There is nothing in the world like chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven!  My friend Rachelle started a yummy food blog recently called T.D.F. Recipes.   (T.D.F.=To Die For!)  She posted a recipe for yummy chocolate chip cookies, and I thought I would give it a shot the other night.  Man oh man, they were sooooo yummy!  I don't even want to confess how many warm cookies I ate.  And now, they are so chewy and soft.  Love it! 

Ladies--I don't know what it is that makes these cookies so much better than any other chocolate chip cookies, but you must try these out!
Click on the picture to go straight to her blog and try out the recipe for yourself.  You'll see exactly what I mean.  

Happy Baking!!  
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  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks Allison! That is so nice of you to mention me! I'm glad the cookies turned out for you. I think what it is, is the extra egg yolk, and the brown sugar…it really makes a perfect consistency! By the way, thank you for all the helpful tips on the blogging thing, I need all the help I can get!


  2. Thanks for sharing. They look delicious. I will have to check this out! My family LOVES cookies!

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