

  130. Rebecca Polsgrove says

    My dragon would have to be my grandma. The most generous person I know who was a friend to everyone!

  131. I’m going to be real (and selfish?) and say I am a dragon! I am giving, caring, the head of our household, etc. With all of the sacrifices I make as a full-time mom and wife, I think I deserve to toot my own horn. 🙂 (but I think everyone has a little dragon in them somewhere!)

  132. I follow on Pinterest

  133. My sister, Lyndsey is my dragon. Throughout my life I have been witness to the characteristics you mentioned in your blog. Everyday, I follow in her footsteps to try and live up to her confidence, generosity and honesty. My sister is my life.

  134. i would say my husband as those 3 years together have been a blissful challenge at times dealing with new babies and career changes. But I love him to pieces.

  135. My wife is my dragon as she means so much to me.

  136. I follow some of your boards on Pinterest!

  137. michelle w says

    My dragon would be my mother. She is strong, caring, and the rock of my world!

  138. michelle w says
  139. My pick would have to be my husband who is serving in the USN.. he tirelessly devotes himself to encourage his shipmates and show them all how to becime the best leaders…. and he has given up so much to support our family. He never complains about the things we don’t have.. and chooses to see the glass half full

    Pinned and facebooked… thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway!

  140. Just realized where you are from.. we moved from highlands ranch about 8 years ago back to California.. my husband was stationed in aurora at AFB… I would move back there in a second if we got the chance. I miss the mall….. 🙂

  141. My husband is a dragon, he is so cool and confident when he does things!! It’s good thing because I’m a butterfly off in la la land, and he keeps things together 🙂

  142. I follow you on pinterest

  143. My friend Marisa is like that…nobody can think of a bad thing to say about her!

  144. Gretchen A says

    My dragon is my husband. He is the kindest most self-less person I have ever met. I am definitely spoiled to be with him!

  145. Gretchen A says

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  146. My friend Anne would have to be my dragon–she is incredibly confident, generous, and honest, and just an all-around wonderful person!

  147. My husband. I couldn’t have asked for a more confident, honest and kind husband! He is always looking for ways he can help others!

  148. I tweeted for you!

  149. I am now following you on Pinterest!!

  150. Sarah Avila says

    No doubt, my husband! He is the most caring, honest, hard-working man I know. I am so blessed to have him as my best friend. And his favorite restaurant is P.F. Changs! 😉

  151. Sarah Avila says

    Tweeted about the giveaway.

  152. Sarah Avila says

    I follow you on pinterest

  153. My dragon is my mother. She is one incredible woman and turns 60 this year!!! She raised three girls single handedly and we all turned out to be strong, independent women (who happen to all be mothers to our own littles)

  154. i am a Pinterest follower!

  155. I follow you on Pinterest

  156. I would like to nominate my husband as the dragon in my life. He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I would think that even if I weren’t married to him. He is such a hard worker, puts a lot of effort into work, and is very ethical. He is also very confident and comfortable being who he is. He doesn’t let what others think about him bother him (like I would!). Not that anyone thinks anything negatively about him. Everyone he meets likes him.

  157. I follow you on pinterest

  158. My husband is probably one of the most generous and honest people that I know. Although he has little time, he is continually giving his time for church, work, family, school, etc. He is very honest in all he does, and is a great example to me.

  159. I follow you on Pinterest

  160. I posted on my preschool Facebook page to show my teacher friends your great ideas!

  161. My dragon is Kim – fighting a recurrence of breast cancer with incredible grace and courage.

  162. It’s so hard to pick just one dragon! I am blessed to have many, but two women stand out: Mary Kay and Susan. They both have inspired me and have been wonderful friends! My third would have to be my boyfriend, Paul. After a divorce and more than one failed relationship, God has truly blessed me with this man!

  163. My father, for sure. He’s always been extremely honest (but supportive) with been and taught me to be confident in my endeavors.

  164. Also, I follow you on pinterest 🙂

  165. oh, and tweeted the giveaway!

  166. I follow Oopsey Daisy on pinterest. Love your blog! A dragon in my life is my best friend. She has been through a rough time with an abusive marriage which she had the confidence to walk away from. She is beautiful inside and out, always has a kind word to say, and has a gift to speak her mind in a loving and non-abrasive way. She has just remarried the most wonderful man, and they are on their way to a wonderful life together.

  167. Katie Carter says

    Joined you over at pinterest! Never been to P.F Changs but hear its delicious!

  168. I follow you on Pinterest!

  169. The dragon in my life is my husband – he has such a vivacious and positive outlook on life! I’m so lucky to have him in my life.

