The Creative Carousel and HUMONGO Giveaway – CLOSED

Giveaway Now Closed.


Today is a day I have been SO excited to share with you!  I am excited to announce a little something new at Oopsey Daisy.  I am working with several talented bloggers on a collaboration event called The Creative Carousel.  The idea is that we will select a theme each month.   All week long, we will share tutorials revolving around that theme!

This month, we are focused on FALL!  I am so incredibly excited for fall's arrival and to finally share so many fun projects with you!  Here is a little sneak peek at the projects we have in store for you:

You can be inspired EVERY DAY this week by visiting some incredible ladies and following along with their tut's on their home blogs.  So hop on the carousel and join us!  Here is this week's schedule:

Tuesday - Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous

Wednesday - Tam from Sew Dang Cute Crafts

Thursday - Kara from Kara's Creations

Friday - Amanda from Every Creative Endeavor

Saturday - Kristyn from Lil' Luna

Sunday - ME!

Now the best part is that we are inviting YOU to celebrate with us.  We have some seriously fabulous sponsors, and I am  THRILLED to have them on board!  Because these shops are full of creative goodness!  They are offering over $300 in creative goodies to help us kick off this fun event!  We are so grateful for their willingness to be a part of this!

We will have 2 winners, each receiving a humongo prize package!  Are you ready for this??

Prize Package #1

Aubrey Plays

Adorable woodland owl bag from Aubrey Plays

Sweet C's Designs

Gorgeous flower cone with fall bouquet from Sweet C's Designs

Ryens Marketplace

Set of autumn fall bowl fillers from Ryens Marketplace

Bombshell Bling Jewelry

$30 Credit to Bombshell Bling Jewelry

Milkdust Creations

$25 Credit to Milkdust Creations

Prize Package #2

Deck the Halls Blog

Set of pumpkins from Deck the Halls (Also the owner of Hall or Nothing etsy shop.)

Creative Details

Fall button wreath from Creative Details (Who also happens to be Allison from A Glimpse Inside!)

the pleated poppy blog

$25 Credit to The Pleated Poppy

Tinker B Boutique

An amazing set of four custom fall Scrabble tile pendants from Tinker B Boutique

Pick Your Plum

Chic set of leaf earrings from Pick Your Plum.


Here is how you can win:

There will be 2 winners, each winning their own incredible prize package!  Here is how you can win!

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

1.  Tell us what you love about fall.  We want to hear it!  Is is the goodies?  Those fall sweaters and boots?  Halloween or football?

2.  Tweet about this giveaway, and be sure to use the hashtag "creativecarousel."

Feel free to copy and paste this tweet:

I just entered to win an incredible fall prize package at @oopseydaisy917. Come join in the fun! #creativecarousel

This giveaway will remain open until Saturday, September 10 at midnight, and the winners will be announced along with my tutorial and Creative Carousel wrap-up on Sunday.

Good luck!

And stay tuned for a week full of fun fall tutorials!

Thanks again to our fabulous sponsors!

PhotobucketCreative Details deck the hallsMilkdust Creationsthe pleated poppy blogBombshell Bling Jewelry

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  1. oh LOVE these prizes!! And I LOVE fall, because it means cool nights…bonfires…sweatshirts and jeans…crispy leaves…mmm. But it also means the end of my “freedom”, because I’m a teacher :/

  2. Just tweeted about it!! @christinasadven

  3. As a teacher, fall means new beginnings; a chance to make a fresh start.

  4. The prizes are wonderful. I love fall, for starters the cooler weather, autumn leaves and the gorgeous colors, and of course football. Also, can’t forget Apples, here in upstate New York I think we have the best apples!! Farmer’s market at this time of year are also so full of such great pumpkins, just waiting to be carved, I do believe that fall is my favorite season!!

  5. I love the smell of fall just when the leaves start changing colors and falling down!

  6. I love the colors, the smells and the crispness in the air. I live in the south so the sky is actually blue and the clouds puffy. I love making a new wreath for the front door and getting out the owls, cats and witchs in preparation for Halloween!

  7. Great idea! And a great giveaway! I love the crisp fall air and the the COLORS!! 🙂

  8. Love these prizes! Wow! I love everything about fall… the colorful leaves, cozy sweaters, apple cider, apple orchards, the crisp in the air!

  9. I love fall! I love the smells – cinnamon, pumpkin, hay, stale trick or treat candy, fires, all of it! I love the colors – red, yellow, brown and orange. I love all the opportunities to be with family and friends during fall!

  10. I LOVE fall!! I love to wear jeans and sweatshirts. I also love buying SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!!! I love me a new box of crayons! Lastly, we love to go to the local apple farm and eat apple cider donuts, drink fresh apple cider, and eat apples straight from the tree! What a great giveaway!!! 😀

  11. These prize packages are outrageous! I love being able to wear jeans and sweatshirts and anything warm and comfy!

  12. I love the cooler weather, wearing cardigans, the fun decor, pumpkins… There is SO much I love about fall!

  13. Tiffany lagrange says

    I love fall activities! The pumpkin hunts, apple picking, hay rides, corn mazes, Halloween, it represents a change in the air! The start of something new and exciting!

  14. I tweeted! 🙂

  15. Wowza! that’s a lot of stuff! So excited. Right now, I’m loving the weather change. This was the 2nd hottest summer in Texas EVER! And I felt every, single, humid degree. Yesterday was 105. Today, a breeze came, and we’re not going to break 100. Wahoo! This also means a wardrobe change – another favorite Fall thing.

