Purse Hangers USA Giveaway – giveaway is closed

This giveaway is closed!

We all love our accessories, right?

I've always loved a good bag... or should I say bags?!  I am never satisfied with just one purse!

Well, today I have the privilege of introducing you to a new way of protecting those lovely bags.  Enter Purse Hangers USA.

Purse Hangers USA offers foldable purse hangers and purse hooks to keep your purse, diaper bag, or even lap top off the floor.  Recently, I was asked to review a purse hanger and a purse hook.

What a genius idea!  Now when I go out to eat, I can hang my purse from the table instead of placing it on the floor.  This will definitely keep my purses cleaner!

Don't you love the shiny gem?!  And there are several gems to choose from, so you can definitely accessorize!

This green apple rhinestone purse hook would be a beautiful gift for any teacher!

What I liked about this product

* I was impressed that they could easily hold my gigantic Mom bag.  We call this my "Mary Poppins" bag because I stuff so many things inside of it!  They are guaranteed to hold 10 pounds.

* Of course I like the beauty of them. I like that only the gem shows on the table surface.

* Each purse hanger/hook came with a velvet pouch for safe keeping.

* I like the convenience of having my bag close to me in public without worrying about germs.

What I didn't like about this product

* It didn't come with instructions or a picture, so I found myself a bit confused in the beginning.  It took a bit of experimentation (and some husband's help) to figure this out.  It might need some explanation if given as a gift.

Purse Hangers USA is offering one Oopsey Daisy reader a choice of TWO purse hangers or hooks of their choice.

(I would also use that as an excuse to need a new purse!)

There are 2 ways to enter this giveaway.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

1.  Check out Purse Hangers USA.  Do a little window shopping. Tell me which purse hangers or hooks you would love to win, and leave it in a comment.

2.  "Like" my Facebook page.  Or let me know you're already a Facebook fan.  That's it!

This giveaway will end at midnight on Wednesday, June 22.  All giveaway winners are announced on Facebook/Twitter and then e-mailed directly.

Good luck!

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  1. Annia Huff says

    I would like the fushia rhinestone purse hanger or the one with pearls and rhinestones.

  2. Annia Huff says

    I follow you on FB !

  3. Anne Marie says

    I love the clear heart and the green rhinestone purse hangers – the key finders are also neat.

  4. Ricki Duke says

    I liked the blue heart or the crystal crown hanger.

  5. Ricki Duke says

    I follow you on FB already.

  6. Rebecca T. says

    I like the aqua gem one, I would give one to my mom if I won! we were just talking about it the other day how we hate putting our purses on dirty floors when there isn’t a hook available!

  7. Rebecca T. says

    I like your FB page!

  8. Such an amazing idea! The bottom of my bags are always dirty! I really hate floor germs.. and some of my bags are really hard to clean. I would definitely use this as an opportunity for a new bag! I love this one Black Gem with Compact Mirror Purse, especially as it has a mirror, so not only your bag looks doog but you do too!

    😀 xx

  9. I like the green apple hook and the rhinestone and pearl hook. I’ve seen the key finders before and always wanted one. One of my coworkers has one and swears by it!

  10. I like the Chrystal Clear with velvet pouch!

  11. OMG! There’s nothing that makes me cringe more than people putting their purses on the floor in public places and then next on their kitchen countertops at home. Eeeww! Why is it that only Vegas offers purse hooks at the gaming tables? The black gem would match most anything. Thanks!

  12. I ” like” your FB page!

  13. Oh I am loving the aqua gem with the compact mirror and the green apple rhinestones.

  14. I like you on FB.

  15. I have seen these out and about…they are beautiful and very funtional. I am partial to the Crystal Pink Fushia purse hanger.

  16. Alison…I’ve been a fan of yours for several months now. I always enjoy reading about what you are doing and of course…Little Man…Thanks for blogging…keep it up…and I like you on FB as well.

  17. I follow you and like you on fb!

  18. i love the aqua and peridot green gem with the mirror, and also the pink with the flowers.

  19. I am a facebook fan 🙂


  20. I really like the GH105-24 pure hanger- the green with the flowers is so pretty!!



  21. Love them all! But I especially love the blue with with a green gem on it. The pink ones are cute too!

  22. I like the one with the diamonds with the pearls around the outiside!

  23. I “like” your facebook page!

  24. I love the crystal crown and the crystals with pearls around. I’ve seen these at restaurants and I think they are genius! I HATE putting my purse on the floor and it always seems like it’s in the way when I hang it on the back of my chair. I have also heard that in feng shui it’s considered bad luck to place your purse on the floor.

  25. I already like your facebook page. 🙂

  26. I like the clear heart and the purple crystal

  27. These are such a cool idea… I usually wind up holding my purse on my lap rather than putting it down on the floor for the waitress to trip over. I like the coffee gem hanger and think the folding type is brilliant.

