Vinyl 101

The last few Thursdays, I have been sharing some ideas for dressing up everyday items with vinyl. Last week, several of you asked a question similar to this one by Domestic Nerd:

I am loving all your vinyl projects! This might be a stupid question...but how do you "do" vinyl? I read that you print it out...on paper, onto vinyl?  Do I buy printable vinyl? Sorry...I know it sounds dumb, but I'm new to this & would love to label the canisters in my pantry. Thanks!

I am SO glad that several of you echoed this question.... because I was wondering the very same thing just about a year ago!  This is not a stupid question at all.  Vinyl is new to me too, but I am loving the new addition in my life!  🙂  Vinyl offers me so many more options in my crafting world.  So THANK YOU for asking this question!  

I thought I would walk you through the vinyl process--at least in my own simple way.  There are many others who have a greater knowledge of vinyl, but I'll walk you through a vinyl adventure, Oopsey Daisy style!

To get your hands on your own vinyl, you have 2 options:
1.  You can order your own custom vinyl through a vinyl company.  I have never bought vinyl online, but there are many reputable vinyl-producing companies online who find out what text or design you want cut, and then send it right to your door! I have never purchased vinyl this way, so I don't know much more beyond that!  
2.  Using a Cricut or Silhouette machine, you can cut your own vinyl.  This is what I do!

Come along with me on a regular everyday adventure with vinyl...

Yes, I squeezed in one more Halloween decoration!  I just had to have a white pumpkin, and why not add a monogram?!  I hope this helped explain the vinyl process a bit more (at least in simple Oopsey Daisy terms!)  Enjoy your day!  

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  1. The Autocrat: Haley says

    Very nice and classic looking! Great job and thanks for the tutorial.

  2. My Cottage Charm says

    Very sweet! 🙂 I have the regular cricut that cuts on the 6 x 12 sticky mats and wasn't sure if I could use vinyl on it, but I guess so! I have SO many ideas floating around in my little head about where to use vinyl. I will, however, have to use what is on my cartridges because I don't have the expression…but it's ok, cause I have LOTS of cartridges! lol 🙂 I had no idea you used contact paper…I thought it would be too sticky and not let go of the vinyl…hmmmm…guess not. I'll have to run out and buy me some vinyl now! 🙂
    Thanks for letting us know how it's done!

  3. I use my cricut a lot to cut vinyl but didn't know about the software you are using to make your designs. Looks awesome!! I'm definitely getting it asap!

  4. Mindi Hoellein says

    Ooooooooh! I have been wanting to use my cricut for vinyl, but wasnt sure how! Also, I am LOVING that there is software to use your regular computer fonts! I am definitely asking hubs for that for Christmas! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} says

    I sooooo needed this, Alison! I have started stocking up on vinyl when I find it for a good price and even have purchased some contact paper on sale, but I haven't had a clue what to do with it all. This is going to help me so much!! Vinyl projects, here I come!

  6. I love the monogrammed white pumpkin! Too cute!

  7. Ok, I MUST know more about this Sure Cuts Alot 2!!!

    I have the little personal Cricut.

    I did a quick glance and it looks like I pay for the software, hook a USB cable from my computer to my Cricut…and then I can choose FREE fonts and design everything right on my computer and then just make it cut that design on my Cricut???

    Or I can buy shapes and stuff too (for WAYYYYYY cheaper than a new cartridge costs) and cut those?

    It sounds almost too good to be true! I would assume you recommend it? Is it truly worth the money? Do you even buy cartridges anymore?

    I mainly use my Cricut for words…so the fonts is my main interest anyway.

    One more question, then I'm done I swear! LOL (Can you tell how excited I am right now!)

    Can I make letters connect into words doing this? (You know how on the Cricut each letter cuts individually…can I make it a whole word instead is what I'm asking.)

  8. My Cottage Charm says

    just got back from Walmart with my vinyl..gonna go play now! LOL

  9. My Cottage Charm says

    I know this is the third comment I've left today, but I'm so excited! I didn't know my regular personal cricut would work with the sure cuts a lot and so I just ordered it too! Where do you find your fonts and things like that to use to cut? I would love to find cute things to cut out? Got any great secrets where to find them?
    Missy (I promise this is my last comment of the day!…can't guarantee tomorrow though! lol)

  10. DairyQueen says

    Be sure to ask you local sign shop man. They use vinyl for most of their signs, and some will sell you their scraps, or sell it by the foot. I'm currently paying about $1 per foot. . .

  11. I like the monogram on the white pumpkin! Looks great!

  12. Jackie Koll says

    I must get a Cricut without a doubt. So many great things can be made easily with one!

  13. lovesweetlove says

    It's so funny that you posted this today! I actually just found out about my Cricut being able to cut vinyl this weekend and I made labels for my canisters! Here's my post about it I didn't know about the "kiss cut" though, that would've been a lot easier than pulling the backing off each letter, lol!! ~Nina

  14. Kristen @ says

    Ah I love vinyl. That is what I want for Christmas!! haha. I hope I get it!!

    Come link up sometime to Handmade Tuesdays! It is a new linky I started with a tutorial 🙂

  15. Domestic Nerd says

    Thanks so much for posting this! I'm bookmarking it for sure!

  16. Thanks for helping us vinyl-challenged girls. 🙂 I even have a Cricut, so this is awesome.

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