Amazing Giveaway from The Original Scrapbox {Giveaway now closed}

This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations, Summer!

There are TWO giveaways going on this week!  Enter the Pick Your Plum giveaway here.

Come join us for a crafting celebration!

We're celebrating with The Original Scrapbox with my favorite item, the EZ View Craft Desk. This desk has a clear plexiglass top so that you can easily see all of your supplies organized in 4 different drawers with various compartments.

On July 15, 2011 we'll give away one of these beautiful desks!

Check out this gorgeous EZ View Craft Desk!

I love the versatility of this desk, with "Design Your Own" Capabilities.  I am seriously coveting this desk, people.  Like my husband has to keep talking me down.  Isn't it fabulous?!  I know precisely where I would put this in my craft room!
There will be 11 preliminary giveaways with a chance to win an entry into the Grand Prize Drawing for one EZ View Craft Desk.

Today's Giveaway

Enter to win the preliminary giveaway of one Ribbon Box (value $19.95) and One entry into the Grand Prize Drawing for an EZ View Craft Desk in your choice of color.

If you are selected as a preliminary winner of the Ribbon Box, you will then be entered into the grand prize drawing held on on July 15, 2011. On that date, a random drawing will select a winner from all of the finalists to receive one EZ View Craft Desk (value $595.00 U.S. Dollars) in their choice of black or white.

Giveaway will run from Thursday July 7th- Monday July 11th at 11:59pm.  Giveaway winner will be announced via Facebook/Twitter.

Giveaway Rules:
*You can only enter under one name.
* It is possible to win more than one preliminary prize, which means it’s possible to be entered into the grand prize drawing more than once.
*All winner’s addresses must be U.S. (48 contiguous state) addresses.
*You must complete the required entry to be eligible to win.

Here's how to enter:

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

*Required entry: Visit The Original Scrapbox and leave a comment here on my blog telling me how you would organize your crafts with one of our products.

Extra Entries:

1.  Become a Facebook Fan of The Original Scrapbox.  Leave a comment letting me know!  (Extra points if you leave them a comment on their FB page and tell them that Oopsey Daisy sent you!)

2.  Follow ScrapboxUSA on Twitter and Tweet the contest with linkback in a comment letting me know!  Feel free to copy and paste this tweet:

I want to win this fabulous #giveaway from @oopseydaisy917. Win a ribbon box PLUS the grand prize of a gorgeous craft desk!

3.  Facebook the contest with linkback in a comment letting me know!

You can enter the preliminary giveaways with a chance to win an entry into the grand prize drawing at these other fabulous blogs:

A Girl and a Glue Gun
Somewhat Simple
I Heart Naptime
Sugar Bee Crafts
Lil Luna
Craftaholics Anonymous
Mod Podge Rocks
The Original Scrapbox Blog

*Disclosure: I received free product from The Original Scrapbox to host this giveaway. All rules must be followed and correct United States address given for prize to be awarded.

Good luck!!

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  1. I drool over the EZ View Craft Desk. I’m not a scrapper, but there are 1,034 ways I could use that with all my crafting junk!

  2. Oh my goodness! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mini Box! It would fit perfectly into my craft room. I would store all of my scrapbooking paper in it, as well as my leather scraps, my fabrics, my crafting tools, my crafting books. And then there is the deskspace on top! OH MY GOODNESS!

  3. Just followed The Original ScrapBox on Facebook!

  4. Just followed ScrapBox on Twitter

  5. Just tweeted via @ReleaseMeCreate

  6. I am a fan of the original scrapbox on facebook!

  7. Already a fan of scrapbox on Facebook

  8. I have the scrap-ma-bob and love it – it is so convenient having a trash bag hanging off of my desk – I would love to win the desk for my craft room!

  9. Love that DESK! all the storage and wonderfullness!

  10. The paper tower would be great in my classroom for keeping myself organized with all the craziness that goes on in my class!

  11. These products are awesome! I have been striving to be more organized and these would really help. Especially when we move soon and I lose my craft room.

  12. I am now a fan on Facebook!

  13. I have had my eye on Scrapbox for years…I love the workbox and the minibox and would get so organized!!!

  14. I am a Facebook fan of Scrapbox!

  15. I LOVE the craftbox- AMAZING!!!


  16. I am a facebook fan!!


  17. I love the Scrapbox. I could keep all of my things in one place rather than all over!

  18. I would LOVE the collapsible Sewing Box! Super great for a small space. But, ironically, I am in need of a ribbon organizer right now. Hope I win! 😉

  19. I love how organized everything is! This would be so incredible to win! It wouldn’t take any time at all to craft because I’d know where all my supplies were!

  20. I love how this system perfectly organizes all sorts of crafting items! I also love the MiniBox that they have.

  21. I would love the sewing desk! What a great storage solution!

  22. I am a FB fan of the Orginal Scrapbox

  23. I would use the WorkBox to create my own little craft room. I don’t have a craft room and probably never will. My husband and I combine craft room, office, music room into one. So that would just be awesome to organize all my crafting things.

