Dr. Seuss Comes to Summer Camp {The Creation Corner}

Are you loving this Summer Camp series as much as I am?!  Each week, I live for Fridays so I can share another talented guest with you!
I am thrilled to share one of my very first blogging friends with you.  Tasha is an incredibly talented gal who I absolutely adore.  I am DYING to share her idea with you today... I know you'll love it!  Go check out The Creation Corner for more creative ideas.

A well loved book at our house is One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.  We love Dr. Suess.  The book is warn and weathered and as I like to call it..."Loved".   So, for our fun Summer Camp day we sat down to read and love this book one more time.

We started by reading the book together under our big front tree.   My favorite thing about reading Dr. Seuss books are the questions you can ask along the way.   They are filled with questions.  Silly, weird, fun questions.  It leaves room to ask what they would do.  Or if they would even want to do the things the characters in the book are doing.  I love the responses I get.

Then we got to work making these fun fish cupcakes that go along with the fish at the beginning of the book.

The fish cupcakes are simple to make.  You choose your favorite cake mix and make it according to the boxed directions for cupcakes.  Buy or make a white frosting, seperate into 2-4 bowls, and dye each bowl a different color.  Then use M&M's and different colored orange slices candy to decorate them.

And, since in our house my boys are always asking for a "craft project" (I don't know where they get that from...)  we had to come up with something fun to make together.

11-17-09 301

What is better then getting to design your own Dr. Suess Character Pillow from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Can you tell which pillow is which character?  Here is how you can make your own:

1.  Start with a square of fabric and fabric markers.   I bought my markers at Joann's but you can get them at most craft stores.  Then let you and your child start designing and coloring your character onto the fabric.  Make sure you put something under the fabric that the markers can bleed onto, because they will bleed.
2.  Cut out around the shape of your character and find fun scraps of fabric to be the backing of your pillow.  Pin the two right sides together.  Sew the two together leaving a 2 inch hole.
3.  Trim down the edges and make little snips around any curved edges.  This will help when you turn the fabric right side out.  Make sure NOT to snip through your stitches.
4.  Turn the fabric right side out and stuff with fiber fill stuffing.  Then sew your 2 inch hole closed with a needle and thread.  You now have your fun Dr. Suess Character Pillow finished!
11-17-09 301
Now, your kids will happily remember the book and the fun afternoon you have had together.
Thank you, Alison, for letting me be part of this fabulous Summer Camp Series!
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  1. I just love all of your ideas! Makes me wish my children were small again, unfortunately the youngest is now 25 years old. I am waiting for my grandchildren to grow up quick, so I can use some of these ideas with them. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!

  2. So cute! This is one of my favorite books to read with my little guy. These projects would really help it come alive for us!

  3. Cute! What a fun idea. I love the thought of bringing books to life.

  4. Those cupcakes are to die for! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Those cupcakes are so fun!! What a great mom you are.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing. I am enjoying your summer camp immensly. We do reading activities at home on a weekly basis and I love your inspiring ideas.


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