  16. Fun! My favorite things about fall are the beautiful leaves, the crisp cool air, pumpkins, and cute boots!

  17. My favorite thing is candy corn. Hands down. No contest.

  18. I love Fall decorations and the cooler air.

  19. I’m a teacher, so I have my summers off. 🙂
    My husband owns a painting company, so he’s crazy busy all summer. 🙁
    Which means, I LOVE Fall because I get to see and spend more time with my sweet hubby!!!! 🙂

  20. Fall is my favorite! The weather is perfect and the colors are gorgeous!

  21. I love fall because my birthday is in the fall (October). I also love fall because It reminds me of my when my Grandmother used to serve us warm apple cider with cinnamon sticks as stirrers and having some really simple homemade cookies. Additionally, I love the fall because I get to teach and nurture my new group of students. ♥

  22. my favorite part of fall is the cooler weather and cute sweaters. Also the goodies, caramel apples, pumpkin pies, and all the halloween candy! Also the friends that come over and the food we eat during football games always a great time!
    kara b

  23. I love the cool air, wearing jeans and sweatshirts, the colors of the leaves and grasses and the holidays just around the corner 🙂

  24. What a fun giveaway!! Thank you soooo much for putting it together!! Fall is by all means my favorite season. I love football, Halloween, pumpkins, soups and ciders, the cooler weather, jumping in the leaves and playing outside with the kiddos and fun family days. I’m also loving that my sweet baby girl is experiencing her first fall (she’ll be one in November) and I’m already planning all the fun things she and I, along with my 6 year old son, are going to be doing together. I love them so!! I am definitely in need of some festive fall fun stuff to jazz up the house…soooo crossing my fingers!! Thanks for the chance! I’m going to spread the news. 🙂

  25. Tweet Tweet!!/ChampagneWisdom/status/110723125871771648

    I’m also a new follower of your blog – so glad I found you!!

  26. Valerie@Occasionally Crafty says

    I love fall because the colors, textures, and aromas are so comforting and inviting. Even though it stays hot here all fall, I love imagining that there is a chill in the air and that scent of fall. Fall is probably my favorite thing to decorate for!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. I love the smells of fall! Pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, hot cider, and all those cozy things! But the best thing of fall is Pumpkin treats!!! Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread pudding, pumpkin bread, pumpkin bars, and anything else I can try!

  28. Fall is a beautiful time of year! The changing leaves, the barest nip in the air, and being able to cuddle inside. I love all the cooking that comes with fall. The desserts, Thanksgiving, and hot meals to warm you up.

  29. What’s not to love? The warm clothes that come with the chilly days. The wonderful colors and smells. The crisp air and crisp leaves. The opportunities to take pictures!!

  30. I love the smells of fall… the first cool morning, cinnamon apples, pumpkin pie, changing leaves… it all smells great. I also love the colors of fall and the crispness of each morning.

  31. Fall is my favorite season. I love the smell of the first rain, taking a walk and crunching in the leaves, and all of the yummy baked goods and soups that make their appearance this time of year.

  32. Mickie byers says

    Awesome giveaway!! I live fall – my favorite season!! Cooler days, pumpkin patch, hayrides, Friday night football, bonfires, soups, s’mores…. I could keep going on!

  33. I LOOOOVE fall!!! Halloween is my favorite. I love seeing the smiling pumpkins and witches come out, and I love all the orange and black. I love the trees changing colors and the denim and sweaters that I can wear without a bulky coat and hat over them. I love fall food like pumpkin bread, soups, and apple cider. YUMM!!!! (Obviously I don’t qualify for prize package #1 since I contributed to it, but I wanted to enter just in case I was eligible for #2.) 🙂

  34. WOW! What a great givaway! Fall is my favorite season! I love the cooler weather, before it gets freezing. I love pulling out my wassail candle. I love the leaves, and all the gorgeous changing colors. Fall means the start of a lot of fun holidays!

  35. Great giveaway! We live in South FL, so temperature wise there isn’t alot of change for fall…but I still love apple cider and pumpkin cranberry bread!!

  36. I adore fall because the weather starts to cool down and you can wear sweaters!! Plus, I love the leaves changing color and the fun food. Who doesn’t love pumpkin?!

  37. My favorite things about fall are the crisp air, the first bite of an apple straight off a tree, wearing jeans again after a summer of shorts and dresses, and seeing the leaves change color!

  38. I love the crisp air, the leaves crunching underfoot, the tastes and smells of fall, fabulous boots and sweaters and football, of course.

  39. I love EVERYTHING! The cool air, the sweaters and boots, the colors, football, the crafting, and my kiddos birthdays!!! 🙂

  40. I love the cooler weather!

  41. What’s not to love about fall! I love football, the turning of the leaves, apples, boots and sweaters, comfort foods, Halloween, Octoberfest… the list is endless!

  42. I love the fall because it means cooler weather, and wearing sweaters. It means eating soup and pumpkin bars. I love it because it means Christmas is just around the corner. 🙂

  43. I tweeted about the giveaway @pinksmyink.

  44. Oh these prizes are amazing!!! That owl bag is too adorable I must have!! I LOVE fall, its my favorite season of the year because the weather cools off and gives me some sort of energy that I just wish I had all year round. There’s just something about it!! Plus it leads into the amazing holidays that we get to spend time with family. I would say the colors changing, but that doesn’t happen until December here, lol 🙂 Thanks for the giveaways!!!

  45. Living in Miami, we don’t get to see much of fall, but the weather does change slightly. I love the cooler breeze and using the crock pot for some hearty meals over the long months!

  46. katie stacey says

    I love boots, soup, Halloween, Christmas shopping and wassail! I am so excited for fall this year.

  47. I love the cool, crisp feeling in the air, the clothing, and the colors of the changing leaves. I am a big fan of fall! Thanks for the chance to win some of those great prizes!

  48. Can what I love best by my birthday? 🙂 Just kidding. I love the weather. I think Fall has the most perfect weather of the whole year.

  49. I love heading to the orchard to pick apples with my boys and the smell of apple pie baking in the oven when we get home.

  50. I love the smell of Fall, the crisp air, and the relief from all that Summer heat!

  51. Fall is birthday season for me and my hubby! We love the fall colors, football games, pumpkins, and holiday fun! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  52. Wow!! What a fabulous giveaway Alison! I LOVE fall, my decor has been up since before Sept:) I love running outside and feeling that little bite in the air, so refreshing!!