  24. I’m a FB fan of The Original ScrapBox.

  25. I would love to win this desk:) I can just picture the compartments filled with brads, ribbons, markers, diecuts, paper, tags and all my scrapbooking goodies:)

  26. I would love to have all my stuff in one place, right now it’s in two different places, upstairs and downstairs. Such a pain! Going back and forth all the time. I think I would get far more scraping done if it were in one place.

  27. The Craftbox Rocks… This would be like Christmas for me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. The mini box would be perfect for my new craft room!

  29. LOVE THIS DESK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BECAME A FAN!!!

  30. I follow them on FB

  31. I love that desk! It would be put to such great use!

  32. I follow you on Google Reader!

  33. I would use it for my sewing and jewelry, I LOVE the EZ View Desk.

  34. I liked The Original Scrapbox on Facebook

  35. Melisa Harker says

    Oooooh I am so loving ALL of those lovely organizers…really lovin on that paper tower. but not as much as I am luvin on that desk!

  36. Melisa Harker says

    I am now a FB fan of The Original Scrapbox

  37. I would LOVE the Minibox for my sister-in-law. She is a scrapbook crazy lady and she would drool over this!

  38. I ‘liked’ The Original Scrapbox on FB. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. Commented on Original Scrapbox post and tagged Oopsey Daisey!

  40. Sarah Westover McKenna says

    I “Liked” The Original Scrapbox on FB.

  41. Melisa Harker says

    shared about this contest on my FB wall…!/profile.php?id=1037417415

  42. Sarah Westover McKenna says

    I am now obsessed. Someday I need that full tall cabinet. (Keep dreaming!) I would use this desk for my jewelry supplies, as opposed to the ziploc bags and tupperware bags that I now use with my card table! 🙂

  43. I would LOVE the sewing table. Currently I drag everything from the laundry room to the kitchen each time I want to sew a project. PAIN. It would be nice to have easy access to everything

  44. I like The OSB on FB

  45. steph nelsen says

    the sewing box is great!

  46. steph nelsen says

    i like them on FB too!

  47. Emily Lund says

    I don’t know where I would put a scrapbox, but I would love to have one. I liked Scrapbox on facebook.

  48. Emily Lund says

    I am following them on twitter and I tweeted the contest.

  49. I love the miniboxes in bead board on their site!

  50. Karen OConnell says

    I “LIKED” The Original Scrapbox on FB!!!!

  51. I love the minibox in the black beadboard style! Hope I win!! 🙂

  52. Wow! I love this desk, the glass top is unique. I would use it for all of my crafts, there is a place for everything. Best of all, I would finally be organized and can get rid of the wobbly card table I currently use.

  53. Karen OConnell says

    I would so love to win the Ribbon Organizer, I have my ribbons in shoeboxes right now. Awesome giveaway!!

  54. joanna warren says

    love it, love it, love it and love it some more. I’ve been to all the sites, found some amazing blogs I love, and who knows…might even win! It could happen 🙂

  55. I LOVE the EZ View Craft Desk. My crafting area is a total mess!

  56. I “liked” the Original Scrapbox on facebook.

  57. I love the EZ view desk. I really need something like this to help keep me organized so my husband will leave my crafts alone 🙂

  58. This desk would be great for all my sewing, knitting and crocheting supplies.

  59. Chrissie Buck says

    Oh, the wonderful things I could do if I had this table. I am the most disorganized – organized person there is. In my house, everything has to have a place, but getting it into that place is always a mission because it is usually inconvenient. The Original Scrapbox has sooo many wonderful solutions. Problem is, I want one for each of my hobbies. Scrapbooking, sewing & quilting, jewelry making, purse making, misc. crafting, etc. All I need now is the extra room to put them in. I’d also love to win your ribbon holder. I made a makeshift ribbon holder out of a box years ago. It’s time for an upgrade. :o)

  60. I love the Mini Box in black beadboard on Scrapbox’s website. It would match my kitchen perfectly (since I don’t currently have a dedicated craft room) and would perfectly store all my scrapbooking supplies so I could easily work a the kitchen table. If I win the scrapbox, the husband is losing part of his music room. 🙂

  61. Michelle says

    I would use the CraftBox to organize my Cricut and craft supplies!

  62. Michelle says

    I like The Original ScrapBox on Facebook!

  63. LOVE this!! I would use it to put all my crafty containers into one desk! Having everything in one place would be awesome!! 🙂

  64. I’m a fan on Facebook!

  65. Jamie Larsen says

    I went to the Original Scrapbox website and I would use the EZview Desk to store my most used items.. glues, atg gun, sissorcs, pens etc under the glass area.. and my most used papers in the sides.. then use the top as my work space.. Ive wanted one of these for a long time! lol.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    -Jamie Larsen

  66. Jamie Larsen says

    I like the Original Scrapbox facebook page
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    -Jamie Larsen

  67. I am a fan on facebook and also your blog! I would organize all my crafty and teaching books/ supplies on your desk! IT would be great to have one place (instead of every table in my house) to have all my crafty and teaching stuff! The ribbon box would help from having to untangle each time.


