Zipper Rosette & Pearl Necklace

It's time for another selfish craft!! Come on, I know you want to make something for yourself...
How about a zipper rosette & pearl necklace?!
I needed a new accessory. Something pretty. Something fun. Something I could make. Zipper rosettes and zipper necklaces are nothing new, but I decided to create my own "zipper something". So here is my take on it...

There are tons of tutorials out there for making a zipper rosette. I like this tutorial by Sumo's Sweet Stuff. I used 2 zippers that I bought at Wal-Mart for cheap. When I snipped my zippers in half, I used a half zipper for the small rosettes. I sewed the 2 halves of my other zipper together to create a bigger rosette for the center. I secured the rosettes to an old friendship necklace I've had since middle school using felt and hot glue.

But when I was done, it just needed something extra. I toyed around with beads and jewels. My sister, the accessory genius, suggested pearls. I love the combination of zippers and pearls!
My sister is a lovely model, isn't she?!
I'm pretty proud of myself. I am lovin' my new necklace!!

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