  53. The promises of things to come(crisp air, hot cider, the smells of a burning fire place, leaf shaped cookies, the array of oranges, yellows and reds, the decorating possibilities, pumpkins, festivals, kids in costume ………).

  54. I love the smells of fall…burning leaves, baking with pumpkin and cinnamon, bonfires, etc!

  55. Just tweeted!

    Oh, and I love all of the warm food! Piping hot pies, hot dips, roasts, stews, etc.

  56. There’s so much to love about fall — cozy sweaters, crunching leaves, apple and pumpkin picking. I love Fall! mariannenicolaysen at

  57. I love fall because it means a successive roll of fun things to look forward to as a FAMILY! I love that the entire world recognizes a time to get off work to be with the ones you love….and how much fun it is to have traditions together with them.

  58. Tweeted the giveaway — @graceful_klutz

  59. I love fall for the sunny cool days and crisp nights, and all the yummy fall food!

  60. I love the crunchiness of everything – crunchy leaves, crunchy crisp air, crunchy apples…

  61. I love everything about Fall! The cool weather, the beautiful colors, going to the pumpkin patch with my children, baking lots of delicious treats, and of course Pumpkin Spice Lattes! Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. My favorite thing about fall is the cooler temperatures. I live in Savannah, GA and it is HOT!

  63. I love all the colors of fall. So easy to be creative with so much inspiration!!

  64. I love the crisp air, the smell of pumpkin cooking, getting cozy while watching a scary movie. I love, love, love Halloween and dressing up. I love everything about Fall!

  65. I love Fall……It is my favorite season….and we moved to Florida where there is no such thing. So I am so grateful for Fall Crafts! I love the colors of fall, the fun treats made out of anything pumpkin, apple cider, pumpkin patches. I love it! I also love College Football! 🙂

  66. I love having a reason to let out my ponytail because its not too hot. its so much fun to experiment with hair styles in the fall. I also love snuggling up on the couch with my baby. And the colors are so pretty!!

  67. I love the clear blue skies on a sunny crisp day! Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Thanks for a chance to win some of these goodies!

  68. I love fall with the leaves changing, gearing up for holidays and the increased amount of highlights on sportscenter… 🙂

  69. What a great giveaway! Thanks!!! My favorite part of fall……… football!!!

  70. I love football, cooler weather, and changing leaves, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween! I am a costume designer, and I spend months thinking and planning my family’s costumes. Can’t wait!!!!

  71. Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year! I love the crisp cool air, the beautiful colors, the flavors like pumpkin and apple and cinnamon, and I love great give-a-ways! Pick me!

  72. Oh I love love love fall!! I would definitely have to say my favorite part about it is the clothes! I love scarves, boots, hats, everything. I love being able to layer my clothes instead of trying so hard to stay cool in the summer.

  73. I love fall for the smell of smoke from wood stoves. I also love hot chocolate and spiced apple cider. And I can finally justify making all the cute scarves that I have seen around blog land.

  74. I grew up in the south central part of Pennsylvania in the middle of a ton of rolling hills. And let me tell you the scenery is breathtaking during the fall. I absolutely love the leaves from far away. I always wish I lived there again every time I go back to visit my parents.

  75. What I love about fall is soups, sweaters and Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!

  76. I tweeted about the giveaway! @BrandiScardina

  77. Brooke Hedin says

    I love fall because it means crisper weather, the leaves start changing colors and all of the fun holidays.

  78. Living in Rural Alaska, fall comes really quick with her luscious colors and a crisp in the smell of the air! My favorite part of fall is all the decor in homes and the color pallet of nature!

  79. I also just tweeted about your giveaway and blog! I love it 🙂 … – @aktory

  80. I just love fall! I love the *finally* cooler weather, the smells of all the fall stuff in the stores and just the change.

  81. I love walking in fall leaves. And football

  82. Just tweeted about it @clharr

  83. rebecca fluhman says

    Let’s be honest what’s NOT to love about fall….the crisp air, the pagentry of football, pumpkins, donuts, scarfs, snuggling up under a blankets and watching a movie, reading a good book while sipping hot chocolate. I LOVE fall. (but it doesn’t feel like fall down here in central TX that’s for sure) BUt I already warned the husband that regardless of the weather outside I was decorating the inside FALL, maybe I can will the weather to come!!

  84. Love the fall clothes and warm food.

  85. Wow!!!! I’m crossing my fingers on this one…My favorite things about fall? I’m from a small town in Northern California that is known as the pumpkin patch town! I know, pretty awesome. So we have a pumpkin festival, pumpkin weigh-offs, haunted houses, you name it. I cannot wait. I have a costume for my daughter for every day of the month! (not really, but almost haha)

  86. I love the cool evenings, warm sweaters, boots and jeans. I also love our annual trip to the pumpkin patch and kettle corn!

  87. This is going to be so much fun!!! I LOVE Razorback football, warm 100% cotton sweaters and our annual mission trip to Slovenia to share the good news.

  88. I’m a tweeter and tweeted about this!!! Would love to win!!

  89. Fabulous idea! I love the crispness in the air during fall. And the fall colors! Unfortunately the temps only last a week here in TN (blink and you miss it!), but the color changes last much longer. 🙂

  90. Tweeted! @mmscrapshoppe

  91. I love fall because the chill in the weather means the holidays are just around the corner. Everyone always seems to be more relaxed and happier including me! I love the colors, the smell in the air, and the fact that I don’t have to turn on the A/C all day. Bring on the Fall!

  92. Being from Phoenix, I love the cooler weather that fall brings! Great giveaway, btw, and I love the Creative Carousel concept.

  93. I absolutely love the Apple Crisp and the clothes! Nothing better than cute sweaters and boots!

  94. i cannot wait until fall for wonderful sweaters and scarves!

