Say It Your Way Vinyl Giveaway – Giveaway Now Closed

This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations, Donna Bowes!

Woot!  Woot!  It's giveaway day!

I can't wait to introduce you to something new!

As crafters, don't we all love vinyl?!  I know I do!!

Say it Your Way is my new favorite vinyl shop!  They can make anything! No really... you can custom design your very own quote with your own choice of colors and fonts.  Awesome, right??  Whatever you need, this shop has  it!

At Say it Your Way, you can find...

--Sweet vinyl for your children's rooms.

--Romantic vinyl for your room.

--Hilarious vinyl for your laundry room.

--Vinyl for inspiration.

--And fun vinyl for every season and holiday!

This weekend is definitely YOUR chance to score some cheap vinyl!  Here's how:

If you enter the code oopsey10, you can get 10% off the Say It Your Way etsy shop.  Or mention the code in an e-mail when ordering or on Facebook to get 10% off! PLUS Say is Your Way is being featured on Heartsy this Saturday, so look for even more amazing deals!  Lots of ways to save!

I love this family monogram.  It's simply stunning!

This Princess Castle vinyl would be perfect for a little girl's bedroom!

I love the selection of subway art!  You can find subway art for every month, season, or holiday!

My sweet friend Jodie from Say it Your Way Vinyl even offered me the opportunity to try out some vinyl!  Can you believe that I have actually never applied wall vinyl?!   Yes, virgin vinylist right here.  So I was excited to try this out for myself!

I loved that detailed instructions were included for this novice!  And it really did work like a charm--even on our very bumpy walls!

So I have this skinny wall in between a very large window and my front door.  This family seal fits the wall PERFECTLY!  And I love seeing it as we go in and out of the house!  The whole family approves!

And now I get to share the love...

Say it Your Way Vinyl is giving one lucky Oopsey Daisy reader a $25 gift card to their shop.

You can spend it on whatever your little heart desires!

There are 3 chances to win... Here is how!


1. Check out Say is Your Way Vinyl's shop.  What do you have your eye on?  Let me know in a comment.


2.  Become a fan of Your Way Vinyl on Facebook. Let me know in a comment.

3. Spread the word about this giveaway via Facebook or Twitter, and let me know in a comment.  Feel free to copy and paste this tweet:

Win a $25 gift card to @YourWayVinyl's shop from @OopseyDaisy917. Also score 10% off using promo code oopsey10.

This giveaway will remain open until Wednesday, August 3rd at midnight.  As always, winners are announced via Facebook and Twitter and the winner will be e-mailed directly.

Best of luck, my friends!!

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  1. twelve30 says

    I love the fall subway art. The weather has been waaaaaay too hot & I find myself wishing for the cooler days of fall. I know, I’ll be sorry when winter follows close behind…fall is my favorite time of year, tho. Thanks for a chance to win.

  2. I absolutely love the “Let him sleep for when he wakes he will move mountains”! I have two boys! So sweet!

  3. I became a fan of Your Way Vinyl on facebook!

  4. Jill McCormick says

    So hard to choose – I LOVE the Castle, Daddy King and Dancer wall art. We have an almost 4 year old daughter and we’re thinking of redecorating her room and this site gives me lots of ideas. It would be great to win!

  5. Jill McCormick says

    I became a fan of Your Way Vinyl on Facebook!

  6. Crazy!! I was JUST pining over SIYW’s shop this morning, looking for a family seal of sorts for our living area! That’s what I’ve got my eye on 🙂

  7. Just liked them on FB!

  8. I like the Monograms or some of the inspirational quotes like “lift where you stand.” I also love that you can customize quotes and they have SO many fonts!

  9. I just liked them on Facebook!

  10. I love the amazing quotes in the spiritual section. Very inspirational and would be a great reminder to have somewhere I see everyday.

  11. Tweeted!


  12. I love the Family Wall Words.

  13. I like them on FB.

  14. I like the cookie jar label.

  15. I like you on fb.

  16. I became a fan of Your Way Vinyl on Facebook!

  17. I love that castle for a girls room. My girls would love it. I’ve also found a little girl saying that I think I need to put in the girls room. Also I love the fonts for the family sayings. Perfect for what I want to do in my room. THanks for sharing!

  18. I love all of the ones about families. I just want to stick them all over my walls!!!

  19. Facebooked the Giveaway.

  20. I am loving the growth charts and the picture of the owls on the tree..super cute! Thank you for this giveaway!!

  21. New fan of Say It Your Way Vinyl!!

  22. I shared it on facebook!

  23. I love the castle!! Also, the dance pictures!

  24. Love the 1000 quote ideas. I’m simple. My fav would be “laundry room”.

  25. i love the family monogram!

  26. liked on FB!

  27. posted on my FB page

  28. I liked them on Facebook!

  29. tweeted

  30. I loved the cute growth chart! I need to make one for my little guy.

  31. I followed ‘Your Way Vinyl’ on facebook!

  32. I posted about this AWESOME giveaway on facebook!! Hooray for free stuff!

  33. I would love some kitchen labels!

  34. I love the monogram vinyls!!!

  35. I would probably do something customized. I have a few fav quotes (one of them they actually have!) so I’d do one of those. Exciting!

  36. I’m a fan of Your Way Vinyl on Facebook!

  37. I would love the family monogram label!

  38. I’m a fan on FB!

  39. Jamie Larsen says

    I went to Say It Your Way Vinyl’s Shop and they had tons of cute stuff.. but 2 I liked a lot.. “Someday my prince will come, but my Daddy will always be my King.” and “My favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations” thanks for sharing and the chance to win.

  40. Jamie Larsen says

    I also went to Say It Your Way Vinyl’s Facebook page and “liked” them. thanks for the extra chacne to win.