  170. A lady I attend church with is a great example to me of generosity, honesty, and charity. She is always thinking of other people.

  171. nikki coley says

    After much consideration, I’ve picked the dragon in my life. It seems an odd pick, but the person in my life who shows the most generosity, confidence and honesty is my mother-in-law, Debbie. She has repeatedly shown a generous heart to both myself and to strangers around her. She is known as Santa Clause around her town. She gives with such generosity that it’s humbling. The greatest thing she taught my husband, her son, was to give with a generous heart for no other reason than to give. She picks several children off the angel tree each year. She gives to everyone in her office building. She gives to every single person in our HUGE family. She sends my daughter packages in the mail almost weekly. She gives to people in her area in need. She never brags about doing any of this. I’m in awe of her giving. She actually has a PRESENT WRAPPING ROOM filled with extras she finds on sale throughout the year.
    She carries herself with confidence. I think this is bc she has been in the US Military for so long. Even after she had kids, she finished her active-duty time and joined the National Guard for weekend duty to serve her country. I strongly believe her confidence comes from her time in the military. It seems to teach more than just how to stand at attention and walk with your head up.
    Finally, yes, she is honest, sometimes to a fault. 🙂 Do NOT ask her an opinion if you don’t want the truth. She is never rude (or at least, hasn’t been with me), but if you ASK, you should be willing to accept her truth.
    I’m grateful to have a dragon in my life. She has taught me many things. I never thought I’d love my mother-in-law so much, but the ten years I’ve known her have been a blessing. Most of all, I’m grateful for all she does for my child.

  172. nikki coley says

    Sharing on my facebook.

  173. nikki coley says

    LIKED PF Changs on my FB too.

  174. nikki coley says

    and I’m following you by Pinterest NOW. 🙂

  175. my husband

  176. shared on fb

  177. follow you on pinterest

  178. Chelle Chapman says

    My Bestie is the prime example of generosity, honesty & charity! She had been sick most of her adult life, raised 3 adorable boys & is married to a wonderful, strong, helpful man who loves her dearly!! She puts everyone she knows above herself on a daily basis!! Thanks for this chance at a FABULOUS giveaway!
    Loves me some Chang!!!

  179. Denise Wilson says

    My Husband! He is such a hard-working man, allowing me to stay home with the kids. He is kind, loving, humble, and so sweet!

  180. Denise Wilson says

    Follow you on Pinterest
    (RobertandDenise Wilson)

  181. I think of my husband… He is battling leukemia right now, and I see just how courageous he really is. He is so strong.

  182. My 8 year old son is the person that comes to mind when I think of these qualities. He is a quiet boy who is always thinking of others. When a little girl at his school was being shunned at recess and during other group activities, he befriended her and made sure she met others. He is very popular and is generous to a fault. He always wants to give to those that don’t have. He will make a great man some day.

  183. My wife is loving. Gentle, yet very strong. Smart and hard-working as a stay-at-home/homeschooling mom. She is a perfect fit for me!

  184. I’m following you on pinterest.

  185. Chelle Chapman says

    Posted on my FB about your giveaway!!!

  186. I follow you on Pinterest!

  187. I tweeted about this giveaway!

  188. My dragon in my life is my husband! He has been strong, never given up on me and continues to be the rock in our family! I cherish him more today than I did 27 1/2 years ago 🙂

  189. My dragon is my mom. She is such a strong, confident. loving person despite many hardships in her life. I love her so much. She is the rock of our family.

  190. Kristen Sellentin says

    Dragon? Don’t have to think too hard, it’s my best friend since 1st grade Meghann Burger Wilson! She is by far the most interesting person I’ve ever met and she challanges me to think outside the box when it comes to life lessons. She is strong, confident, and natural born leader. She manages her household, church groups, AF wives group meetings, and she just moved across the country with her Air Force hubby so she’s in need of a good meal with the new friend she is making 🙂

  191. I follow you on Pinterest.

  192. My dragon is definately my husband. He is the most generous, caring hard working man I know. He is working 3 jobs as well as starting his own business just to make ends meet so I can stay at home with our children. He still comes home everday to spoil me and our kids. He is completely selfless in every way.

  193. I follow you on pinterest (Kala Thomas DeMeyere)

  194. My dragon would have to be my dad. My dad lives and breathes integrity and service, giving generously of his time and life. He volunteers with Search and Rescue. He loves my mom and his four kids (which includes me) and his four grandkids. He is a parole officer who actually looks out for the good of his parolees, taking an interest in their cases and working to help them do well. He is honest, hard working, servanthearted man. And I admire him very much.

