Wednesday’s Wowzers: TONS of baby ideas!!

Welcome to Wednesday's Wowzers, my friends!!
Here is another round-up of YOUR fabulous ideas!! I threw in a few of my favorites as well. I really am trying to feature EVERYTHING in categories, but whew that takes some time! So pretty please... make it all worthwhile by reviewing the ideas. And get excited for Baby Week!! I have some fabulous sponsors and guest authors prepared for you!

If you haven't linked up baby ideas yet, go for it! Just click here for the link party.

13. Initial bib by Modern Brady Bunch.
14. Vinyl tablecloth bibs by Just Another Day in Paradise.
15. Bandana bibs by Sew Pumpkin.
16. Bib tutorial and template with Homemade by Jill.
17. Dish towel bib with Create Everyday.

18. Cloth baby shoes by Home Sweet Home.
19. Little diva shoes by Home Sweet Home.
20. Baby shoes by Creative Itch.
21. Flower flipflops from Just Another Day in Paradise.

22. Booties from Crafted By Mama.
23. Slipper shoes by Delia Creates.

So check out some of these ideas that you love... I don't know about you, but I feel flooded by creativity!! Have a fabulous day! Thanks for sharing your ideas!
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