  41. I’ve been eyeing “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” for ever, I think it would be great to put it right above our door as a reminder every day. Thanks for the give away!

  42. I really like the “Brothers, Best Friends” for the wall…I would give ass gift to my sister-in-law, who is pregnant with boy #3 and will soon have 3 little guys under 3 years!!

  43. I really like those custom monograms! Especially the ones in red and black!

  44. Family is what makes the world goes round. But there are so many that I would love to hang in my home.

  45. I’d love a Laundry room saying for our new house being built!!

  46. I “Like” them on facebook!!

  47. I have been wanting a gymnastics silhouette for the longest time for my gymnast daughter!

  48. I like them on facebook.

  49. I posted on facebook.

  50. kelly a. says

    I think I would pick a welcome sign or a monogram! Lots of cute options!

  51. Jessie Prince says

    I liked Your Way Vinyl on Facebook!!

  52. Jessie Prince says

    I love the customizable family quotes! the ones to put around the picture frames 🙂

  53. Michelle says

    The missionary tags look fun!

  54. Michelle says

    I like them on Facebook!

  55. Stephanie says

    I love the family wall words.

  56. Stephanie says

    I’m a fan of Your Way Vinyl on FB.

  57. Stephanie says

    Tweeted about the giveaway @slynh999

  58. I love that Family Is… collection w/ picture frames. cool idea

  59. I’m a fan on FB.

  60. Emily Duff says

    I liked them on facebook

  61. Emily Duff says

    I love vinyl, I have my eye on either something for my kitchen or laundry room, I can’t quite decide. There are so many fun things to choose from.

  62. I love the monograms!

  63. I absolutely love the tree with the owls on their gallery page.

  64. I like Say It Your Way on FB.

  65. Annia Huff says

    I would get a vinyl quote for over our bed in the Master Bedroom. I love the way vinyl looks but have never tried it because I don’t have a cricut !

  66. Denise Wilson says

    I love the one that says, “Of all the love stories… Ours is my favorite.” So sweet!

  67. Doreen H says

    Like the Scriptural/Inspirational ones

  68. I love the Mothers of Little Boys work from son up to son down, and also Planes, trains, trucks and toys theres nothing quite like little boys. I have a 3 year old and this is so true.

  69. Robert W says

    I like the family monogram ones. This would be a great addition to our house!

  70. I like Say It Your Way on Facebook 🙂

  71. I’d love to do a family seal!

  72. Leslee Cook says

    I LOVE the Subway art!

  73. Leslee Cook says

    I’m a facebook fan!

  74. I have been wanting to put some flower/tree/vine designs on a couple of places on my wall.

  75. I am a fan on Facebook.

  76. I love the monogram – thanks for a great giveaway

  77. I’m wavering between the car window decal or one of the Scripture verses.

  78. I’m now a fan of Your Way Vinyl on FB.

  79. I tweeted about this giveaway! My Twitter name is @KyriaRae.

  80. I like the monograms and the “Family is Everything.”

  81. I love the quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson (IN002).

  82. I love the vinyl art quotes about mothers and fathers, it’s a toss up between these two.

  83. I liked Say It Your Way Vinyl on FB.

  84. I tweeted about the giveaway @pinksmyink.

  85. I really like the Candle Warmer personalized with custom vinyl lettering

  86. I love the monogram work!

  87. Amanda Miller says

    I love the growth charts, not sure which one I like the best yet.

  88. Amanda Miller says

    I became a fan on there face book page! 🙂

  89. I loved the Sisters are best friends quote!

  90. There are so many that I would love to have! I love the growth charts, the Daddy King quote and the Little Girls are Precious. If I had a laundry room I would definitely want the Laundry today Naked tomorrow quote too!

  91. I love the picture frames with the words about family. It’s so cool and different

  92. I love the Subway art, I think I’d like one of each print to rotate throughout the year and the house!

  93. love the monthly subway art that can be changed out! Would love to have that in my home.

  94. I love the Dandelions – So many possibilities! Thanks for the chance to win. AJ


  95. Donna Bowes says

    Love the family wall words! Thanks for the giveaway!

  96. Donna Bowes says

    liked on facebook!

  97. I like the I can do all things — Vinyl lettering Wall Decal Wall Art Sticker Home Decor
    hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

  98. fb like – emillie rose.
    hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

  99. Love the growth charts!

  100. Poor Badger says

    I LOVE the bird cage vinyls!

  101. Poor Badger says

    Liked on FB! =0)

  102. I like that they have vinyl for your car! Awesome!

  103. I would love the “Small boys become Big Men…” quote for my little grandson’s room.

  104. Sarah Hull says

    I love the quote: Let him sleep for he will move mountains. It would be so sweet in my sons room!

  105. Sarah Hull says

    I am a fan of Your Way Vinyl on Facebook.

  106. Sarah Hull says
  107. I love the Once Upon A Time for my daughters room.

  108. I am lovin’ the monograms and the toy labels!

  109. I like and now a huge fan of Say it on the Wall!!

  110. I posted about the giveaway on my facebook!

  111. Heather Nash says

    I really like the Custom Monogram Vinyl lettering wall decal

  112. Heather Nash says

    I am a fan of Your Way Vinyl on Facebook.

  113. Heather Nash says

    I Spread the word about this giveaway via Twitter

  114. NW Homesteader says

    love the ‘sisters make the best of friends’ Perfect for my 3 girls

  115. NW Homesteader says

    I like vinyl your way on facebook

  116. mikal shone says

    Beautiful! I love doing these stuffs at home as well!

  117. these DIY tricks are good for people who love to give expression with love, I loved vinyl wall decals thats why I put them across my home to express myself.

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