  68. Brittany B says

    We are in the process of buying our first home and I am anxious to have a space for crafting! I would use the EZ View for organizing all of my crafting supplies that I currently have stowed in boxes and plastic totes in my closet. The Sewing Box would be great to have a place to work other than my kitchen table!

  69. Victoria says

    Seriously saw this desk in person a couple of months ago and have not been able to forget about it. All of their products are built really well and are so well designed that you actually need and use them rather than they just look cute:))))
    I’d love to put some real decorative stuff in the top compartments…beads or even photos. I think it’d look really cute.

  70. I’m redoing my craftroom right now. I’m gaining some counter space, but losing drawers and storage. Any of the products would be AWESOME, but I am in love with the White Raised Panel CraftBox. It would be SOOOOO cool to have!

  71. I’m already an FB fan of the Scrapbox, but I did leave them a note that you sent me. Tabitha Swain Klucking.

  72. coachwife6 says

    I tweeted and liked it on facebook.

  73. Stephanie Grant says

    I have lots of small craft supplies so I could deff use on of the EZ View Craft Desk to keep all my papers, stickers and glue and so much more organized where it’s easy to see and find 🙂

  74. OH. MY. GOODNESS! I can’t even tell you how I’m drooling over this website!!! The desk would be amazing, I have a small bedroom with a small desk that has very little storage capabilities. The ribbon box is awesome, I have lots of ribbon that is just a mess! The workbox is the coolest thing ever! 🙂

  75. I LIKE The Original Scrapbox on facebook…and I let them know you sent me! 🙂

  76. Oh Minibox, how I would love to have you in my house!! All my paper and supplies in one place, it’s like a dream!!

  77. Love this contest!! I would Love the EZ desk to start organizing all my basics and ribbon in my new DEDICATED craft room!!

    ♥, TaraPlease Stop By….FabuLESSly Crafty

  78. I like Scrapbox on FB

  79. Im a Facebook Fan of The Original Scrapbox

  80. I facebooked a Linkback to the Contest!

  81. All of my craft supplies are being stored in a closet due to space issues, the EZ View Craft Desk would be perfect in the living-room so I could craft and spend time with my family without my mess taking over the house.

  82. I am a fan of The Original Scrapbox on Facebook

  83. Link to Facebook post about the contest –

  84. Oh my goodness, what I wouldn’t do with a scrapbox! I’ve drooled over them in magazines, dreaming of organizing! I am an organizing nut case, so I would have soo much fun putting all of my supplies away in a scrapbox! I found out about this giveaway on Mod Podge Rocks blog. Thanks so much for the opportunity! ~Heather

  85. I would love to win any organizer! Right now I have a “craft closet” that is the most disorganized thing you’ve ever seen!

  86. I’m a facebook fan as well!

  87. I would love to organize with the EZ view desk!!

  88. I am a scrapbox facebook fan!

  89. Emilee K. says

    Left a comment! I would love the scrap box! Going to have to save my money!

  90. Sherry Scott says

    This is a fabulous give-away! I would love to have this desk in my studio to store and organize all of my little craft supplies, paper, etc. I am going to all of the blogs, following everyone on FB, and posting comments for more entries.

  91. Emilee K. says

    FB Fan!

  92. Juniel Bingham says

    I would LOVE to be able to SEE all my stuff, and be able to actually GET to it! I would organize all my cluttered, stacked, hidden from the kids, supplies so I could actually USE it! 🙂

  93. Juniel Bingham says

    I’m a facebook fan of the ScrapBox!

  94. I seriously need the paper tower…my scrapbook paper keeps getting mistaken for scribble paper for the kiddos 🙁

  95. i like scrapbox on facebook

  96. Tania S. says

    Right now all my crafting supplies are in rubber maid containers. It is so hard to find what I am looking for. Would love to have the craft desk or even the work box to help me get organized. Going to add these to my wish list.

  97. Tania S. says

    I’m a fan of The Original Scrapbox on Facebook.

  98. Tania S. says

    Following ScrapboxUSA on Twitter. Tweeted about the giveaway:!/TaniaScott/status/89060217031098370

  99. Amber Barnes says

    I would love the sewing box, my sewing table is always cluttered with projects and the sewing box would help organize things

  100. Amber Barnes says

    I am a fan of the original scrapbox on facebook

  101. Oh my goodness, this is my dream giveaway! I would totally order The CraftBox! I mean it has storage and a table and it looks pretty! This would be a nice change from the diaper boxes all my stuff is in now 🙂

  102. With the sewing box, I would be able to organize everything so easy so I wouldn’t have to be digging through my drawers!

  103. FB fan of TOS

  104. i could totally use the scrapmabob.

  105. I follow ScrapbookUSA on twitter (flowerfrenzyc)

  106. i am a fan of the original scrapbox on facebook.

  107. Lisa Foster says

    I would love to organize all my sewing and crafts supplies in this beautiful desk. I could spend more time crafting and less time hunting for my supplies!