  195. My dragon would be my mother-in-law who just passed away. She was constantly thinking of how she could help others. Even at the end she asked that money be donated to charity instead of sending flowers for her funeral.

  196. I also follow you on Pinterest.

  197. I would nominate my husband. He is the most generous and hard working person. To support the family he took a job in Bermuda and worked and lived there for 4 years while we stayed home in the states. He sent home every cent except what he needed to survive. He is now home but still works so hard for us. We missed him so much but what a sacrifice for the family.

  198. I follow Oopsey Daisy on Pinterest.

  199. my dragon would most definately be my MOM!! she is generous beyond belief, she always give and never asks for anything in return. She gives service to her church, neighbors, friends and family.
    I would love to win and take her out for once! thanks for the chance 🙂

  200. follow you on pinterest!!

  201. I’m following you on Pinterest!

  202. My husband would be my dragon. He works really hard so that I can stay home with our two children. He works long hours during the week. We look forward to quality family time on the weekends.

  203. Sandra Moak says

    My dragon is my husband! We’ve been married 15 years. He cooks for me every day; when he’s going to be out of town, he always cooks and leaves it for me to heat up:) Needless to say, my cooking is awful to say the least:) Everyone says I’m spoiled rotten, and I know it. But he’s also been a rock for my children. They think more of him sometimes than their own dad. And he’s a hugh PFChang fan!!!

  204. Sandra Moak says

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  205. Besides the obvious answers of husband/parents/siblings, A definite “dragon” in my life would have to be one of my friend’s mom’s. My friend was born, unexpectedly, with a condition that is considered to be incompatible with life. However, she lived for nearly 16 years and was never able to do anything for herself. Her mom has always amazed me. So knowledgeable & capable and constantly giving. I have never once heard her complain. She is one of the most generous & positive people I know!

  206. I follow Oopsey Daisy on Pinterest!

  207. I tweeted about this awesome giveaway!

  208. My dragon person would be my mom! She is always very for you, confident and capable!

  209. I follow you on pinterest

  210. I follow you on Pinterest! Love it!

  211. A dragon in my life is my friend “C” – I don’t want to air her life here, but she has overcome illness in her family, a horrible breakup, and the loss of her family home. She has been nothing but positive, rallying her family and keeping her class engaged!

  212. My mother in law is my green dragon. She is so kind to everyone and always looking for ways to serve. She is a great example to me.

  213. The biggest dragon in my life was definitely my father… he had such a different way of looking at the world. One time, someone he was doing business with screwed him over, and his response was, “Well, we’ll help him out sometime in the future, when he needs it.” I wish I could be that un-vengeful and generous!

  214. I follow you on Pinterest!

  215. My dragon is my amazing husband. Love him!

  216. I follow on Pinterest.

  217. My BFF Christine is the dragon in my life! She moved to Texas 3 years ago when her DH joined the military, but we still talk on the phone nearly every day of the week! She supports me, is my listening ear, she’s generous and really, she’s like another sister to me! She and her family will be moving to Germany this summer and I don’t know what I’ll do without our daily phone calls! I love her to death!

  218. I’m following Oopsey Daisy on Pinterest! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  219. I nominate my mother-in-law as a dragon. She goes out and gets whatever she wants. She has a can-do attitude that is such an inspiration to me. I want to be more like her. She is also fearless about sharing her beliefs and I love that.

  220. I follow you on Pinterest.

  221. Strollerblader says

    My sister, Di, is a dragon. She is always generous with me and my kids. She is confident and knows her mind. Plus, she is cool and found a way to live in Switzerland!

  222. My dragon is my husband. He’s courageous, confident, honest, kind, silly, sweet, funny.

  223. following you on pinterest.

  224. The biggest dragon in my life is my mother. She is always there for me, even clear across country, any time. She gives of herself freely and is always willing to help however she can. She is an amazing grandma too and goes above and beyond to make my children feel the love I felt growing up as a small child.

  225. I am following you on Pinterest!

  226. I nominate my mom who generosity. She genuinely cares about others and wants everybody to be happy.

  227. Becky Kingston says

    My dragon is by best friend, Mandy. She is probably the most confident person I know and in any situation she is comfortable. Her generosity is so great, like me, everyone usually comes before her. She recently moved to New Zealand from Texas, but still takes the time to talk to most of her friends and all of her family via Skype or What’s App to keep in touch. Miss her so much, but glad technology keeps us close.

  228. My dragon is my incredible son. He is the hardest worker and the most enthusiastic learner I have ever met. Diagnosed with autism, he marches along working hard at what others find easy but always with a positive attitude. He is a joy to our entire family.

