The 30-minute i-Pad Case

A long-awaited tutorial.   And a simple, sweet tutorial to boot!
Something you can make in under 30 minutes!  (Promise!)
I was thrilled when my husband won an i-Pad2 at work!  My husband isn't really a "Mac" guy, so I was lucky enough to inherit this little gem.  I absolutely LOVE it!  Love all of the fun apps... Isn't there an "app" for just about everything now??
But I think Little Man uses it more than me.  He navigates it like a pro.  The i-Pad was a lifesaver when we took our family trip to Maui.  He loves the educational games, songs, and stories.  Plus--the i-Pad has become his own personal boom box to play his favorite songs!  He is very careful with the i-Pad, and he knows the rules.
BUT he's still a 2-year-old.  I made the mistake of traveling with the i-Pad before getting a case for it.  It almost immediately started to get scratched.
I KNEW the i-Pad needed its own little snuggie.  I looked around a bit online.
But on an impulse, I bought some fabric, and I literally whipped this up in 30 minutes.
Yes, me, the beginning sewer.
So that's like 20 minutes for expert sewers.
Not too shabby.
Come see how to make your own i-Pad case!



I gotta tell you... I am LOVING this new little snuggie for my i-Pad.
Because everything should have a snuggie right??
Just a few more pics...
There's something so satisfying to me about completing a sewing project.
Especially a project I can imagine and create on my own.
What are you working on this week??

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  1. Super cute!!! I love the flower and ric rac on the flap and the colors are awesome!

  2. The Miller Five says

    Great job! I'm a sucker for ric rac. 🙂 I was planning on working on the bath toy bag you posted a while back, but I didn't get the chance. Maybe next week!

  3. Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} says

    Um, adorable! I *love* your fabric choices! And the ric rac and flower accents are perfect! My son knows how to use my husband's Droid better than I do. lol! My phone only makes call and texts. I'm so behind the times!! 🙂

  4. Bec@littlelucylu says

    I'm jealous for two reasons … 1) you can sew! and 2) you have an ipad2!!! I bought my ipad …. and like 6 weeks later, they announced there was going to be a NEW version! Of course they did! Why didn't I think of that BEFORE I bought the first version!? :)~ Oh well. I'll live. :)~
    But I TOTALLY know what you mean about the little one navigating it better than you do … that is 100% the case in my house, too! Lucy is A-MAZING on that thing. It is crazy!!!
    Such an awesomely cute ipad snuggie!!! 🙂

  5. cute! i love your little embellishment

  6. Michelle says

    What a great tutorial!!! I would love if you could link this up to my Delicately Constructed Friday!! Thanks so much!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Hey, that's a great idea! I think I've seen that somewhere before…

  8. I would love for you to link it up to my party that is running now. Any linky goes.

    Come strut your stuff.

  9. I think this is cool..but trying to figure out the logistics since I am using quilted fabric since I have some on hand instead of batting..

  10. So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Just made this last night for my new iPad. Love the pattern bout step 4 has an error- you must sew with the fabric RIGHT sides together, then turn – not wrong sides. Otherwise your batting becomes and outside fabric:)


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