Sunday Snippets: Family

Each Sunday, I try to share a little piece of me through pictures.
And guess what?  Today I have a story, too!

To be totally legit, this little picture peek is actually from last weekend.  I was blessed to have my entire family in town.  It was a brief stay for my older brother and younger sister, who live in Utah, but it was heavenly nonetheless.

Last summer, my husband's old job finally demanded that we re-locate from Colorado to Arizona.  I was devastated!  Because my husband travels frequently, I rely on my family in Colorado.  A lot.  We definitely don't see each other every day. Sometimes it's just once a week, but it means the world to me to know they are close by.

After many prayers, I absolutely felt that it was not the right thing for us to move to Arizona (for many reasons).  We struggled to know what to do.  Then out of the blue, my husband received a call from the CEO of a competing company in the very same field.  We checked out the company and LOVED it.  The company demonstrated integrity and family values.

They made a wonderful offer, and it included the chance to live wherever we wanted within his work territory.

So here is the happy ending:  We were blessed to continue living in Colorado. So I don't take it for granted that I continue to live near some of my very favorite people in the world.

I am so blessed...
Blessed to have wonderful siblings!!
Me, sister Celeste, sister Kara, & Mom
Blessed to have aunts and uncles who truly love their nephews!
Blessed to have goofy cousins for Little Man to play with!


Blessed to see our family just keep on growing...


Blessed to have wonderful parents who started it all!
Enjoy your weekend with the people you love!!

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  1. Mandy Coffey says

    love the story! i needed that 🙂

  2. Lisalulu says

    we will be moving to AZ as soon as our house sells. From rainy WA to sunny AZ, and I'm not too happy about it! but family is in AZ

  3. Kerry Jane says

    I love the hair just gets shorter and shorter in the pic.

  4. Celeste says

    I don't mean to brag…but we really do have a great family. It's so nice to have family support.

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