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Spider Web Pancakes

I love traditions--LOVE them.  And it seems like every year, I am adding more and more new fun traditions to our holiday routines.  In the past, we have always enjoyed a delicious Halloween breakfast of pumpkin waffles made into jack-o-lantern faces.  And they are tasty for sure.

But I had a new idea that I tried out over the weekend.  Now I can't wait for Halloween to hurry up and get here so we can eat these spider web pancakes!

Especially after our Insects unit in Mommy School, I think Little Man will love these!

So here is what I did...

I mixed up our favorite batch of buttermilk pancakes. Yummmmm!

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Sunday’s Snippets: Fall Colors

Oh how I love Sundays!

It's my day to relax.  And even though I publish my Snippets post on Sunday, I actually write these posts and schedule them ahead of time.  I do my best to makes Sundays lap-top free!  I need this time to spend time with my family and take a break from my usual routine.

Today I am extra excited to share some snippets of our lives with you.  Every October, our family takes a drive to see the beautiful fall colors.  This year, we spent an entire 2 days in Estes Park, Colorado.  This is a part of Colorado I don't typically see--and I loved it!  Fall is simply my favorite time of year.

It really doesn't get much better than this!

Just as we pulled into town, we spotted 30-40 elk at a local baseball park.  Yes, apparently, these elk love baseball!  We watched as boys played ball all around the elk.  They hit baseballs--literally between the legs of this bull--and it weren't even phased!  During this time of year, elk are everywhere.  They are known to walk down the streets.

Only in Colorado can you hang out on a baseball diamond with elk!  It was incredible.

We spent the day exploring the state park, watching elk and listening to them bugle, and playing in the leaves. The aspens were turning yellow, and it was still 75+ degree in the Rocky Mountains.  What a beautiful day, and a beautiful part of the world!

Just a few of my favorite shots...

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The 13 Nights of Halloween

You've heard of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

When I taught first grade, we celebrated the Thirteen Nights of Halloween.  I am looking forward to introducing this fun activity to Little Man for the very first time this Halloween! I just know he's going to love it!

For the last 13 days of October (we'll begin on October 19 and finish on October 31!), the Phantom Ghost of Halloween will leave Little Man a mysterious letter along with a clue about a Halloween picture to find around the house.  So each morning when he wakes up, he will know that he will be hunting around the house for something spooky.


Our letter in the morning (on Day 10, for example) might say something like:

Dear Little Man,

On the 10th day of Haunted Halloween, I give you 10 skeletons rattling, 9 bats a-flying, 8 werewolves howling, 7 lizards creeping, 6 spinning spiders, 5 pounds of worms, 4 cackling witches, 3 jack-o-lanterns, two hairy toads, and a spooky owl in a gnarled tree.

Have a spooky day!

The Phantom Ghost of Halloween

And then we will go hunt down the picture of the 10 skeletons to add to the collection of other pictures found from the previous days!

Here are all the spooky things that Little Man will be hunting down:

         Day 1 - A spooky owl in a gnarled tree

         Day 2 - Two hairy toads

         Day 3 - Three jack-o-lanterns

         Day 4 - Four cackling witches

         Day 5 - Five pounds of worms

         Day 6 - Six spiders spinning

         Day 7 -Seven lizards creeping

         Day 8 - Eight werewolves howling

         Day 9 - Nine bats a-flying

         Day 10 - Ten skeletons rattling

         Day 11 - Eleven black cats hissing

         Day 12 - Twelve vampires nibbling

         Day 13 - Thirteen ghosts a-booing

And guess what??  I scanned all of my files (I colored them myself!), so if you're interested, you can download your very own--and you won't even have to color your own!  Just print on cardstock and laminate for durability!

The bats and skeletons clip art are DJ Inkers.

Clip art designs &/or fonts copyright Dianne J Hook. Used with permission from DJ Inkers.  LOVE DJ Inkers!


You can download your own 13 Nights of Halloween here.

A little head's up:  When you click the link, Google Docs will take you to a page that says "Preview Unavailable."  Don't panic!  Click Download and you will be taken to the PDF document including all the pictures and the master list.

I hope you enjoy these!

It's just one more way to "spookify" your 2011 Halloween!

Teacher’s Pet Skirt Review {Shabby Apple}

Some days I miss getting dressed up.