  28. Just liked your FB page!

  29. I would love to win the folding black & white theme holder. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  30. My friend has one of these that she got in Italy. I thought it was so neat! It’s great to know you can get them in the U.S. I really like the purse hangers that come with a compact mirror. Genius!

  31. I’m a FB fan!

  32. Ohhh, I love this. I would definitely get the apple holder and maybe the turtle key finder 🙂

  33. I liked your FB

  34. Melanie Bremer says

    I like the Nature bliss and White butterfly. Very cute!!

  35. Melanie Bremer says

    I already like your facebook page! Thanks!!

  36. Stephanie England says

    Hi Alison! I’ve seen these Purse Hooks & Hangers for a while now but haven’t thought to buy one for myself..they are really cute! I like the “Crystals with Pearls Around” Purse Hook and yes I am a “fan” of your Facebook page. =)

  37. These are such a great idea!! I really like the black and silver (GH-105) foldable purse hanger! Great giveaway!

  38. I like Oopsey Daisy on Facebook!

  39. Debbie Painter says

    These are so cute & such a good idea! I love the purse hook with the crystals surrounded by the pearls, very elegant looking! Thank you both for the chance to win!!

  40. Debbie Painter says

    I have been a FB fan of yours for quite awhile now! Thanks again for the chance to win!

  41. I love the 12 crystal with raspberry gem.

  42. I’d love to win a purse hanger! My favorite is the apple gem purse hook. I like the aqua gem folding purse hanger too!

  43. I liked oopsy daisy on FB

  44. sandra parsons says

    I would choose White Dove and Crystal Peridot. 🙂

  45. I checked out the website! They have some cool things hard to choose. I was surprised by how cheap some were on clearence! I don’t understand how it actually stays on the table though, very interesting.

  46. I like the sapphire gem and green apple hanger.

  47. The silver one is my favorite.

  48. I like the black and white Nature Bliss Hanger. So pretty!

  49. I just “liked” your facebook page. Can’t wait to get your updates!

  50. I love the pink fuchsia gem one!

  51. Just liked your facebook page!

  52. I love the red glass with crystals hook!!

  53. I liked you on DB

  54. I love the Purple Glass with Crystals

  55. I like you on fb!

  56. I would love the Light Sapphire Gem with compact mirror Purse Hanger–so handy that it has a compact on it!

  57. What a great idea! I love the crystal and pearl one.

  58. Liked on FB.

    I like the blue heart hook and the blue saphire gem hanger.


  59. I follow you on Facebook 🙂

  60. Love this idea. Very cute and a great idea. Crystal one with pearls 🙂

  61. I’m a classic girl. I like the Crystal Clear or Black. Either will go with any home I ever live in.

  62. I “like”d you on face book and I LOVE the GH105-29 Foldable Purse Hanger.

  63. Haha I learned about these years ago as “hookers” 😉
    I would get the Nature Bliss Foldable Purse Hook and the White Butterfly Foldable Purse Hook.

  64. Raven In A Blue Room says

    I love the Aqua Gem with Compact Mirror Purse Hangers

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  65. Raven In A Blue Room says

    I like your blog on facebook (Louis Here)

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  66. I just found your blog! I’m definitely a follower now. I love the Nature Bliss foldable purse hanger and the fushia gemstone foldable purse hanger.

  67. I “liked” your facebook page!

  68. They have so many awesome hangers. I would love the Siam Red compact Mirror Purse Hanger and the Peridot Compact Mirror Purse Hanger. They are both so pretty and would definitely keep me from having to search for a spot to put my purse out in public places.

  69. I am now one of your facebook fans 🙂

  70. I liked your facebook page. I am considering buying some of the red purse hangers as bridesmaids gifts. I love that it also has a mirror. Wow!

  71. I “liked” your Facebook page!

  72. My favorites are the crystal crown and the green apple. And I’m one of the gross people who put their purses on the floor. I’ve never really thought about it before. Yuck!

  73. I love the Aqua Gem with Compact Mirror Purse Hanger. So cute!

  74. Just liked you on FB!

  75. I like the purple glass with crystals purse hook.

  76. Kristen Hargett says

    I like the crystal clear – goes with whatever purse (or bag) I have! 🙂

  77. I’m your newest follower! I’d pick the raspberry gem foldable and the green apple ones!


  78. I LOVE the GH105-01 Foldable Purse Hanger! Goregous and what a great idea!

  79. I liked you on FB!

  80. Cassie Yuenger says

    I follow you on facebook!

  81. fashion and stylish purse hanger

  82. I would choose the green apple or the crystal crown ones. I love green apples and my little Lilly loves princess crowns, so that would probably be my first choice.

  83. I follow you on facebook.

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