  108. I love all of their products. WE have a small house and craft supplies everywhere. Any of these would be great to keep everything in one place and looking nice.

  109. If I were ever able to get organized, I would get the CraftBox. This has everything you’d need all in one stationary item. I love the little desk that folds down! 🙂 GREAT idea!

  110. I love the paper tower. This would make it so much easier to find the paper that I need when I need it.

  111. I left a comment on the FBook page, saying you sent me 🙂

  112. I tweeted 🙂

  113. I changed my fbook status to show that same tweet 🙂

  114. Liz Kuter says

    Please enter me to win – I’d use the desk to organize my fountain pen collection and supplies!

  115. I definitely thing the Minibox would be great. I am in need of some cabinets to put scraps and fabric in.

  116. I love the Minibox in Vanilla Beadboard. This would be fabulous for holding all my crafting and scrap-booking supplies. AWESOME!

  117. I like the Original Scrapbox on facebook! I also commented that you sent me. YAY! Extra points for me. lol

  118. I LOVE the EZ View Craft desk!!! And the CraftBox! … and pretty much ALL OF IT!

  119. I tweeted this fab giveaway! 🙂

  120. *Required entry: Visit The Original Scrapbox and leave a comment here on my blog telling me how you would organize your crafts with one of our products. DONE.
    I visited the Original Scrapbox site — I’m drooling at all the possibilities for all my various crafting passions!! I’d definitely using it to organize all my bits and bobs of found objects, buttons, sewing gadgets, as well as tools I use for mosaics and creating skin care.

    Extra Entries:
    1. Become a Facebook Fan of The Original Scrapbox. Leave a comment letting me know! (Extra points if you leave them a comment on their FB page and tell them that Oopsey Daisy sent you!) DONE
    I fanned the page AND left a comment telling them Oopsey Daisy sent me!

    2. Follow ScrapboxUSA on Twitter and Tweet the contest with linkback in a comment letting me know! Feel free to copy and paste this tweet:
    I want to win this fabulous #giveaway from @oopseydaisy917. Win a ribbon box PLUS the grand prize of a gorgeous craft desk! DONE
    I’m following you AND I tweeted the above message — @edensong

    3. Facebook the contest with linkback in a comment letting me know! DONE
    Posted the contest here:

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  121. Stacie Austad says

    The sewing box!! I’ve been wanting a space for my sewing machine, material, notions, everything ! This would help me organize all of that.

  122. Stacie Austad says

    I like them on FB!

  123. Stacie Austad says

    I told scrapbox on FB that oopsey daisy sent me!

  124. jane werthmann says

    I love the scrapbox it would help me keep organized with all my projects and even my genealogy projects with making books for my relatives! love it!

  125. I did it all! I would looove this desk. I “liked” The Original Scrapbox and told them Oopsey Daisy sent me. I also started following The Original Scrapbox on Twitter and retweeted your tweet. Thanks so much!!

  126. I would love the desk to organize all the little things I want to keep out of my two year old’s reach!

  127. I am a new FB fan aNd told them you sent me. 🙂

  128. I’m following on Twitter and tweeter your giveaway.

  129. I would love to have all my sewing items in one spot! a sewing box would be amazing! thanks!

  130. I would LOVE one of those big desks. I would use it to totally rearrange my sewing room – it’s big enough to practically fit all my craft supplies!

  131. I follow you on Facebook! I’m:

  132. I followed ScrapBoxUSA and tweeted! I’m:!/treasures4tots

  133. I followed ScrapBoxUSA and tweeted! I’m: treasures4tots

  134. I posted a link to the Giveaway on my Facebook Fan page:

  135. I have visited their site many times in the past and love how everything is right there at my reach. I have a lot of embellishments, paints, paper punches, paper, etc. and this would be an amazing help to me to organize and keep track of everything. I am the type of person that has to have everything around me when I am creating or I forget I have it and don’t use it, so this would be perfect!

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  136. The storage in this desk is amazing! I need one!!!

  137. MelindaB says

    I would love some organization! I have a lot of sewing supplies, fabric, and tons of ribbon from all the hair bows I make, all currently sitting in totes and plastic bags. I could definitely use the help of a scrapbox!

  138. MelindaB says

    I liked them on facebook

  139. Oh my gosh…I could soooo use a large flat surface to work on!!! This scrapbox would be amazing! For scrapbooking, sewing, any sort of crafting!!! AND I’d be able to have all of my “stuff” right at my fingertips! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  140. I “like” The Original Scrapbox on FB…and I left them a comment telling them you sent me…;)

  141. I follow ScrapboxUSA on Twitter and I tweeted! (@MidwesternSGirl) – yay!

  142. I posted the giveaway on both my personal and blog pages on FB!

  143. megan johnson says

    I love the sewing desk….

  144. megan johnson says

    I am a fan of the Original Scrapbox on facebook…

  145. Vanessa B says

    Ive wanted one of those desks forevaaaa! Thanks for a chance to win a great ribbon box and an entry for the Scrap Desk!!!

  146. Vanessa B says

    I “like”d The Original Scrapbox on FB, Thanks!!!

