Wednesday’s Wowzers: Enjoy Summer While You Can!

Whew!  What a week!!  Mr. Oopsey Daisy has been gone for 7 days straight... not on business this time, but on vacation.  Just as soon as he walks in the door later today, I am treating myself to a pedicure.  Perhaps a manicure too.   We are also gearing up for a fabulous family reunion in the Colorado mountains.  My family goes big on just about any kind of special occasion, so packing for this occasion takes a lot of planning.  Perhaps I'll do some planning during the pedicure!  🙂
Just take a look at some of the amazing projects floating around the blogosphere this week:
WOW!  This window picture project took a lot of love and a ton of creativity... even Shelly's husband got involved!  You have GOT to see the entire project at House of Smith's.  I think that charming metal "Blessed" sign is my favorite part!
We saw a lot of adorable back-to-school ideas last week.  Even though I don't have any kiddos going back to school yet, the teacher in me still feels the excitement in the air!  I think these apple candy cupcakes from Cute As a Fox (shared at Someday Crafts) are my favorite back-to-school project.  We all love a good cupcake project!
I love a cute learning project, and The 30 Girl amazed me with a variety of do-it-yourself erase boards.  I love the idea of kids being able to use a white board (and a cute one, too!) to practice skills.  LOVE this farm animal board!  I am thinking of making one with family member silhouettes.

I truly couldn't choose my favorite idea--Delia's easy fluffy fringe scarf or her amazing leather flowers!  So I wanted to show both!  You can find both ideas at a refreshing oasis of inspiration, Delia Creates.  

This final idea is a call for all of us to enjoy these last moments of summer!  I am putting this DIY slip-and-slide on my to-do list! I found this frugal and fun idea at Frugal Family Fun.  Thanks for the reminder to soak in the sun while we still can!

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  1. House of Smith's says

    Wow! Thanks so much!!! You're so sweet to feature our window project!!! 🙂
    you're so sweet!


  2. Thank you, thank you! 🙂

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