Record Your Own Story Book {How Does She?}

It's Friday, so you know what THAT means!!
Today I am thrilled to be hosting one of my favorite blogs of all time--How Does She? These ladies know CUTE, and their simple ingenuity has always rocked my world!  I love this idea, and can't wait to implement it in our home!
Hi Everyone! We're so excited to be apart of the Summer Camp series! I am Caley from HowDoesShe is a team of ladies that love to collaborate ideas with others to be the best women we can be!
When Alison asked us to share a post about a childhood book, we couldn't decide on our favorite, but what we did realize was the real importance of reading to a child. The time that is set aside to have one-on-one moments and memories are never forgotten for a child, or the parent!
But, there are situations that arise when we are apart and those moments aren't we thought, why not give them a way to listen to us read to them if we can't be there! It's like their own book on tape read by their favorite reader!
Take a moment to record yourself reading a few of their favorite books on a cd or mp3 player. {Don't forget the "storybook voices", that's what makes it fun!} That way, they can turn it on when you are away and they need that comfort of your voice and love.
Along with reading their favorite books on the recording, why not take a moment to also tell them how much you love them. Express your appreciation to them, things they do that make you happy, why you love them, how they are needed in your life, you excitement for them and their future, and any other thing you wish to tell them that they need to hear. Can you imagine having access to something that would motivate you and make you happy every time you are down or feeling alone {as many children do once they become teenagers}. Enjoy making your children's books into words of love and motivation.
Happy Friday everyone!
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  1. Thank you, again, for letting us be apart of Summer Camp! We love your blog too!

  2. Adorable idea! Love it!!! 🙂

  3. Tasha from Creation Corner says

    brillant. I remember my Mom and Aunt doing this when we were growing up (but with tapes). I really want to do this for my boys. Thank you!

  4. My mom did this 10 years ago when my kids were little because she lived across the country. I can't tell you how thankful I am that she did that–she passed away last fall and it's the only recording I have of her voice. TREASURE!!!

  5. what an absolutely fab idea!!!

  6. I love this idea, but have not figured out how to record to burn to a disk or make an mp3 file. Any helpful ideas?

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