  147. Julie Trout says

    What a great giveaway! Would love to organize my sewing and scrap supplies and be able to see/find them!


  148. Julie Trout says

    Am a fan of Original Scrapbox on facebook!


  149. I visited the site and would use the desk to organize my scrap supplies. My adhesives, embellishments, etc. could go on top, and my papers and ribbons can go down below and on the side 🙂

    Emily (coolcricutcreations at yahoo dot com)

  150. I am a fb fan!
    Emily (coolcricutcreations at yahoo dot com

  151. I shared your giveaway on my facebook page!

  152. I would love to use this for a sewing desk!

  153. And I am a Facebook Fan of The Original Scrapbox

  154. I just moved into my first home and am in the process of organizing and decorating my craft room. This process would be much easier with a Scrap Box product.

  155. I’m a fan of ScrapBox on facebook

  156. Oh, I need this desk! I have been through a few other set ups and they did not work out. To have everything around me and at my fingertips would be insane! Much better than my current folding table.

  157. I’m a fan of Scrapbox on FB.

  158. I follow ScrapboxUSA on Twitter and Tweeted the contest with a linkback

  159. I like The Original Scrapbox on Facebook and left them a comment telling them you sent me

  160. Oh wait, here’s my extra point for telling them you sent me on FB 😉

  161. If I could have anything from ScrapBox it would have to be the CraftBox in vanilla bead board. Oh it makes me smile just to look at it and think of it full of quilting and sewing goodies!

  162. I LOVE the EZ View Craft Desk. I would organize everything! Crafting what nots, photos, and everything else. I don’t know what else to say…I’m stunned at the chance to win something so AMAZING!!!! 🙂

    Thank you. Thank you.

  163. I’m a happy facebook fan of The Original Scrapbox. 🙂

    Thank you!

  164. i would love the workbox – i don’t have the space to have a whole room devoted to my crafts so this would help to keep the space nice and neat yet keep all my stuff near. 😀

    definitely want to win – you should be able to reach me via my email on my blog but i will leave it here as well!

    czglobicki at msn dot com

    this would be a dream come true!

  165. Karen Shoemaker says

    I love the idea of the sew box. Its fabulous!

  166. Karen Shoemaker says

    I am a fan of scrap box on facebook!

  167. Am a fan of Original Scrapbox on facebook!

  168. I’d use the paper tower to store all my patterned paper.

  169. Aleece Van Wagenen says

    I would love to have that wonderful desk for all my “Stuff”. I visited the Original Scrapbox site.

  170. I think the mini box is awesome. I am constantly getting up and down to go get another think I need for whatever I am working on. So this would be great to have everything right where I am working. Rachel at

  171. I am a facebook fan of the original scrapbox. Rachel at

  172. This would make my dinning room more of a dinning room then a crafty dinning room! I LOVE this organization desk!!!

  173. I’d love to have a Paper Tower to organize my papers in my craft area! Thanks!

  174. I’m already a fan of The Original Scrapbox! Thanks!

  175. I shared about the giveaway on my FB wall,!/profile.php?id=100000220698532. Thanks!

  176. Carol Eiche says

    I would love the wall unit, the sewing unit and the EZ desk unit! They would totally help organize my life! I love the website. Thanks for letting me know about them. I never knew such wonderful products existed!

    Carol E

  177. Being that my husband is in the military, and we move a lot, it doesn’t give me much space to keep my craft stuff organized and with in reach! My dream is to one day have a desk like this and have it all safe and organized! I so want this desk!

  178. I follow them on FB!

  179. I would love the scrapbox!

  180. I’ve been dreaming of a sewing box, but this desk looks pretty neat too! I sew, scrapbook & crochet so there is no shortage of stuff needing organization 🙂

  181. I’m a fan of The Original Scrapbook on Facebook

  182. I like the desk because I’m just getting started making my crafting hair things a business…I need all the organizing help I can get!!

  183. I would use their sewing box to organize my sewing supplies and store my machine

  184. I like the Paper Tower for organizing all my fancy papers for cardmaking because it offers a huge amount of storage space in a very small footprint.
    cat.naps at yahoo period com

  185. I’m a Facebook Fan of The Original Scrapbox
    cat.naps at yahoo period com

  186. Jenny-Jo Tileston says

    I am moving soon so I will need to reorganize all of my craft supplies. I could totally use both the ribbon box and definately the scrap box!! Thanks for the offer!

  187. Jenny-Jo Tileston says

    I’m also a fan on facebook of the scrap box!

  188. Stephanie England says

    Hi Allison! I followed & liked “The Original Scrapbox” on Twitter & Facebook – not to mention I left a comment on their Facebook page telling them who the fabulous person was that sent me to them!

  189. Stephanie England says

    2nd little note – I would use this beautiful craft desk to organize my inventory for my boutique business! I can just imagine all those compartments filled up with ribbon, material, glue guns, beads..*drooling*… the list goes on and on! It would just be absolutely perfect to say the least!

  190. Stephanie England says

    And last but not least…I totally need that ribbon organizer! 😉 Good luck everyone!

