A Little Christmas Decor

Let's take a break from our Book Advent for a moment or two...
I began this little blog in January... please don't go back and read my posts.  I had NO CLUE what I was doing.  I didn't know any blogging etiquette and rules.  I simply wanted to record my projects.  The first posts I did were about my Christmas crafts.  I don't have time to craft during December (I don't know how many of you create such amazing things during such a busy time!), so I did all of my Christmas crafts during January.
One of my favorite things about getting out my Christmas stuff this year was seeing all of last year's crafts--all tucked away, looking pretty.  I found myself feeling pretty proud unwrapping some of my rookie crafts.  
I love this Believe banner:
One of the only things I don't like about our new house is that we do not have a mantel!  We do have lovely built-in nooks for our TV and electronics.  There is a bit of a ledge, but it is high and not ideal for decorating.  But I climbed up on that ledge and hung last year's Believe banner in the window.  It's actually perfect because we have a spotlight that shines on it.  I ended up using a lot of gold in our decor, so this banner was the perfect touch! You can see how I made this banner in my post here.
Here is a little closer view.
Remember my crepe paper wreath?  It looks stunning on my little ledge.  I just threw on a gold ribbon and suddenly it screams "Christmas!"
Now hopefully I can get my entire decor scheme finished, and I can show you all of it. Figuring out how to decorate a new home can take a little time!  Maybe I'll have it figured out by Christmas!
Happy decorating!
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  1. Beverly @ FlamingoToes.com says

    Alison you are so clever. I think it's so smart to make your decorations in January!! I'm looking at all these great Christmas ideas in blogland and stressing myself out because I don't have time to do them!!

  2. Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} says

    Just lovely!! The banner looks super cute, and I've been in love with your wreath since you made it. The gold bow looks perfect!!

  3. It looks beautiful!
    Would love for you to link up to my Holiday Open House.

  4. Great job! That wreath is awesome!

  5. shannan maio says

    You get a lot of people on this blog…I think it would be fun to here some family traditions… What people do with their family during December! That way we could get some new ideas or start some fun traditions! Just a thought…
    Thank you.

  6. Go to ana-white.com and she gives directions for building your very own faux fireplace with mantel that you can store with your Christmas decorations and bring out every way. I think it is really cute and she has many other building projects for so many cute things. I really love your banner and the wreath is so beautiful!!

  7. I have been following your blog now for a couple of months, but this is my first time leaving a comment! I couldn't help but notice your stockings look like my stockings!! I don't ever see people who make stockings like that anymore, and they are so fun. My mom's family had stockings like that, and we did growing up, and now I do for my family 🙂 So fun!

  8. Yes to Vannsmomc go to ana-white.com. Faux fireplace is awesome if only I had the room for said faux fireplace. Love your decorations. Thanks for all the ideas.

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