Sunday’s Snippets: Family Portraits

Hello, my friends!  Happy weekend!

I can't wait any longer.  I have been so excited to show off our latest family pictures!  While we were in Utah, a very talented friend of ours agreed to take our family portraits--the very first "official" portraits in 2 years!  I can finally take down our portraits of our wee family with a tiny babe and replace it with this handsome grown-up toddler.

It was a special opportunity for us to take these pictures in Orem, Utah.  This is where my handsome hubby and I met and dated!  We even took our engagement photos just a few hundred feet away, near Utah Lake ~ a spot near and dear to both of us! Now look at us 4 years later!  Our little family has grown!

Of course I'm always a bit critical of myself in pics.  I would definitely re-do the outfit and hair if I could.  But despite all that, I think our photographer made us look GOOD!

All photo credit belongs to Glenn Pearson of LDS

My sweet family

I don't know who loves the train track shot more--me or Little Man.  He got to see a real choo-choo race right by as we prepared for the shot!


Mr. and Mrs. Daisy

 Look out ladies, this young stallion is MINE!

Little Man is growing up!

I think these shots capture Little Man's personality just perfectly.  A little sweet.  A little NUTS!


Crazy Little Man

Like I said:  Just a little crazy!

A little family fun

Could this moment get any sweeter?


Love these boys!

Thanks for letting me share my family with you.  These boys are my life!

I highly recommend Glenn with LDS if you are in seeking fabulous photography in Utah!

Guess what's coming up tomorrow?
A new Mommy School packet... and this one is stinkin' cute if I do say so myself!

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Although, we’ve been going over rail safety with my four year old, and he’s worried a train is going to run over you!

  2. Beautiful pictures!! I’d love to see how you display these…too pretty to choose just one for the wall! We need updated family pics too!

  3. Oh how gorgeous!!! 🙂 Your family is SO adorable!!

  4. What a beautiful family!! I love all of the pictures!

  5. Those pictures are beautiful!!! What a darling little family you have Allison:)

  6. Great photos! Your son is just too, too cute!

  7. So sweet! What a darling little family 🙂 LOVE them.

  8. BEATUTIFUL!!! It seems that more and more studio family pics are becoming a thing of the past. 🙂 I’m seeing more and more outdoor “natural setting” pics such as yours pop up through my friends on Facebook, etc. I’d love to do that with my own family!

  9. Beautiful photos, and yes, little man looks like a character! Love it. We’re getting professional family pix done in early September. We haven’t had them done since 2004! Yipes!

  10. So beautiful! Thanks forsharing!!

  11. Awesome pics… I love how “natural” you guys look in them. Does that make sense? I can’t stand “posed” family pictures. I think you’ll value these a lot more… you son is just TOO cute!

  12. These are soooo cute Alison!! I love the setting and you all look great. Your little guy is too adorable. I love all his sweet expressions!

  13. Precious, Alison! So important to capture those moments… love the setting, too. Have a great week!

  14. These photos are stunning…the setting, the perspective, the family!

  15. These are so wonderful! I love the lighting in them. We need to do new family portraits, but I am having the toughest time decided who to go with.

  16. Sarah Burgoyne says

    The sky looks so amazing in those pictures it almost looks fake.

  17. You have a beautiful family!!!…love your blog, too!!!

  18. Oh wow Alison! Those pictures are gorgeous! We had our family pictures taken while we were in Utah and I cannot wait to see them. It’s our first family photo shoot since our little guy was a baby also! Yay for family pictures!

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