Don't get me wrong.  I love me a cozy pair of jeans, too.  But sometimes I want to rock some slacks.  Or a blouse--a real blouse and not just a t-shirt.  There is a portion of my closet that has been seriously neglected over the past 2 years.

So when Shabby Apple asked me to review their brand new Teacher's Pet skirt, I was happy to oblige!  I couldn't wait to have an excuse to get all dressed up (and on a weekday no less!).

The Teacher's Pet skirt is a pleated nautical skirt that is part of Shabby Apple's brand new Academia line.  I LOVE the mix of broad and narrow stripes.  It's completely different than any other skirt in my closet!  I'm always worried about the length of a skirt.  I'm a little picky because I'm so short.  A skirt that hits the wrong part of my knee makes me look like a little person.  But the Teacher's Pet is the perfect length!

A few more things to love:

* I can wear this in summer OR fall!

* It's oh-so comfty!

* I'm loving the box pleats!

* Doesn't it look great with boots?!

* I'm notorious for having "oopsey daisies" on windy days wearing the wrong kind of skirt.  But I think I'll be covered wearing the Teacher's Pet.  It's light and airy, but not flimsy.













If you're looking for something to spruce up your wardrobe, definitely check out Shabby Apple!

Have a happy Thursday!

Wednesday’s Wowzers: Truly lovely

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

 What are you up to this week?  Are you planning on a Halloween party, sewing costumes, or just busy with everyday life?  I am still getting back on my feet after a flu bug passed through our house.  But I'm anxious to get back to 100% because there is so much to do!  Fall is such a busy--but fun--time of year!

What's inspiring you lately?  I am almost afraid to say this, but I am almost tired of Halloween stuff!  {Gasp.} Don't shoot me.  I still have plenty of spooky-ish things to share here on Oopsey Daisy, but I'm ready to think ahead, too.  So again, my inspiration is a mix of fall goodness!

So here's what I'm lovin'...

I must make one of these darling sunshine wreaths!  I have always been a sucker for rosettes, so I love this "sunburst" type of wreath.  See the tut at Yellow Mums.  I can see this on my front door...


What a great idea!  Fellow Denver blogger Kim from Too Much Time On My Hands created her own Scrabble tile wall plaques using a carbon paper technique.  Imagine the possibilities with these!

If you think that this Halloween entry is cute, you have to check out the entire spooky house tour!  I want to spend Halloween at My Concrete Sky!

I was so touched by this quote from Dieter F. Ucthdorf!  So this printable quote from Kiki Creates is perfect.  I can't wait to print my own!

This would be absolutely darling in a girl's room!  Make a ruffled growth chart using Craft Snob's tutorial.

I love everything about these fabric pins... They are so lovely for fall.   You can see the full tutorial at dreamingincolor.

Man alive!  This Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party had to be the hottest party in the neighborhood!  You can see all of the fun details at Every Creative Endeavor.

Need a last minute food idea for that Halloween party?  I'm going to try these Mummy pretzels.  Simple and festive!  Thanks, Midwestern {Sewing} Girl!

What's on your inspiration list?

DIY Mr. Potato Head Costume

This post was originally posted as part of The Train to Crazy's Handmade Dress-Up DIY series.  Andrea had oodles of fun costume ideas at her place, so check them out!

Normally I like to be a little secretive about our family's Halloween costumes.  Halloween Night becomes the big reveal!  But this year, I'm letting you in on a little secret.  You get the first glimpses of what we are planning to wear for Halloween 2011.  And guess what?  If you've been around for a little while, you'll probably recognize these costumes!  That's right:  This overworked, underpaid Mommy is recycling costumes from Little Man's birthday party for Halloween.   But Little Man couldn't be happier. 🙂

In our house, it's never a matter of what movie.  It's which number:  Toy Story 1, 2, or 3.  We live and breathe Toy Story!  So naturally, this year we are all dressing up as Toy Story characters.

When Little Man turned two, I threw him a Toy Story birthday party.  You might remember he dressed up like Buzz Lightyear, and we asked all of our guests to dress up like Toy Story characters too!

Our guests were great sports!   To join in on the fun, Mr. Oopsey Daisy and I dressed up like Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

I sewed our costumes in 1 afternoon, and they were a piece of a cake!