  95. Fall is the beginning of a new year (school year – I’m a teacher) so it is new beginnings for both students and me. But it is also leaves changing colours, the preparation for Halloween and Christmas, cooler nights and bonfires!

  96. I tweeted! @ranchgirl11

  97. My favorite thing about fall is making stews, and soups and baking with pumpkin!!!

  98. I love the changing colors! SO MANY COLORS! I love the smell of new pencils and school supplies (I don’t have anyone in school but I still go through the isles :))

  99. I love all of the wonderful fall food (pumpkin and soup…) and of course, all of the fun Halloween decorating and activities.

  100. I just tweeted about this awesome giveaway! @SoSarahSews

  101. I love football, cause all my boys are happy. I love visiting family and enjoying the season change.

  102. I love the food of fall and the changing colors on the mountains.

  103. I LOVE Fall because the cooler temperatures are a welcome relief from the HOT Texas summers!! It also means football…and family time!

  104. I tweeted about your wonderful giveaway @am12pm.

  105. I love everything about fall, but I think most of all, I love the cooler weather and the outdoor activities like going to the pumpkin patch!

  106. I LOVE Pumpkin anything…cake, cookies, smells (candles, air fresheners), cooler weather (mostly so i can wear bulkier clothes to hide my bulkier parts! 🙂 ) and using my crockpot to make lots of yummy stews
    And I can’t forget FOOTBALL (GO COUGARS!)

  107. just tweeted about this awesome giveaway…

  108. I love Fall! The cool air, the leaves, the colors. Pumpkin patches, pumpkins, apples, fall spices. Sweaters, tights, boots, and hoodies. Halloween, Thanksgiving, all the decorations…..leaves, acorns, pumpkins, turkeys, brown, orange, red, yellow. I Love Fall so much..truly my favorite time of year! Also my hubby and my dd have birthdays in Fall.

  109. oopsey … 🙂 just tweeted about this @mfcorless

  110. I love being able to open all the windows and letting in the crisp, fresh air after being stuck with air conditioning all summer long. And cozy sweaters, can’t forget those. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  111. I love the chill in the air that allows you to shift the items you wear and lets you feel like you have a whole new wardrobe!

  112. I love love love Halloween, pumpkins, and wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts 😉

  113. Fall…I love earlier mornings outside on the swing, drinking coffee with my husband. I love sitting around bonfires at night with the family, the smell of baking zucchini bread and pumpkin muffins. I love the changing of the leaves and the chill in the air.

  114. Hands down, my favorite thing about fall is pumpkin! I love all the treats that can be made with pumpkins! Also, it is the start of a really fun decorating and holiday season. I’m looking forward to seeing all the ideas here!

  115. What do I love about fall? The fact that it’s not over 100 degrees here! Whew! Arizona is hot! I love Halloween and my birthday. I could keep going all day long. 🙂

  116. I love everything about fall! The weather, colors, sweaters! So exciting!

  117. I love pumpkin! The pumpkin goodies, the decorations, the jack-o-lanterns! So much fun.

  118. What an incredibly awesome giveaway!! My favorite thing about fall is a fire in the fireplace, wrapped in a quilt with a good cup of hot chocolate reading a great book. But alas – I live in Hawaii (I know, boo-hoo) so I don’t get to enjoy fall. But I do get to have sunny days all year – so it’s a trade off:)

  119. Lyndsay Detro says

    There are SO many things to love about fall. I think fall is my favorite time of the year. The cooler weather, the leaves, the smell of campfire in the air, the holidays. It’s just an incredible time of year!!

  120. I am so excited for creative carousel. I love fall, it is my anniversary, cool weather, football, halloween, LOVE. I can’t wait to see all the fun fall projects.

  121. I love the fall because it means cooler weather, open windows, leaves changing, cute boots.. and so much more 🙂

  122. Jessie Prince says

    OH my goodness! I love this giveaway! i also LOVE fall! I love the hot drinks and crunchy leaves! football and halloween are favorites but my absolute favorite is my 1st wedding anniversary is coming up!!!!!!!

  123. Jessie Prince says

    I tweetted about this amazing giveaway!!/mrsprince1015

  124. karen sanchez says

    just tweeted @my3djs

  125. karen sanchez says

    I love the smell of fall in the air and the changing leafs.

  126. What do I love about fall. . . new school supplies, fall leaves, apple season, pumpkin bread, and celebrating all my boys birthdays.

  127. Debbie Painter says

    Wow!!! What Amazingly Beautiful & Generous Giveaway Packages!!!! I Love everything about Fall!!! The leaves changing, the cool crisp nights, the start of football season, my Son’s Birthday…everything!!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!!

  128. I love everything about fall. The change of the weather; the cooler days; the wonderful colors; the pumpkins, the pumpkin whoopie pies, the pumpkin bread, the ciders and of course football!

  129. this fall, we are expecting a new baby!! we would love a prize pack!!

  130. I love the wonderful crisp mornings, sipping spiced cider, experimenting with hot cocoa flavors with my hubby, HALLOWEEN, Aunt Pamela’s cooking, drawing into my”nest” to ready for winter, and the start of the holiday season!

  131. My favorite thing about Fall is the family activities that have become traditions in our house…football in the backyard, apple and pumpkin picking, playing in the leaves, etc. Thanks for such wonderful giveaways!

  132. I love the colors in the trees! Breathtaking!!!

  133. I love the fall leaves – so pretty and refreshing.

  134. Sounds like a really fun event and a great giveaway! I love so many things about the fall but most of all apple picking with my family, drinking apple cider, and then baking apple pie:)

  135. Mna, I love a lot about Fall. It is my favorite season! I love the smells, the colors, football,the weather (the temps are just about right) and the food!

  136. I love, love, love fall because it’s all about family and friends. All of our birthdays fall between August and December…so we get together for a ton of activities and food…pumpkin themed food especially! Love it!!!