  191. I follow original scapbook box on Twitter.. thanks for a chance, love the desk

  192. I really love the ribbon organizer and sewing organizer.. I can really use those for the mess i usually have when crafting.. Thanks!

  193. I like OSB on FB.. Awesome desk! Fingers crossed 🙂

  194. The paper tower would be a wonderful help.

  195. I would love one of these to have all of my craft stuff in one place… my husband would like that too! lol

  196. I am a fan of scrapbox on FB!!

  197. What a wonderful way to get organized!!

  198. I love that giant cutting mat and the ribbon organizer! Would love to win anything from this great company!

  199. I’d use the vanilla beadboard mini-scrapbox in my craft room. It would work perfectly to hold all my brads, papers, and general scrapbook materials perfectly and close up to keep the interested eyes of my granddaughter out of there! LOL I currently have a make-shift, cheap Walmart rolling cart – minus the wheels that broke off years ago in use. But the bad thing about it is that the drawers are see-through and my little 2 yr old granddaughter is so enticed to get into gee-gee’s crafts all the time! I’m tellin’ you …there’s a future crafter in her future! – Karen

  200. I am already a fan of The Original Scrapbox and I left them comment luv on your behalf! Twice! LOL (I am an overachiever sometimes! LOL) – Karen

  201. Hopefully, I did the link back right for facebook. Here’s where I mentioned you and the contest on my page:!/profile.php?id=503015568! – Karen

  202. christian rider says

    The Paper Tower – PERFECT for me! It would be great to finally get all of my paper out of an old cardboard box!!

  203. The EZ View Craft Desk is amazing! I would organize all my scrapbooking supplies and finally be able to sit down and accomplish making scrapbooks for my kids and grandkids! If there was any space left I would use it to organize decopodge supplies. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  204. I became a fan on Facebook of The Original Scrapbox. Please enter me in this giveaway!

  205. I told the Original Scrapbox page that Oopsey Daisy sent me! Please give me extra points in this giveaway!

  206. I shared this contest on Facebook.

  207. I struggle with organizing everything and it has taken over my closet{s}! This desk would be nothing less than a miracle for me! Thank you for hosting : )

  208. I’m a fan of TOS on FB

  209. Due to a recent move, I no longer have a seperate craft room. The Scrapbox would organize all of my scrapbooking items and look absolutely beautiful while doing so.

  210. Courtney O'Dell says

    I follow the original scrapbox on FB!

  211. Courtney O'Dell says

    I also sent out the tweet!

  212. Wow, I never knew about ScrapBox. The original size one is liking having a scrapbooking store in your craft room. I must say though, that the desk is probably my favorite. It is really pretty and I could actually have it out in a room for others to see instead of in the basement where my scrapping supplies currently reside.

  213. My current crafting supplies are stored in my dining room cabinets. I would love to have a desk to be able to store and organize my supplies, and work on my crafts without having to cover the dining room table and work there.

  214. I need several of those ribbon boxes. My huge stash is currently in plastic totes, completely disorganized and not very accessible.

  215. I’m a fan of The Original Scrapbox on Facebook

  216. Kelly Jo says

    I visited The Original Scrapbox website and fell in LOVE! I’m dreaming of all the ways I can organize and still look stylish. And the totes look like the perfect way to organize by project, which is how I create. And I think the clear top would help me use my stash more with the ‘in sight in use’ philosophy.
    And the timing is Perfect (if I win). I’m trying to get my scraproom out of the unfinished basement (do I get a pity entry?) and share some space in the dining room, which we use 3x a day, so my crafting space needs to be organized and contained. I showed my husband The Original Scrapbook and he said that it looks perfect!

  217. Kelly Jo says

    I’m a Facebook Fan of The Original Scrapbox.

  218. Kelly Jo says

    And I let them know that Oopsey Daisy, and the 9 other bloggers, sent me.

  219. Kelly Jo says

    I’m following ScrapboxUSA on Twitter.

  220. Kelly Jo says

    And I Tweeted the contest.

  221. Kelly Jo says

    I also shared the contest on Facebook.
    Thanks for the chance to move out of my basement.
    Kelly Jo

  222. Christina Sullivan says

    I would LOVE the EZ View desk! I started working from home a month ago and am working at my dining room table (shh don’t tell my boss!). It was a brand new dining room set, the first we ever owned, and we only got to sit at it once before it became my “office”. I know my boyfriend would love to get the dining room table back so we can finally enjoy family meals together and if I won this desk we’d both get what we wished for! I would make 8 hours a day use of it so it definitely wouldn’t go to waste and you’d make our household a very happy one! I don’t have a twitter or I would follow/link TOS but I AM a fan on Facebook and linked back to the contest. I would really love to win this prize, it would be so incredible. – Christina Sullivan <3

  223. Tracy Casil says

    If I won an EZ View craft desk I would put all of my favorite embellies in it. Then I could admire them and my new desk at the same time!
    Tracy Casil

  224. I LOVE the sewing box! I’ve never seen it before. It would be perfect for organizing my sewing stuff.

  225. I’m a facebook fan of Scrapbox, too.

  226. I would organize my paper with The Paper Tower.

  227. I’m a Facebook Fan of The Original Scrapbox.
    Alyssa Spencer McVey

  228. Following Scrapbox on Twitter & tweeted:

  229. I would love to win a EZ View Craft desk. I currently craft on a foldable party table. its not he best type of work space but it will do for now. I love the see thru table top. love the idea that i will beable to see my tools.

