Cute & Easy Baby Gift {Lyndsey’s Craft Spot}

Alright, Baby Week readers. Lyndsey has the most adorable blog with all kinds of amazing wood crafts. Go check out some of her cool project... you'll love it. Promise! Now, on to her tutorial! This is a fun one!


Hey guys.. let me start off by saying how excited I am to be guest posting at Oopsey Daisy. I have been following her blog for awhile and she is awesome.

I hope you will like this idea. I love crafting and have more cute gift ideas on my blog LyndseysCraftSpot. If you have any questions following this tutorial let me know.. I would love to hear from you!!

Ok- now on to the fun stuff already... I think baby showers are so fun but mostly because there are so many cute ideas out there for super cute gifts. The growth board is something I started making a while ago because it is so easy and it is such a huge hit with the moms to be...

So here is a list of things you will need to make one:
1- 1X6 cut to 4 feet. You can get these at Home Depot or Lowes- they can cut it there for you for free and I think they are around $4.00 for a 6 foot board (You won't need the whole thing so I bet all you crafty people can come up with something cute for the other piece.)
- Scrapbook paper in coordinating colors... this project is perfect for all those scraps that you might having lying around.
- Paint in the color of your choice and paint brushes
- Mod-podge
- Sandpaper
- Craft wire - I buy mine at Lowe's it is only $2.00 for a huge roll that will last you forever!!
- Ribbon, buttons.. cute embellishments of your choice
Start with your 4 foot board and paint it... I always sand everything .. It's an addiction! So go ahead and sand that sucker down...

Next I cut my scrapbook paper. You will need 4 pieces that measure 1 1/2 inches wide and 4 inches long - these will be for each foot of the board. Then I cut a few pieces for the top part. This is where we will put the cute saying at the top. My top piece of paper measures 4.5 by 9.5. All you scrap bookers out there could probably do a much better job then me with this part. Then just mod-podge them onto the board.. the first piece will go at the very bottom of the board and then space them up each a foot..
Now, you will take a measuring tape and use a pen or pencil to mark your board from the bottom - you will mark every inch. Now because of the paper on the board, you will only be able to mark 10 lines in between each foot. I then painted over each marking with a little paint brush and some white paint.. I have used a paint pen and a scrap book pen before, and they all work great.. I am not a perfectionist so don't look to close 🙂
Next, we will print out vinyl for the feet and the top ... if you don't have access to vinyl you can free hand these parts as well with a paint pen or scrap book pen. Also, if the mother-to-be has not chosen a name yet for her new baby you can replace that saying with," Look how big I am?" or" Wow.. I am so big!!!"
My favorite step.. adding your own little flair to your masterpiece... I love adding ribbon and buttons. Flowers are also super cute.

See, I told you she was great!! What a fun project. I am definitely making one of these for my son's room!

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