  229. My dragon is my very good friend & neighbor..”C”. She is the most generous, kind & honest person I have ever met. She inspires me constantly to be better.

  230. Following you on pinterest!

  231. My husband is my dragon. He works so hard for our family. He went back to school and got his MBA while working full time. He comes home every night and plays with our kids even though he is tired. He also helps me out with doing the dishes and cleaning the house. He is amazing!

  232. I follow you on pinterest. Great boards!

  233. I face booked about the giveaway

  234. Courtney Christiansen says

    I follow you on Pintrest.

    It was easy to pick who my “dragon” would be my father. He is confident in who he is. He does not change who he is to please others. He is generosity is unsurpased when ever he can help he does. This past christmas a lady that is about 75 year old and lives in a barn with out electricity and only had a wood fireplace for heat need to get some work done on her vehicle obviously she is struggling for funds so my father paid her bill so that she had breaks on her vehicle. My Father is always honest he will anwser your questions with nothing but the truth. He has always taught us that honesty is the best policy. My father is a dragon all the way 🙂

  235. My dragon in my life would be my boyfriend. I never met another person – let alone man! – who exudes confidence, generosity, and honesty the way he does. Along with those things, his dedication to his family and our little family, his values and morals, and his ambitions and hard working habits are just some of the many reasons he is going to be my husband someday, whether he likes it or not. (Good thing he wants to be my husband, huh?!)

  236. I tweeted about the giveaway, my id or whatever is @LolaDianne 🙂

  237. I’m following you on Pinterest!

  238. I nominate my husband, who is very loving, generous, and takes good care of our family. He is confident in the role God has given him as the provider for our family and he really does a great job!

  239. I follow your Pinterest boards. 🙂

  240. I tweeted about your giveaway. 🙂

  241. My dad is the most generous, honest person I know. He has done SO much for me and my family w/o ever seeming bothered or put out. He is truly a great example in every way.

  242. I follow you on Pinterest.

  243. Hmmmm, it’s hard to pick one dragon in my life! My mom has been a huge influence though. She’s always encouraged me to do my best and even when I failed she was beside me to help pick up the pieces and start over. She is an encouragement and rock to many people around her. She is also one of the most generous people I know. She has met so many people’s needs and many times they don’t even know who has taken care of them. She stands by my dad through thick and thin and has been a wonderful example of how a marriage should look.

  244. Michelle Ausmus says

    I follow you on Pinterest! I love your boards!

    My life has a lot of dragons – I am extremely blessed in that respect. I will tell you of the dragon I am most surprised about – my older brother. I see one side of him where he does want to spend time with family and helps out when needed. But this past weekend I saw a whole new side of him with his neighbors and friends. Two of them were single women – one with a small child. I heard stories of all the things that has done to help them. It was almost as if he was the neighborhood husband – doing the tasks that we married women usually have our spouses do. It really warmed my heart to see how much he took care of these two women and the baby as well.

  245. My choice would obviously be my husband! He is the most amazing man in my life (next to my other fave dragon, my pops!)… that was an easy question! Not to mention PF Changs is his one of his two favorite restaurants!

  246. I also now follow you on Pinterest!! I’m either under Laura Lewis or LaLaLewi! 🙂

  247. My father is the dragon–he has overcome obstacles in order to achieve the success he has today, and I’m so proud of him!

  248. I first want to thank you for taking the time to do this blog, the site is truly amazing. My dragon is my younger sister, Aria. Though we are 12 years apart, our relationship has grown as she has developed into a young woman. She is a courageous and intelligent woman and always looks at trials straight in the face. She just received an internship with Disney clear across the country and though it will be sad to not see her for seven months, we know that she will always uphold her standards and be an example to all that she comes in contact with. In a day where so many young women have lost their way, my sister gives me hope that there are still role models out there who my two daughters can look up to.

  249. Wonderful giveaway! PF Changs is a favorite of mine and my nominee… my husband of 35 years Kevin! He’s been through a lot these last five years. The loss of his job (19 years there), we started a business the next year, he had to have open heart surgery 2 yrs ago (valve replacement for a birth defect!) and then just 12 mo ago he lost his mom. Through it all he’s been my pillar of strength. He’s a man of character, passion, honesty, integrity, generosity, strength, etc., etc.,! we’re still growing this new business and I just took the (brave) step and left my job to join him full time. We’re hoping pay-checks begin this year! lol

  250. like you on fb, posted on FB, tweet from our business (@PureCleanLLC), now following you too on twitter

  251. My sister!

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