    I follow both you and Scrapbox on Twitter
    I liked both your fb page and the Scrapbox as well
    I follow both blogs and signed up for email updates! you have a great blog! I also shared the contest on twitter and facebook.

    Happy Crafting!

  230. Bunnyfreak says

    I would use the paper tower to organize my rubber stamps and patterned papers. My scrap space is in the guest room so this would be great to hide it.

  231. The workbox would be a wonderful way to organize my mixed media collage art supplies. I have bins and bins of paper, old magazines, paints and tools. This desk has a generous work space and would be easy to clean up and it’s so pretty!
    cathyguitarteacher-77 at yahoo dot com

  232. I like the original scrapbox on facebook (cathyhorner)
    cathyguitarteacher-77 at yahoo dot com

  233. My CHAOS could finally be contained and organized to make a more useful space to be creative in. Thanks for the giveaway!

  234. I am following Orginal Scrapbook on Facebook :0

  235. Shared the contest on my facebook page {even though I want it all for myself}!

  236. Jennifer says

    I could finally take out all of my craft supplies from hiding ( under the bed, closet, garage etc.) and have it all organized in one place.

  237. Jennifer says

    I’m a fan on Facebook.

  238. Rebecca E. parosns says

    The Original Scrapbox for me!!! so need to put all my stuff in one spot!!!

  239. Rebecca E. parosns says

    fan on FB

  240. Rebecca E. parosns says
  241. left comment on my wall-sharing their site – just did some room re-arranging and now have my own craft room 🙂 hope i win this amazing desk 🙂

  242. I think I would have a near heart attack if I had the Work Box. It would fit in my living room or dining room and be heaven compared to my make-shift arrangement in my bedroom. One of those boxes would make scrapbooking so much more doable with our busy family.

  243. I am a fan of the Original Scrapbox on FB!

  244. Deb King says

    My dear hubby would be so happy to welcome a SCRAPBOX into my house. I would be able to lovingly store all my inredible scrapand craft goodies and he would not have to look at them. He would only see the projects I sweetly created for him. Thank you for letting me try to win a SCRAPBOX!!!

  245. Craft supplies? Organized? This is nonexistent in our house! We desperately need the desk!

  246. facebook fan of the original scrapbook

  247. follow scrapbook usa on twitter and retweeted:!/dezroute/status/88973732265197568

  248. Oh I love this! I would use it for my STampin’ Up Workshops.
    I followed on FB
    I liked the page and subscribed on the blog.
    Am subscribing and following you!
    Thanks for the chance!!!

  249. I have been wanting one of these, would be perfect for finally organizing my card making a scrapbook supplies. Everything is in boxes under my bed right now, a horrible mess, lol!

  250. Im already a scrapbox facebook fan, thank you!!! 😀

  251. I would love their sewing box and have all of my stuff in one place. Thanks

  252. the minibox is perfect for my small space!! I’ve been eyeballing the scrapbox for YEARS!!!!!!! this would be a great prize!!

  253. i liked them on facebook!

  254. Heather Nash says

    I have been drooling over these organizing towers and desks for a while. I am just now putting together my first craft room. I NEED a desk to finally have all my craft supplies in the same place.

  255. Heather Nash says

    I’m a Facebook Fan of The Original Scrapbox

  256. Heather Nash says

    I follow on Twitter and Tweeted this giveaway –!/HeatherNash10

  257. Heather Nash says
  258. I would love to organize my scrapbooking supplies in The WorkBox.

  259. I started following you on Facebook

  260. I started following the Original Scrapbook on FB, and I left them a post on their wall thanking you for sending me their way.

  261. I am a stamping and scrapbooking fanatic (scramping). I would put that beautiful desk to work in my craft room. Dream come true!!

  262. I would love to win this amazing giveaway! I really like the new sewing box and would love to have all my sewing supplies organized!

  263. I am a fb fan of the original scrapbox

  264. I posted about this giveaway on my fb page!!/profile.php?id=766131971

  265. michelle says

    Oh my gosh! I love this! Right now my supplies are very unorganized in a corner of my bedroom. But when I craft, I am always separated from my family unless I drag all my supplies out. This desk is so nice that I would be proud to have it as a piece of furniture in our living area so that I can craft and spend time with my family at the same time! or

  266. Shannon Roberts says

    I need this; like really. I do. Thank goodness for FB; or I’d of never known!

