Etched Handprint Frame

It's always nice when someone can TELL you what they want as a gift.
My mother-in-law was very clear that all she wanted for Mother's Day was Little Man's handprints in a frame.
Well, that's easy enough!!
To jazz up this project just a bit I decided to mod podge the mat AND etch the glass in the frame.
Little Man was very specific that he wanted his handprints to be GREEN.  It wasn't the color I was scheming in my head, but we made it work!  I think the most stressful part of the whole process was getting 2 clean handprints from a wiggly 2-year-old.
I started out with an 11x14 frame and a mat to fit snugly inside.
To jazz up the mat a bit, I traced the mat onto coordinating scrapbook paper and mod-podged the paper right on.

Next, I designed the "I love you" phrase in my Sure Cuts a Lot software and cut it out on contact paper.  I placed the Contact backing face up when I cut it out on the Cricut.
I punched out the letters, leaving the words as negative space.  But I was careful to keep the centers of the o's, e's, etc.
I got an idea of where I wanted to place the words, and I actually marked it with a dry erase marker so I wouldn't screw it up.  I was not going to let the words end up crooked... No ma'am!
I peeled the contact backing off, and laid the words like this on the BACK of the glass frame.  Right after this, I added the centers of the letters carefully.  Now I was prepared to try a little ETCHING for my very first time.
I get so nervous trying something new!!  But this really was a simple process.  There were 3 easy-peesy-lemon-squeezy steps...




I put all of this together in the frame, and now we have a fancy handprint project to deliver to Nana on Mother's Day.  I love that we can easily update his handprints, too, as he grows older!



I will just say that getting quality photos of etching is NOT easy!
But I am hooked!  Etching was tons of fun... I can see more etching in my future!
Enjoy your week, friends!
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  1. Jennifer says

    So sweet! I gotta get that etched glass stuff!

  2. I was wondering how to use that stuff!! I got a little bottle of it in the box my Cricut came in but I read the bottle and with all its precautions I was afraid to use it, plus I didn't know how to use it…Thanks for the tutorial! Will definitely try this =)

  3. Lyndsey says

    What a cute idea!! It would make the best mothers day gift!!

  4. Heather says

    Ok, I wish this post was posted about 2 months ago. I know way to early but still. I spent $225 on these handprint spoon rests and a plaque. Yeah I know, WAY to much to begin with. Lesson learned. I will definitely be trying this!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Katie's Nesting Spot says

    Really love it, what a fun idea to add your sentiment to the glass and not just on the paper with the prints:)

  6. Stacy@{share and remember} says

    Very nice, great idea!

  7. Mod Podge Amy says

    How cute is this?? And if you don't have kids – dog paws! 😀

  8. Jackie Koll says

    Love this! I'm always looking for ideas to use not only with my boys for the grandparents but also for the little munchking that I babysit. I already have the idea for a Mothers Day Gift for his mom but I'm saving this idea to do as the Christmas gift this year! Thanks for the awesome idea.

  9. This is such a sweet project. I'm visiting from Today's Top 20 and have loved looking at your blog and all the fabulous projects!

  10. Sarah Burgoyne says

    Alison! I love this idea! I think I'm going to do it for Father's Day. The girls and I will be visiting my parents and Will will be along on Father's Day 🙁 I was trying to think of something that I could do in advance that he could open while we are gone and this would be perfect. I think I'll use a long frame so that all my girls hand prints will fit:)

  11. Renegades says

    What a great gift.


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  2. […] Etched Hand Print Frame – Make your gift extra special this year with this super simple DIY that Mothers and Grandma’s alike will love. […]

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