  137. just tweeted @ goodiesbgreiner

  138. Samantha C. says

    My favorite thing about fall is visiting pumpkin farms with my kids. Love the weather too 😉

  139. Tawnya Mayo says

    Oh, I love Fall. I love the colors of changing leaves, taking pictures outside with all those lovely colors. I love that school’s back in session. And most of all, I love the cooler temperatures. I love being able to play outside without melting, and that as evenings get cooler, we have a reason to snuggle up by a fire, or wear a jacket outside (which keeps the bugs off without making me sweat). And, I do also love fall because both mine and my daughter’s birthdays are in September.

  140. I love the first cool night after the heat of summer, when you can sleep with the window open and you wake up with that chill in the air.

  141. Fall: I love cuddling up in a sweatshirt by a bonfire, football games, and changing up the decor for fall.

  142. Donna White says

    Ohhhh I love fall, The cooler days ( hopefully……I live in Texas). The busy activities of the cotton harvest and of course high school football.

  143. WOW! I love both prize packages. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE fall, it’s my absolute favorite time of the the year. I love everything from the weather, cool,crisp,sunny days, the colors, reds, oranges, purples, the crunchy leaves under my feet, fall fashions – jeans, sweaters, fun scarves and hats, college football, cuddling up under a blanket, the holidays – Holloween is my favorite, and of course the food – stews, soups, comforting bowls of steamy goodness! I love everything about this season!

  144. Wow! Those are some awesome prizes!!! Fall is a wonderful season. I love walking with the crisp leaves crunching under my feet…smell of bonfires…wearing warm sweaters and breathing in cool, crisp air.

  145. I love football and fall festivals!

  146. I love being able to get out the winter clothes!!!

  147. Fall is my favorite time of the year…although now that we are back living in FL is doesn’t usually feel like fall. I do love football but I miss seeing the leaves change and taking my kids to a real pumpkin patch.

  148. I love Fall because you can wear jeans, sweater and boots, but also love bonfires, colors of the leaves changing, applecrisp and the colors orange and rust red. Plus I love football season! Love your giveaways too!!!

  149. I just tweeted about this giveaway!

  150. I love the cooling temperatures and turning leaves. My favorite time of year! Just wish that it didn’t have to usher in winter.

  151. My favorite thing about fall is being able to work outside and not sweat! We went from a high of 100 degrees on Saturday to a high of 70 yesterday. It felt wonderful!

  152. I love FALL, its my favorite season for so many reasons. I love the cool crisp air, the smells, leafs changing colors, the yummy food!! I love Decorating especially coming from the Halloween capital of the world. So its so fun! This giveaways is awesome! I posted 2 links on facebook and on my blog! Thanks

  153. I love the smells of Fall!

  154. Cathy Smith says

    Love, love, love Fall! Cooler weather, windows up with curtains blowing. Leaves changing. So many wonderful thin!!gs to do. Also time to get on the ball making Christmas gifts

  155. Denise Wilson says

    I love Fall because of the beautiful cool weather, the cozy clothes, and the beauty of the colors of creation!

  156. I love Fall because of the cooler weather! We love going to the pumpkin patch, viewing the beauty of the colors around us, and snuggling with hot chocolate in the evenings on the deck!

  157. We love spending time at the apple orchard, the pumpkin patch, and the backyard playing in the leaves! There’s something special about Fall!

  158. I love everything about fall – the colors of leaves changing, wearing sweaters and turtlenecks, crisp mornings, going to craft fairs and festivals and buying handmade holiday decor, and that awesome smell of fall! I can’t wait…and I really want to win ’cause my b-day is on Sunday and this would be a lovely gift 😀

  159. I love the break from the heat, and the football games. My son plays Middle School football, and we also love our high school team! Cooler nights and football games mean Fall!

    P.S. I am a new follower. How could I not join in with this great group of ladies 🙂

  160. I love all of the colors and I love the cooler weather.

  161. Fall is my favorite season! I love the change in the weather, the apples, the holidays, the smell of burning wood….the best, really!

  162. The leaves. “Leaf-peeping” is something I used to do when I was little with my mom and great aunt and I still love to see the colors and relive the memories. Also, I LOVE the sound of crunching leaves underfoot. 🙂

  163. I just tweeted @rockinspike

  164. I love everything about fall!!!! (maybe cuz my bday is this time of year! 🙂

  165. I love the fall weather – the smell of the air, the cooler temperatures, etc.

  166. I love everything about Fall. This is my favorite time of year because the leaves change, the air gets crisp, and it’s time for birthday. I love that there is change in the air. I get really restless at the end of season and Fall just makes me happy. I get to eat soup, wear cute sweaters, and I live in St. George, Utah, so it doesn’t really get that cold. I looooove Fall. And I hope I win one of these amazing gift packages.

  167. I LOVE fall! The cooler air, the colors, the sweaters and boots, Halloween – you name it, I LOVE it! It also helps that my birthday and anniversary are in October. 🙂 Great time of year!

  168. Those are awesome prizes!! I love fall for all the colors that comes with it! Also, the break from the heat is nice. Lots of holidays to decorate for which means lots of family time coming our way!

  169. Deb Westbury says

    1.) What I love about Fall is the colors…the deep yellows, oranges, and red…the canvas of colors that you see when looking at a mountainside in the fall…the wave of colors…

  170. Deb Westbury says

    2.) Have tweeted about the drawing…

  171. College Football, baby!! GO DUCKS!!

  172. I love fall! The cooler weather, the colors, Football!! Pumpkin Spice Latte!!

  173. Just tweeted this giveaway!! @houseofbledsoe

  174. What I love most about fall is watching the leaves change color and drinking warm apple cider. 🙂 Just thinking about it makes me want some…

  175. Fab giveaways!! I love the cooler, crisp air of fall, the layering of jackets and scarves, and most favorite is Halloween!!!