  267. I would use the craftbox as my srapbook room. I do not have a space of my own. So, with this product I could tuck myself into a corner of my living room and work on my scrapbooks. Then walk away with a finished project and everything in its place. =)

  268. I liked The Original Scrapbox on facebook and told them that you sent me!

  269. I posted info about the contest on facebook:

  270. I follow ScrapboxUSA on Twitter and tweeted about the contest:!/Jouergal

  271. Hi! My name is Pamela. I love the items from The Original Scrapbox. My family moved into our new home 2 years ago. And still, to this day, my scrapbook/sewing room has yet to be organized. So far, everything just sits in boxes and I have to go through them each time I need something. The problem: I don’t have anyplace to put anything. If I won the EZ View desk, it would help me to organize my projects and finally have a room that I can actually work in! This would be AMAZING! I have liked the Original Scrapbox page and Rachelle’s page on Facebook. I also have liked your page on Facebook.

  272. I love crafting and have my hands in everything from scrap booking and paper crafting, to jewelry making and clay floral creations. I wish I could make creating and selling my stuff my full time job, but everything is so disorganized it definitely slows that dream down. The first time I saw the work box and the EZ-view I knew they would be a fantastic way to get everything all sorted out. I visit the site regularly to plot out how I would organize everything if I only could afford to purchase them!

  273. Sarah@Neoteric.Traditional says

    Their sewing box has my name written all over it! Plus this contest has introduced me to bloggers I didn’t know about!!

  274. Sarah@Neoteric.Traditional says

    I liked Original Scrapbox on facebook

  275. I would love to win.

  276. Tiffany S says

    Oh wow, they have so many awesome products!!! And this giveaway is amazing! I would LOVE the EZ View desk for scrapbooking and cardmaking but I guess if I was realistically thinking (or dreaming, haha), I’d have to choose the WorkBox, raised panel in Vanilla! I have soo much craft stuff and not a very big workspace. The WorkBox holds and organizes so much and could easily be closed when I have company over and they need to stay in the guest room. (aka my craft room haha)

  277. Tiffany S says

    I’m already a Facebook fan of The Original Scrapbox 🙂

  278. Tiffany S says

    I follow Scrapbox USA on Twitter 🙂

  279. Tiffany S says

    I posted this giveaway on my Facebook page

  280. Poor Badger Creations says

    I would use the HECK out of this desk and the ribbon organizer would be great for hair bow making! =0)

  281. Poor Badger Creations says

    Liked scrapbox on fb! =0)

  282. I’m a Facebook Fan of The Original Scrapbox.

  283. LOVE LOVE the desk! It is a MUSt have for any crafter!!

  284. Marisol Gutierrez says

    I follow The Blog and I liked the page on FB. After fainting from finding out I WON (PICK ME, PICK ME) I would use the EZ View Craft Desk to ORGANIZE all my messes around the house. Right now I work on the floor of my bedroom, on the dining room table (sorry hubby) and in the family room. This would help me have all my craft items (big shot, cardstock, etc) in ONE PLACE. My husband and children would LOVE YOU!
    Marisol Gutierrez

  285. I liked the Original scrapbox on FB

  286. I would so love to have all my crafting supplies in one area, neatly organized.

  287. I already like on fb and also left a comment

  288. I facebooked with a link back to you here

  289. Brynde B. says

    This giveaway is so awesome! I would love to win the ribbon box and desk. The workbox would be great too! It would be so nice to have all my craft supplies organized and all in one spot. I love how it all folds up and looks so nice!

  290. I liked the sewing table the best. Beautiful!

  291. I liked the contest on FB and left them a comment.

  292. Brynde B. says

    I follow ScrapboxUSA on Twitter and tweeted about the contest!

  293. Brynde B. says

    I became a Facebook Fan of The Original Scrapbox!

  294. I posted a link on FB but don’t know how to link it back to you. I really did though! Love the contest.

  295. I would love the minibox or work box so I could use it for all my crafts and more. I’m an art student and I would love to put all my supplies there.

  296. Brittani says

    I would use the desk to organize all my current project tools, etc. With the see through top it would be possible to find anything I needed. I would organize all my accessories, etc for scrapbooking on the desk and have it all out at my fingertips (Instead of in boxes stacked all over the place!)


  297. Brittani says

    I am a facebook fan of the Original scrapbox

    Brittani Nguyen

  298. Tania Brammer says

    The new Sewingbox gives me chills! I would love to get my sewing machine off the closet floor and have a place for all my fun sewing stuff!!

  299. Tania Brammer says

    And I like Scrapbox on FB AND I told them I was sent by you!! 🙂

  300. Joanie g says

    I would use every crook and cranks as they say and be such a Happy Happy Crafters if I had this Scrapbox View Desk!! Hint hint!!

    Joanie g

  301. Sarah Lucas says

    OOHH! I would store anything and everything in there…. sooooo cute!

  302. I keep all my craft supplies under my desk in the master bedroom. I try to keep it organized in boxes but it’s a real eyesore.The EZ View Craft Desk would be a lifesaver.
    karina_13_2000@hotmail dot com

  303. Jaime Beckstead says

    I have been drooling over this desk ever since my husband started my craft room. I NEED this desk. Love, love, love it. Pick me…PLEASE!!!

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