Pop for “Pop” – Printable Coke Can sleeve

Father's Day is just around the corner.

Am I the only one who struggles to come up with gifts for men??

My husband buys exactly what he needs for himself, and he can't think of a gift idea to save his life.  And another tie? Booooooring.

One thing I do know:  My husband loves Coke.  As in Coca-Cola.

So I decided to dress up a Coke can just a bit.  I made a Coke can "sleeve" to dress up his favorite beverage for Father's Day!

I did a little measuring of a regular old Coke can.  I studied the can, and tried to make a sleeve that would be very similar.  I started by downloading a Coca-Cola font, available here.

In Photoshop, I created this image to fit the can.  My favorite part is the nutrition facts... just a few of the traits I love about my husband! And with my husband recently counting his calories, I thought he might appreciate the "calorie-free" image.

I inserted this image into a Word document and printed it out, careful not to mess with the sizes at all.  (You may have to change your page orientation and  margins to fit a 9-inch long image.)

After cutting out the sleeve, I used good ol' tape to tape it around the can.

Just a little something extra special for our "pop" to drink on Father's Day.

Would you like to print your own Coke can sleeve for the Pop in your life??

Just click here to download the correctly-sized image.

UPDATE:  If you are having issues downloading through Google Docs, then try this download link through Scribd.

PS If you're reading this post, YAY!  You've made it to the new feed for OopseyDaisyblog.com and using WordPress instead of Blogger.  Phew!

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  1. Very cute idea!! I have a terrible time finding a good gift for the hubs. I might have to try this with a coke 0! 🙂

  2. That is so cute Alison! I tried my hand at creating some bottled water labels and cupcakes toppers for my grandfather’s 80th birthday. Oh boy. Let’s just say they look less than professional. LOL

  3. This turned out awesome! What a cute idea!


  4. This is so cute! Perfect for your hubby too! Are you going to be giving this to Dad as well?

  5. Ha! How adorable is that? My hubby loves his pepsi so this will be perfect. Please stop by and link up to my party this weekend at http://designergarden.blogspot.com/2011/06/vip-party-18.html

  6. Thanks so much for sharing these! It’s perfect for a little something extra to give my hubby!

  7. I LOVE this!!

    Thanks for linking up! I featured your post on my wrap up http://tidymom.net/2011/komen-race-for-the-cure/

  8. Oh I LOVE IT!!!
    I have been looking for the perfect label to put on a pop bottle and this is it! Thank you THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

  9. I cannot download your cute coke can it says the link is not availiabe.
    Please help

  10. Cool idea, I love the Nutrition Facts!

  11. Thank you so much!!!

  12. I featured this today over at Sassy Sites for our Father’s Day POP post!! Come by and grab a button!

    XOXO!! Marni

  13. Love this idea. It would be perfect to give to all of the Dads at our church. I’ve never used this kind of document before, can you print more than one per page?

  14. What a clever idea! My kids call their grandad Pop…hope I get a chance to make a few of these for him!
    Would love for you to stop by and share it at the Tuesday To Do Party! http://blackberryvine.blogspot.com/2011/06/tuesday-to-do-14-and-13-list-makers.html


  15. I’m in the same boat as you with buying hubby gifts. This coke label is perfect. Too bad we just moved and our printer is still hiding somewhere in a pile of boxes. I’m a new follower. Hope to see you at http://diyhshp.blogspot.com/.
    P.S. I have a link party every Monday. I would love for you to stop by and link up your project.

  16. This is the cutest idea. Every dad should just love it! 🙂

  17. Thanks for sharing this! We just downloaded several copies so my son can decorate the soda cans with the three little boys he babysits…Their dad is gonna love it…

  18. This is so clever! I love your “nutrition facts” 🙂

  19. Thank you so much!!! I am using this for my YW lesson on Sunday!!! I think the girls will just love it!!!

  20. Carmen Lucero says

    What a great project. Thank you so much!!

    Carmen L

  21. I love this! I bought some coke to use these on but now I can’t figure out how to print it. Do you have a pdf you could email me? remarkablehome@gmail.com
    If not, how do I print this?

  22. This is the CUTEST idea! Nice work. So quick & easy. I had to share it on my fb fan page too 🙂

  23. Aimee LeRose says

    Love this, shared it with all my Besties!

  24. You inspired me to do a root beer version for my hubby, since he prefers that to coke. Thanks for the great idea!

  25. Danielle says

    I was trying to download the ‘best pop ever’ and google says ‘ unable to find document’ Would you be able to email it to me? if so, my email is daniellekellogg@yahoo.com. Thanks, Danielle

  26. This has to be the cutest idea I have seen yet for a father’s day idea! Thanks for thinking it up and sharing it with everyone 🙂 However, when I click to download it, google told me it’s ‘unable to find document.’ Is there another way to download it? Possibly a pdf version?

  27. Your Pop for Pop printable is a fun idea! Thanks for sharing.

    There are a lot of links here for Father’s Day gifts: http://craftyjournal.com/cheap-fathers-day-gift-ideas/

  28. Jennifer says

    Thank you!!!! I love this!!! Perfect!

  29. Thanks for the idea! I am definitely going to do this, its fab!!!! 🙂 x

  30. Thank for the free printables!! LOVE THEM!!!


  31. Love it! You were featured in our Father’s Day Round-up today!


    Thanks for sharing your darling printable!

  32. I just made these for hubby and the dads. I think next time I’ll use photo paper as I used regular and it’s kind of dull. I just pasted the file into Word and resized for 9-inch width. It printed, and fit, perfectly!

    I also found this from Pinterest. 😉

  33. thank you so much
    my step dad is going to love this.

  34. Hello. I would love to give these to all the dads at church on Sunday but neither of your links seem to be working. It was removed from scribd and I need the owners permission for google docs. I know this is an older post but I would love to use these soon.


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