Piggies Play Day {Sumo’s Sweet Stuff}

I hope you're loving these fun Summer Camp posts as much as I am!
Today I can't wait to share one of my favorite bloggers with you!  Sumo's Sweet Stuff is here with some adorable activities that I know you'll enjoy.
Hello everybody!
I'm Sumo!

I blog over at a little place called Sumo's Sweet Stuff. I hope you'll stop by and say hi sometime!
Sumo's Sweet Stuff

I'm just thrilled to be a part of Alison's Summer Camp; don't you think she is just the greatest?
When Alison asked me to participate, I was so excited to use my teacher brain. Alison and I are kind of kindred spirits; we both used to teach first grade!
Since my girls are both pretty young still (1 & 2), I knew I wanted to choose a book that wasn't too long. We love to read books at our house, but if a book gets too long, we lose interest!
I immediately thought of this book: PIGGIES.
The illustrations are just beautiful, and the text is simple, describing words; perfect for my girls' ages! Plus, it talks about using something we use every day - our piggies, or fingers!
(No, I don't usually dress my girls identical, but there are a few pieces of clothing they both have, so sometimes it's cute!)

The book talks about each finger as a different piggies: fat, smart, long, silly, and wee little piggies! These piggies are sometimes hot, sometimes cold. Sometimes clean, sometimes dirty. Sometimes good, but at nite time, they get mischievous and skip down tummies to do dances on toes. It's a darling book, and your kids will love seeing what their piggies can do!

Hey, share that book with me!

Oh, alright.

We started off our piggie playdate by letting those piggies get dirty! We took a canvas and some paint, and decided to make a handprint of my two year old. She, of course, chose pink.

She thought it was so fun to paint her hand!

After making the handprint, it was time to get those piggies clean.

Lather up!

And of course, dry those piggies off well for our next activity.

While we waited for the canvas to dry, we did something that even my one year old could get involved in: finger puppets!

Let me tell you, those piggies had so much fun being animals, characters from Yo Gabba Gabba, and Smurfs!

And we all know what piggies are good for: finger painting! Instead of using paints to express our artistic abilities, we decided to make it a little more fun - and tasty - and use some "delicious" chocolate pudding. Yes, my two year old frequently uses the word delicious!

You can see that piggie pudding painting is very serious business.

Of course, you can't paint with pudding and not have some samples along the way.

And really, let's just eliminate a step all together and go directly for the mouth!
Our piggie playdate was so much fun, and you could easily adapt your activities to cater to kids of all ages!
Thanks so much, Alison, for having us over here today!
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  1. Cute idea! I’ve never heard of that book. We’ll have to go check it out. My little guy says the word delicious all the time too!

  2. Just stopping by to say hello… love this wife/hubby writer/illustrator team… we have ‘King Bidgood is in the bathroom’ VERY funny xoxo Malia

  3. oops that would bathTUB not bathroom LOL

  4. So cute! I love the pudding finger painting idea. My daughter hates getting messy but maybe if she knew it was chocolate…

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