Wednesday’s Wowzers: More baby inspiration

It's time to be inspired!

It's another week of Wednesday's Wowzers featuring YOUR ideas from the baby linky party and a few of my other fav's from blogging land. If your ideas haven't been featured still (we keep getting more and more ideas added daily!), I will do a final roundup this weekend. It takes A LOT of work to do a roundup of ideas like this, but I have so enjoyed finding new and talented bloggers! Just PLEASE go visit some of these incredible ideas.

Now onto the features! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

1. Napkin dresses by How Does She?
2. Styrofoam booties from Beneath My Heart.

** For tons of adorable diaper cake ideas, visit Anything that Glitters. She has TONS of different themes! So cool!
10. Dr. Seuss shower from Kara's Party Ideas. You have to check out this entire shower! The picture shows the Horton Hears a Who table. There is also a Green Eggs and Ham feature, Cat in the Hat, etc. I am in love!

You can check out all of the incredible 134-and-counting baby ideas by clicking here.

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