Creating Silhouettes {Using Photoshop}

You do not have to have a Cricut to use this tutorial.
You just need Photoshop!

I absolutely adore my Sure Cuts A Lot software. I know I have mentioned this before, but if you have a Cricut, it is a must! I love that you can download any image, and then cut it out on your Cricut. BUT you have to make your image into a silhouette. You only want the outline of your image cut--not every single little detail. So I have tried to become an expert at making any old picture into a silhouette that I can cut out on my Cricut. (If you don't have a Cricut, you can always print your desired image on paper for your project!)

I am by no means an expert with Photoshop. In fact, the program frustrated me for a long, long time. So I thought I would share what I've figured out:

Ta-dah! You have a silhouette! Now I save this image and insert into my Sure Cuts A Lot software and cut it out. But you can print our your image on paper and use it just as easily!

I have no doubt that many of you will think--I know an easier way to do this. And I agree that with some pictures, I find it easier to create a silhouette simply by adjusting the Hue/Saturation... and I have no idea why this method doesn't always work for me!! But the tutorial I shared today works no matter what, and I like that I can control the itty bitty details.

Now stay tuned for tomorrow.... I am going to show you what I made with my silhouette! I am quite excited about my project!

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  1. I absolutely love this idea! We travel with the kids quite often and I am so excited to make these cute reminders of our trips. I found your blog through Amy at Mod Podge Rocks. Looking forward to getting started as soon as I can!


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