Sunday’s Snippets: Highlights

If you're new to Oopsey Daisy, welcome!  For me, Sundays are all about family!  So each Sunday, I take a break from my usual crafting routine to share a few glimpses of our everyday lives.  This is nothing glamorous about our days, but I treasure them nonetheless. 


Hello my friends.  I just walked through every room in the house and adjusted all of our clocks.   (Of course there is always that one clock I seem to forget!)  I am almost giddy at the thought of that extra hour of sleep tomorrow.  Thank you, Daylight Savings!  Tonight I feel bone-weary.  The holiday season must be just around the corner because I feel it!  That sense of busy-bee-ness has hit!  Surely I am not the only one... Are your days filled with busy goodness too?

This week has been full of random highlights, and I will share just a few:

Can you believe that I convinced Mr. Oopsey Daisy to dress up for Halloween?

I feel like a lucky lady that he would wear these silly costumes with me! He is one hot spud!


Little Man soaked up every moment in his Halloween costume.

(I must confess that I finally hid his Buzz Lightyear costume after Halloween!)


We have had a couple of big snowstorms already this week.

This is the first time Little Man remembers snow, so we've been having lots of fun playing in it!


We celebrated Grandma's birthday.  What a sweet lady!  I am so blessed to call her my Mother.

My sister Kara came to visit... LOVE her!  Uncle John also came to visit, and he kept his nephews very, very busy during his stay!

Mr. Oopsey Daisy has been traveling a lot lately, so I have been playing single parent a bit.

But this sweet Little Man sure does take care of his mommy!

What have you bee up to lately?

Did you enjoy your extra hour of snoozes this morning?

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  1. Looks like you had a great week 🙂 So fun to see you and your hubby dress up as Mr and Mrs Potato head. I can’t believe you had your first snow storm already! That picture of your son playing in the snow is adorable.

  2. One hot spud! HAHA! Love it! :)~
    You guys are so cute … and I’m jealous of the snow!
    We won’t be seeing any of that for at least another month (if we’re lucky!).
    Happy Sunday! Hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep!
    ~Bec 🙂

  3. We changed our clocks back an hour last Sunday and it was great to get some extra sleep. Looks like you had a fun week. Cute costumes!

  4. Such cute pictures! You are so positive and uplifting Allison- I love reading your posts:)

  5. I can’t believe you convinced Mr. Daisy to wear that costume AND to have his picture taken. That is one selfless dude. What a fun week!

  6. I loved your guest post today!

  7. You guys are so cute dressed up for Halloween! I can’t believe you’ve had so much snow already. Crazy!! 🙂 I hope the Mr. gets to spend some time at home soon to relieve you a bit. Though I know you can handle things perfectly on your own! 😉

  8. Hi Alison! I just started following you not too long ago and I want to tell you how much I enjoy visiting your blog. I especially love MOMMY SCHOOL!! I just downloaded the Thanksgiving packet and am super excited to begin implementing these fun activities into my day with my own little ones. My son is four and in preschool but luckily it is only for 3 hours- 3 days a week so I have plenty of time for Mommy School!!:) I also have a “little woman,” who is nine years old and in fourth grade. I plan on modifying your wonderful packets for her so she can enjoy the activities as well. Thank you for your inspiration and for all the hard work you do to share your ideas with others. I also was a school teacher before I was married and had children-Mommy School is pure heaven for former school teachers like me. I am almost finished preparing the Thankful Tree-and we will all start decorating our “tree” with Thankful Words tonight at dinner time! SO a big THANK YOU to you and all you do! You now have another loyal follower! Now I’m off to the craft store!!
    Have a great week!

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