A New Way to Read the News!

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How amazing is this hand-painted "News" sign from Three Potato Four?!

I admit that I'm a bit of a News junkie.  I love staying up to date on what's going on in this crazy world we live in!  I'm a huge politics dork, and the year before elections is quite exciting for me.  I'm already glued to the  coverage for next year's presidential elections.  Pretty dorky huh?

How do you keep up with the News??

If I'm at my parents' house, there is almost always a newspaper on the kitchen counter.  Something about a newspaper just seems warm and homey to me.  I can remember many lazy Saturday mornings, mindlessly pouring over a newspaper while eating my cold cereal.  I'm not so great at reading a real newspaper now, although I do collect newspapers for fun projects like this...

Gorgeous newspaper wreath found via Pinterest

Now, I DVR my favorite News shows and follow my favorites News channels via Twitter.  On my iPad, I even get instant pop-up alerts of the latest breaking News.  I am somewhat proud of the fact that even while flying on an airplane from Denver to Maui, I found out about Osama bin Laden's demise even before the public news broke. (Thanks, Twitter!)

Do you remember the iPad case I shared last week?? A while back, many of you kindly shared your favorite iPad apps with me.  I'm quickly becoming an app-aholic!  Now I can use my iPad to keep up with globally relevant topics.  There's a brand new iPad app called the collection.

The collection app is basically a free interactive magazine dedicated to a brand new topic each month.  Last month, the "appazine" was dedicated to this lovely couple:


Recently, I downloaded the collection app.  This month's topic was dedicated to The Global Child. This issue explores all things "baby" in a hands-on, interactive way.  Besides first-class articles, there is audio, photos and videos, panoramic photography, 3D digital animation, creative morphing, rubbing, X-Ray lens and much, much more.  The Global Child is a story that follows a couple's journey with surrogacy.  A family in Arizona and a family in India are brought together to witness the greatest miracle of all--the birth of a brand new baby!

If you have an iPad, check out the collection app.  If you like FREE stuff, go ahead and download it from the App Store!  I can't wait to see what they come up with for next month's issue.

And if you don't have an iPad... well, go read a newspaper!

Or use it to make something incredibly cute like this:

Adorable gift wrapping idea from brunch at saks

Have a great day, my friends!

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