  176. I love fall for the crisp breezes and smells . . . pumpkin spice, fires in the fireplace, dried leaves being gathered . . . love it all!
    mrsamandasdale at gmail dot com

  177. I love college football!!! And the cooler weather.

  178. I love fall clothes, fall colors and making a big pot of soup on a cool day!

  179. I LOVE that it finally cools off enough to enjoy some outdoor time with boys! In Southern Utah it just gets so HOT in the summer.

  180. i LOVE fall-the near-perfect weather makes it great for family hikes and just being outdoors! No humidity and most importantly- NO MOSQUITOES!! 🙂 I also love the beautiful leaves

  181. I love the crisp fall mornings (and caramel apple ciders from Starbucks!).

  182. Cindy Prince says

    What I love about fall? EVERYTHING!!!! The crispness of the cool air, the colors, the smells, and most of all, decorating!!! My home is already in alot of the colors of fall-golds, greens, reds, and browns. So at the very first inkling of fall, I am ready to get it all out!!!! LOVE fall!!!!

  183. Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I love everything about fall, but I especially love sweater weather and finally being able to break out the hot chocolate and apple cider!

  184. I love fall for the cooler weather, beautiful colors, football and apple cider slushies!!

  185. Just like now getting a taste of cooler weather makes me wanna start decorating for Fall. Fixing soups & chili! Favorite time of year! Oh and the candle scents! Pumpkins pie and pecan pie & did I mention apple cider?

  186. Elizabeth P. says

    What I love about fall? I love the cooler weather. The layered clothes. The beautiful colors. The crinkly leaves on the ground. My daughter’s birthday. My birthday. And of course, Halloween.

  187. Living in Arizona, we don’t get much of a weather change with fall. But I absolutely love smelling cinnamon pinecones in craft stores and drinking Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes! September is one of my FAVORITE months because both of those things start coming around!

  188. I just tweeted the giveaway.

  189. My favorite thing about fall is the weather, so crisp and clean!

  190. I love the weather….how the breezes feel and smell. The changing of the leaves in Upstate NY are also beautiful.

  191. I love the cooler weather and the leaves changing color but I think my favorite part about fall is getting to have bonfires!

  192. I love the brisk temperatures and beautiful colors of fall. I especially love sleeping with the windows open and waking up just a wee bit cold and having to snuggle under a couple of blankets. I am NOT a summer person, so fall is my favorite time of year!

  193. I love fall because the colors changing is beautiful and my honey will finally let me snuggle with him! The cold nights are relaxing

  194. Tweeted! @gadget19ks

  195. I love everything about fall, the crisp cool air, the clothes. Spending time hauling wood with the family and for me i love the crafts, so much fun.

  196. LeAnna Bowman says

    Ahh, I love all the prizes! So cute! Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year! All the coziness of the weather, the beautiful colors, and apples and pumpkins!

  197. Great prize packages! I love everything about fall! The holidays, the crisp air, the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin, and the sweaters!!

  198. Sandy Kramer says

    Oh, this is so exciting! I Love Fall with all the beautiful colors. I’m so glad for the heat of summer to be gone. It’s also time to got ready for the Renne Faire. And my Birthday!

  199. LeAnna Bowman says

    I posted on Twitter about the fun fall giveaway!

  200. Fall is my favorite season. I love the cooler weather, the sound of football playing on the tv, goodies baking the oven, craft projects going in full swing and the leaves falling.

  201. I love the colors!! We just moved to New Mexico last winter, after living in Florida for ten years; and believe it or not, they get gorgeous fall colors here in Santa Fe! I can’t WAIT!! 🙂

  202. I LOVE everything about fall…cooler weather, pumpkins,
    the decorations, comfort food, picking apples, the beauty of
    The changing leaves and Thanksgiving!

  203. Boots, boots, boots!

  204. I LOVE shuffling through the leaves on the ground. I do it every chance I get!

  205. I love the cool fall weather and the chance to get to yard work that means the garden and summer season are wrapping up. After the hot work all summer, it us a treat to get to prune the fruit bushes and retill the garden in the cool breeze.

  206. My very favorite thing about fall is the colors. All the leaves go to orange, red, and yellow and its absolutely gorgeous!! I also love the crisp air and the scarves you get to wear because of it. 🙂

  207. I love everything. The cozy sweaters, the great smells, beautiful colors, and yummy treats. But most of all no more humidity!!!

  208. Love Fall and decorating after a LONG summer!! Cute cute cute!

  209. I need a fall pick me up after this summer!! love all of this!

  210. Whats not to love about Fall? Campfires, crips leaves, the way the light filters through the trees.

  211. Emilie Pecka says
  212. Emilie Pecka says

    I love the cooler temps and the fall festivals!

  213. Fall…the cool MN nights, wearing hoodies and puffy vests, going to high school football games, baking with pumpkin, making squash, hearing leaves crunch under my feet, carving pumpkins…I love it all!

  214. I tweeted about this give-a-way!

  215. Debbie Clifton says

    Fall means that out here in the hot desert of AZ we will see the end of triple digits and while the days will still be hot up till October the nites and mornings will have some coolness in them. I can start with my fall decorations(I do a fall theme for 2 months) not just Halloween where these prizes would be a great new addition. I can burn my Scentsy candle fall smells and not feel crazy about the house smelling like baked cookies or pumpkin.

  216. Fall…I love the colors, the smells, the return of routine……..

  217. Melissa Galban says

    What do I like about fall? When the weather changes and I start my marathon training. When the leaves change and love seeing the kids all dressed up for Halloween. These giveaways are so awesome and anyone would love to get one of these! Like me, me me!

