Gingerbread House {2011}

Don't you love holiday traditions?!

We have oodles of them, and yet every year we seem to create even more!


Last night, we ventured out of the house for one of the very first times.  Little Man has been very sick for over a week now. With the frigid temperatures outside, we just haven't left the house very much for fear it will make his infection worse.  But we bundled up last night to join with Grandma, Pop, aunts, uncles, and cousins to create our very own gingerbread houses!

My parents started this tradition while they were dating, and my sweet Mother has it down to a system!  She has a pattern for each piece of the house, the perfect gingerbread recipe (perfect for gingerbread house constructing, though a little tough for eating!), and an amazing frosting recipe that works as cement.  This year, she even gave us our very own Santa candle to perch on the top of our houses!

Forgive me for the picture overload, but I am really quite proud of how our house turned out this year!

Normally my hubby holds back a little bit for fear my OCD will quickly correct his decorating style. 🙂 So this year, he created a 3-car garage on the side of the house.  He has decided he prefers building to decorating, and that is just fine with me!


We save all of our candy all year long so it's good and stale!  We also water down some of the frosting and use it as a snowy glaze to paint over all of the candy.


 If you would like print your own gingerbread house pattern and recipe, just click here to view last year's post!

Have fun!


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  1. Picture overload?!! WOW!! You should see MY posts…lol. LOVE your gingerbread house. I have never made one before and some one of these days I need to try one!

  2. Great house. I can’t wait to make ours this weekend.

  3. It turned out soo good! I love the 3-car garage. Perfect for your hubby. I’m sad my Santa fell off the chimney on the way home…

  4. This is adorable!! Can not wait to do this with my kiddos! LOVE all the photos! 😉

  5. Super cute! What a fun tradition!!

  6. That looks great! We decorate gingerbread houses every year. We have for the past 10 years. My kids always start asking about it the day after Thanksgiving. LOVE having traditions!

  7. Love it! And isn’t building/decorating them so much fun? I’m not a huge fan of gingerbread for eating, but I love to make the houses. Traditions just make Christmas even better!

  8. Too fun!!! I love these bright colors. I can just imagine you all sitting down together to make this. Fabulous family project!

  9. Oh goodness yours look so cute, ours are much more mish mashed! After seeing yours I don’t know if I’ll have the nerve to share ours!

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