Sunday’s Snippets: Our Camping Adventure

If you're new to Oopsey Daisy--welcome!  For me, Sundays are all about family.  So each week, I share little bits and pieces of our regular, everyday lives in this Sunday's Snippets feature.

Last weekend, my entire family gathered to celebrate my nephew's fourth birthday.  This little dude is quite the outdoors' man.  My sister threw him a fantastic camping birthday party.

Here are just some of the happy campers.  Love them!

My sister sent us on a scavenger hunt, where we discovered fields full of our Colorado state flower, the columbine.  Little Man seemed intent on picking a "flowee" for his Mama Bear, so I had to discourage him from picking our state flower!  Isn't it gorgeous?!

After hearing about bear danger in the area, Little Man was a little wary.  He needed a little TLC to feel better!  A walk with his Pop made him feel MUCH better.

This is where you aren't allowed to judge.  I won't judge your camping pictures if you won't judge mine. 🙂

Little Man couldn't have been any more thrilled to set up this tent!  Can you believe that this was his first time camping?!  All night long, he begged to go to sleep in his tent.  And guess what?? He was giddy with excitement about sleeping his sleeping bag.  This means we'll be camping more often!

This is where memories are made... singing camp songs around a "fire."  My lovely sister took requests for camp songs!  I am quite sure our singing scared away the bears with some of our rousing, but out-of-tune songs!

We enjoyed lots of snuggles around a nice hot stove.  There was fire danger where we camped, so we had to nix the campfire for a gas stove instead!  We stuffed ourselves full of popcorn and in the words of Buzz Lightyear, "hot sh'moes".

After a great night's sleep (all things considered!), we feasted again.  I don't know when breakfast has ever tasted this good to me.  Chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, and bacon--breakfast of champions.  We needed some energy for the day's events.  We went canoeing and fishing!  Besides the birthday boy's canoe capsizing in an ice-cold lake, we survived pretty well!

And could this sweet little guy get any cuter?!  He was a sweet little camper.  He's at the lovely age where he just wants to eat dirt!  I couldn't stop laughing at his crazy hair.

We left our camp site to do some canoeing and fishing the next day.  Can you believe that we found snow in the middle of July?!  Little Man was super excited about this and insisted on climbing the mini-mountain of snow!

So Little Man had to show his cousin (and his cousin's cousin, the beautiful brunette!).  They acted like they were on top of the world up there!

These campfire cupcakes were the perfect ending to our camping adventures.

I have a feeling we will be camping again soon!!

What have you been up to this weekend... anything fun?

I can't wait to share a fun project with you tomorrow!  Stay tuned!

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  1. Fun fun fun! I love camping. We haven’t been in 2 years. You’re the best looking camper I’ve ever seen!

  2. Such the fun birthday celebration idea! Look slike everyone had a blast. 🙂 And snow in July? I might welcome some right now in all this heat… lol!

  3. What a fun camping trip. Those campfire cupcakes are looking mighty fine!

  4. It was fun to have everyone together. But we’re due for real smores around the campfire. =)

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