  218. I love everything about fall — the crisp, cool air, the amazing colored leaves, and, of course, my birthday!

  219. My favorite thing about Fall is the smells. I love walking into a sore and smelling cinnamon.

  220. I tweeted it!

  221. I love everything about fall! I love the cool weather, the changing leaves, the flavors! I know live in Phoenix and I don’t get to experience all that 🙁

  222. What I love about fall …
    cooler weather
    football – go Boise State!!
    long walks
    pretty leaves!

  223. Lindy Manning says

    I love so many things about Fall. I love how you can wear layers and be just fine without a coat. I love all the leaves changing colors. I love the cool nights. I love all the bright oranges and reds people use for decorating. I love seeing all the costumes. It is just a magical time of year.

  224. I am in Arizona so because it is still currently over 100 degree’s I am most excited about cooler temps! I am from Alaska so its fun to break out my sweaters and boots too though 🙂

  225. What I love about fall – the smell, the last bits of sunshine in Seattle for awhile, and tons of family birthdays!

  226. I love wearing hoodies in the fall. There is nothing better than a pair of jeans and a hoodie. 🙂

  227. My favorite about fall? Crisp air, warm colors, cinnamon smells, bundling up, fall decor, birthdays – the list goes on and on. Definitely my FAVORITE time of year?

  228. I Tweeted about it!!/DianaPick

  229. I love fall!! The crispness to the air; all things apple; getting back into a routine. Fall defines a spirit of learning and adventure; the anticipation of what is next.

  230. Thanks for the great giveaway. I love decorating my house for Fall, taking my littles to the pumpkin patch, carving our pumpkins together, dressing them up for trick-or-treating and, of course, all the yummy foods that come with the season.

  231. Fall is my FAVORITE! I am so glad for the cooler weather, but I really, really like the smell of the fallen leaves. Slightly sweet and a little crisp. I even use a rake on PURPOSE over a blower so I can smell them more!

  232. I love pumpkin flavor goodies!

  233. i love fall weather and of course halloween!

  234. Fall = school I work at one and 2 of my kids are off to there own schools!!

  235. I love the cooler weather in fall. I love when it is cool enough for sweats, blankets, and drink warm drinks like hot chocolate, apple cider and hot tea, but not so cold that you can’t feel your fingers and toes. Fall feels cozy.

  236. Apple picking and the pumpkin patch! And then all the baking and decorating that follows.

  237. I love everything about fall – the pumpkins, beautiful colors, sweaters and jeans, pumpkin spice lattes!

  238. Sarah Critchfield says

    I love fall because of the cooler nights- not yet, but hopefully soon- football, leaves changing, the fall scents, just so cozy seeming.

  239. I love all the colors of fall and the pumpkins. thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  240. I love the smell and the crispness in the air, the leaves changing colors, and fresh apples!

  241. I love fall baking!

  242. I love fall because it means the weather will be cooling down (I live in hot AZ!). My favorite part of fall though is decorating our home…I love adding all those little special touches both inside and outside the house to make it feel special! Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  243. I love the colors of fall and the food.

  244. I love everything about Fall!! Most of all I love the colors!!

  245. Pumpkin spice at Starbucks! Sweater dresses boots oh how I love all things fall!

  246. I LOVE Halloween!!

  247. I absolutely love fall. I think it is probably my favorite season. I love the smells and colors of fall. Pumpkin pie, spices, orange, brown, red, yellow… I also really love wearing a cozy sweater. Fall is just cool enough without making me freeze. The fun fall outings are great too like apple picking and going to the pumpkin patch.

  248. I love fall baking too! Pumpkin Cookies are my favorite!

  249. I love Fall because here in Texas its the coolest time but its not too cold and its not sooo hot anymore either! I love the weather cause we can wear jeans, boots and a t-shirt and a hoodie if needed! along side a cup of hot coco makes for a great fall day! we are looking forward to visiting the pumpkin patches this year again with my son and eating some pumpkin pies!!


    tweeted it!!

    thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  251. I love everything about fall especially the camp fires with the s’mores!

  252. Jessica Hornibrook says

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  253. Jessica Hornibrook says

    I absolutely love the weather and fashions for fall! I love long sleeves, sweaters, and boots!

  254. I love the weather. I just like wearing layers and having a cool crisp to the air.

  255. I love the chilly nights watching football!! Thanks for the great giveaway

  256. I love the pretty fall leaves!

  257. I’m a follower!

  258. I love the crisp air of fall and the prelude to the holiday season.

  259. I love watching the leaves and hills change colors!!

  260. I LOVE being able to take my kids outside and play and not feel like it is too hot or too cold! We are having GORGEOUS weather this week in nebraska 🙂

  261. I love the scents of fall… pumpkin bread in the oven, fall candles. I also love the cooler weather (especially since we had 50 days of 100 degree weather this summer). Looking forward to the pumpkin patches and hay rack rides next month!!

  262. I have to say the smell of leaves is my fav. Cooler air, less humidity (at least when it’s not raining) and being able to sleep with the windows open are all runners up.=)

  263. I love the cooler fall temperatures – and the crisp leaves! And of course, football outside, hot apple cider and anything pumpkin.

  264. I tweeted about this!! @jenimull

  265. I love Fall!! I love the coziness of the season, the crispness of the air, and the beautiful colors. I just can’t wait to cook some yummy comfort food, and craft for the upcoming seasons. I love the decorations, and colors of Fall!! What a great giveaway….thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  266. I love digging out my jeans and getting motivated to knit something wooly.

  267. I love it that it’s not so hot anymore but it’s still not freezing cold. I love fall colors too.

  268. I love my morning walks in the fall crisp cool air!
    Thanks for the great ideas and the giveaway.

  269. My favorite things about fall are being outside in the cool weather, Halloween, and the beautiful colors – the leaves of course, but also that amazing change that happens to the sunlight where it gets this certain *fall* quality to it.

  270. Tweeted! @laurenita

  271. I love newly sharpened #2 pencils, pumpkin spice in the air, wearing my motorcycle boots again, and watching college football! Fall is the best – Go Cougars!