Are you ready to learn how to make your own?

If you're still wondering what to be this Halloween, I promise you can whip up this costume in no time at all!

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Halloween Subway Art & Glittered Witches’ Hats

This was my guest post for Miss Lovie's Spooky Scary Halloween series.  You will find tons of fun Halloween ideas there!

Happy Monday, my friends!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

I can't believe that this year I have been such a slacker.  I had the best intentions of decorating for Halloween over the weekend.  However, I woke up early Saturday with a nasty bug.  I was in bed all day long... so the Halloween decorations will just have to wait a few more days!

But I do have one little area nicely decorated and ready for Halloween...

Do you remember eighteen25's Christmas subway art and glitter trees from last year?  Well, they inspired me to make my own glitter witch's hats and Halloween subway art!

This sparkling display is brightening up my living room right now!

First, I created this Halloween subway art in Photoshop.

To make your own:

You can download your own 16x20 print here.

I printed it mine at Costco for the cheapest rate I could find.  I threw it in a frame, and I was done!

Piece of cake.

To create the witches' hats, I bought 3 styrofoam cones and 3 wooden circles at Hobby Lobby.

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Sunday’s Snippets: General Conference and the Park

If you're new to Oopsey Daisy, welcome!  For me, Sundays are all about family.  So I take a break from my usual blogging and crafting routine to share my family with you.  These are just little snippets of our everyday lives!

Last weekend was General Conference for our Church.

All I can say is wow.  What a perfectly lovely way to be inspired and spend the time with family and yummy food!  It's hard to wait another 6 months before we can do this again!

I was beaming with pride at my Little Man.  He hung on every word.  Yes, he really did.  He had learned the names of all the Apostles, and couldn't wait to see them on TV.  He refused to take naps.  How could we resist when he would say, "Mom, I need to watch Conference!"

He quietly did the tot activities I planned last year.  He wanted to play the match game "all by myself." 🙂


We made a giant pillow and blanket fortress.  I love how both of my boys are such snuggle bugs!  Of course there was just a little bit of monkeying around.


On Sunday we got together with my parents and sister's family to watch Conference. Once it was over, we decided to enjoy the beautiful fall weather (80+ degrees!) by going on a walk to the park.  Pop pulled all 3 boys in their red wagon.

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Etched Hot Cocoa Jar {Creative Carousel}

It's my turn on the October Creative Carousel!

This month's theme is Handmade for the Holidays.  There have been some incredible ideas already shared at Every Creative Endeavor, Sew Dang Cute, and Lil' Luna.

Here is my handmade Christmas gift:

An etched hot cocoa jar!

With all of the fixings for your friends and family to create their own hot cocoa!

This would be fun to make in an assembly line and create jars for all the neighbors!


Let's get started!

I found this jar at Wal-Mart and quickly went to work cutting a monogram stencil out of contact paper.  The font is "Pharmacy."  I simply cut out an "S" using my design software and my Silhouette (although you could also use a Cricut.)  Just peel away the "S", leaving the negative space as the stencil.

I followed the directions on Armour Etch to brush the cream over the stencil.  I left it on for 5 minutes, washed it off, and that's it!

Etching is SO quick and easy!  No matter what is stored in the jar, it will make a lovely gift.

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Ikea Clock Makeover {Colorado Bloggers Collaboration!}

This is the best part about blogging.  Hands down.

Meeting other creative minds and creating friendships.

Did you know that for a VERY long time I threw myself little pity parties because I truly believed that I was the one and  only craft blogger from Colorado?  Well no more excuses.  I have finally met some creative minds (and fabulous friends!) that live in my same state.

A few weeks ago, I got to meet them all in real life at Colorado's brand new Ikea store.

These sweet ladies put up with me bringing along my toddler.  We munched on meatballs and talked blogging.  To think that someone else in the same state can relate to me is amazing!

These gals are incredible.  Love them, love them, love them!

So as we strolled the aisles we decided to take on a challenge.  Together.

Here is my own little contribution to the Ikea Clock challenge!

But let me back up a little bit here.

This is how it all began...

We saw this TAJMA wall clock as we cruised through the store, and it was like a blank canvas.  Each of us took one home and created a masterpiece.  🙂

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