Wednesday’s Wowzers: Little Man Is Growing Up!

Just yesterday, a very large package arrived at our door.  I was kind of excited, but dreaded it at the same time.

At this very moment, Little Man is sleeping in his big boy bed for the very first time.  My baby boy is officially growing up. Yes, we could have made this transition much, much earlier.  But honestly, I don't think I was quite ready.   But there he is, sleeping away like he was meant to always sleep there.

Now I have a toddler's room to make over into a big boy's room!

In the midst of moving furniture and doing laundry, I've had the chance to look at a few amazing posts!

First up.  How amazing is this bed nook?!  I would love to do all my blogging right there.  In that cozy bed.  Looking out the windows.  You've got to see this post with your own eyes.  Run right over to Tidbits from the Tremaynes.

Positively Splendid is always so refreshing.  I love her ceiling medallion clock!  So creative as always, Amy!

Kierste from Brown Paper Packages is hosting a fun "Back 2 Basics" series for Back to School time.  I love this sweet "Apple for the Teacher" idea.  I'm ready to dive into the computer screen and take a bite of this caramel apple!

I love so many adorable details from this Pinwheel and Polka-Dot Party at Lemon Tree Creations.  Let me just tell you a few details that caught my eye.  I love spelling out words like "Celebrate" and "birthday" with Scrabble tiles.  Brilliant!  PLUS Tiffany created an entire photo collage by pinning pictures to chicken wire using clothespin. I find myself going back to this post time and time again to soak up every detail!

I just discovered this post from Grey Luster Girl.  Can you believe she created this adorable bow shirt from a men's polo?!  What an amazing refashion!  I guess I won't be forcing my hubby to give away his old polo shirts--I'll be keeping them for ME!

How adorable is this "A is for Apple embroidery?!  Perfect for back to school time.  Go check it out at Little Lulu's Nest!

Sheesh.  I can never get enough pillows!  I thought I'd had my fill.  And then I saw this Mondo Pom Pom Pillow.  Isn't it gorgeous?? Susan from Living With Punks is the smartie pants behind this one.  It's stunning.

It's true that I've had insects on the brain lately (thanks to our latest Mommy School unit!).  But I was completely drawn to Bee In Our Bonnet's amazing ladybug party!  I adore this entire party!  The games and decor were amazing... but one of my favorite details is these ladybug pretzels!

What are you lovin' right now??

Any projects that have caught your eye lately?

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  1. Great finds. I am in love with the bed nook. It looks like the perfect place to cuddle up with a book.

  2. I found some new blogs from your features…thank you! They’re all so wonderful!


    Reasons To Skip The Housework {The Blog}
    Tinker B Boutique {The Shop}


  3. Congrats on the move to the big boy bed!! Its a whole new experience. 🙂

    Love this weeks pics! I’m amazed by the polo refashion. So cute!

  4. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for featuring my pinwheel party! I am so excited that you liked it! It was a whole lot of fun. : ) You featured some terrfic stuff. That polo refashion blows my mind too! And those ladybug pretzels? Too cute. Happy Wednesday!

  5. thanks for featuring me, what a darling blog you have as well! i will definately be back!
    happy day : )

  6. Thanks so much for the feature, friend!! 🙂 And good luck with the big boy bed transition!

  7. So glad that you liked my polo shirt refashion! Thank you for featuring it on your incredible blog!

  8. Holy cow, Alison– I KNOW “Gray Luster Girl” Lisa– I went to high school with her! I haven’t seen her in years…thanks for giving me a cool blast from the past!

  9. Thanks girl for the shoutout! You’re too sweet! I love all your shoutouts, actually!

  10. Wonderful information on Bee In Our Bonnet’s amazing ladybug party. We have wonderful unique Ladybug Tissue and Ladybug Gift Wrap along with fun Ladybug Party items. If you are interested, we can be found at and thanks so much for sharing such wonderful Ladybug Party Ideas!

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