  272. Autumn is my absolute favorite time…the smells, the colors, the cool’s all so beautiful. But my top #1 reason is going as a family to the local orchard, picking apples and pumpkins, taking pictures & having a great time together. Oh & caramel apples don’t hurt either 😉

  273. I tweeted this give-away! @photochick88

  274. I love fall . . . from the colors to the temperature change to the decor to the holidays. These are great prizes that would totally add to my fall obsession!

  275. My fall favorites are PUMPKINS and SKELETONS.

  276. FALL equals football for me.

  277. Jamie Adkins says

    I love sweater dresses and boots!

  278. Jamie Adkins says

    Just tweeted about the giveaway. Twitter account jamie10001

  279. I love fall weather and there is a general feeling of happiness and excitement that comes with fall that I like. I love wearing jackets and sweaters. Its the best season.

  280. Besides cozy sweatshirts and blankets, I’m looking forward to some hot apple cider!

  281. Cynthia Winter says

    My favorite thing about fall is cooler temps and the colors of the trees.

  282. I love these giveaway prizes! What I love most about fall, is wearing a hoodie or sweatshirt in the cool air. I also love everything having to do with pumpkin and apple cider, and football season!

  283. HawaiianLibrarian says

    I love the big waves that hit the shores of Hawaii in the Fall. We don’t have leaves falling so we can watch surfers charging the waves and falling instead. I’m always amazed at their stamina and determination to get right back up on their surfboards, paddle out, and face the challenge of riding those aweswome swells. It is a testament to the strengths of both man (and woman) and Nature.

  284. What is not to love about fall. I love the crisp nights, smell of fires burning, football and tailgating (Go Hokies!), family celebrations…tons of birthdays, my anniversary, and the impending birth of our second little girl, all this plus Halloween. How could you not love fall. Love all the crafting ideas I found on this site and I am so excited about the giveaway!

  285. I would love to win a fun fall prize pack. My favorite thing about fall is wearing sweatshirts, and also the smell of a bonfire. YAY Fall!!

  286. I love fall because I love the change of colors. The trees and bushes are gorgeous in oranges, reds, yellows and browns. I love the crisp air and wearing snuggly sweaters and jeans!

  287. I love Fall! I love the changing leaves and the crisp cool nights that it brings.

  288. I love Fall! It must be my favorite season. I love the cool breezes, apple season, turning leaves and Halloween!

  289. Package #1
    my fave things about fall are football season, suede boots, and thanksgiving!!!
    tweeted about giveaway. @mocha_mamma

  290. Package 2:
    My other fave things about fall are the cool weather, beautiful colors, and changing leaves. *pure joy*
    tweeted about giveaway. @lildivashoppe

  291. Love all the pumpkin desserts, warm scarves, fall drinks at Starbucks and my warm down comforter!

  292. Here in the interior of Alaska we have fall for about 2 minutes. I love the colors. The yellow of the birch and the red of the fireweed. Nature sure throws a beautiful going out party. Oh, and my birthday.

  293. Oh how I love this giveway contest and the prizes offered! Everyone that knows me, can tell you that fall is truly my favorite time of year! First of all, my dream wedding was two years ago on October 30th! My husband and I had our fall fantasy wedding with pumpkins galore, vermont maple syrup, cider donuts, hay stacks and more! Another reason why the fall is my favorite season is the start of a new school year. One of y passions in life is teaching and the fall means, new students, a clean organized classroom, and learning at it’s brightest! Lastly, pumpkin coffee, apple picking, harvet decor, corn mazes, and warm family gathers = the best time of year!

  294. I love fall. It means football, chili, and the beautiful colors both outside and when crafting! It also means Halloween is coming which I absolutely love decorating for 🙂

  295. Gianna Patton says

    I love absolutely everything about Fall; it’s my favorite season! I love the cooler nights, crunchy leaves on the sidewalks, back to school shopping, Halloween, indulging in yummy pumpkin pies and rolls… I heart it all! =)

  296. My favorite season is Fall! I love the crisp air and beautiful colors. Also the comeback of the Pumpkin Spice latte at Starbucks. 🙂

  297. I love the crispness in air, and the smell of dry leaves. Oh, and of course the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks 🙂

  298. Just tweeted all about it via @ReleaseMeCreate

  299. Jennifer Day says

    Well, I’ve always loved fall, but I love it even more this year because I’m pregnant and I couldn’t stand the heat of the summer anymore! But I’m loving the weather now and getting outside again. I love the leaves, the decor, the holidays, the sunsets, fields of corn and pumpkins… Thanks for the chance!

  300. My favorite thing about Fall is for sure FOOTBALL! I am a HUGE Chicago Bears Fan and nothing pleases me more (well, my daughter pleases me more, but…) than watching a Chicago Bears football game. I love football, FOR SURE!

  301. My favorite thing about fall is the colors! The gorgeous reds, golds, oranges, milk chocolate browns are breath taking. The weather is cool enough to get out and enjoy the beauty that God surrounds us with.

  302. I tweeted!

  303. I love the feel of layered clothes and sipping hot chocolate.

  304. What great giveaways! My favorite thing about fall is the cooler weather and getting to wear layered clothing!

  305. Love the gifts in your Fall Giveaway~ My favorite part of Fall is the great Fall festivals, like the Marigold, and Pumpkin Festival and all the craft faires. Love the Kettle corn, pork chop sandwhiches and those delicious sweet almonds and pecans that you find at the craft faires. I love seeing all the handmade goodies and the crafty ideas that crafters come up with.

  306. I love the weather. The air feels so clean in the fall.

  307. I love the crisp air and driving aimlessly to look at the amazing color-changing trees.

  308. Dragongirl says

    To me Fall is the time when Mother Nature becomes an artist!
    The outdoors is expertly painted in vibrant color that takes my breath away. Even to moon often glows with an orange hue! Best of all – it’s always a one-of-a-kind show. What could be more beautiful??
    Thanks for these great giveaways too!


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