Wednesday’s Wowzers: Sunshine Award

Welcome to a special edition of Wednesday's Wowzers!!
I am so honored that Jenn from Delicious Ambiguity awarded Oopsey Daisy with the Sunshine Award.  The coolest thing about this award is that I get to spread the "sunshine" with 12 other bloggers.  I chose blogs that add a little sunshine and happiness to my day. 

SO... for this week's Wednesday's Wowzers, I am awarding 12 other crafty blogs with the Sunshine Award and picking just one of my favorite projects that they have posted about.  Congrats, my fellow bloggers!!  Now it's your turn to spread the sunshine! (In no particular order...)

1.  My Little Gems.  Sharla is amazing in so many ways!  I seriously love all of her fun family projects and crafts for kids.  And I love that she has boys and gears projects toward boys.  Have you seen her DIY play kitchen made from a nightstand?!  Holy moly!
2.  Creative Itch.  Misty hosts an adorable sewing linky party each Tuesday that I revel in.  I love learning about new possibilities in the world of sewing.  I love the variety of crafts she offers on her blog.  So cool!  Check out her fabric scripture and notebook covers.  I so need to make one of these!
3.  Miss Crafty Pants.  Wow, this woman does everything!  She has a scrapbooking blog, a recipes blog, and yes, even a craft blog.  Because of her tutorial, I finally figured out how to make a button for my blog!  And I love her scrapbooking freebies!  In searching her crafts, I found this covered cork board.  I have been wanting to make one!!
4.  Nap Time Crafts.  I think if Serena hadn't already chosen this name for her blog, I would have snatched it!  Because crafting during every minute of my son's sleep is exactly what I do, too.  I love all of Serena's ideas.  It seems like she is always one step ahead of me... trying out everything I have been wanting to do and then teaching me how!  This is something I could never attempt, though:  She painted wall trees!!
5.  Lucky Star Lane.  This blog is one of my new favorite finds.  I am so impressed with all of the denim creations!!  By the way, these ladies are hosting a Lucky Star Search for jean crafts.  I am still racking my brain for something new with denim!  Anyway, I love this girl's hoodie.  Cute, cute!!  (Check out their Lucky Linky Party each Tuesday!)
6.  Because I Can.  I think Jen and I started our craft blogs around the same time, so I have always considered her a "compadre."  I find myself wanting to copycat all of her stuff!!  And she is an expert in topiaries... she makes an adorable topiary for every season!  Check out this Easter topiary:
7.  The Tidy Nest.  Alisa has  Each day, I find myself wondering what she will post more than any other blog.  I love everything!  I don't know any other way to say it.  The most recent thing I loved is her tile pendant necklace:
8.  The Scrap Shoppe.  Michele is so cool. She is a loyal commenter and believe it or not, she makes me want to be a better scrapbooker.  (And that takes a lot, my friend!)  Take, for instance, this cool easel card (and tutorial):
9.  Dilly Dally and Flitter.  Michelle's crafts are so very unique.  She has her own twist on everything, and I love that I will find completely new things on her blog. I am still in awe about her take on subway art-gone-girls-getaway.  SO CUTE!

10.  Night Owl Crafting.  Another new find... this blog is adorable!!  I just found Leslie's blog, and I am so glad I did. I am still sad I didn't win these fabric carrots on her latest giveaway.  Then again, I would have taken any of her adorable Easter crafts.  

11.  C.R.A.F.T. Jamie is one clever chick.  She recently had a giveaway with clues and all! I am loving that she just posted about quiet books yesterday because I am in the middle of making one and love seeing more ideas!!  I also love this t-shirt quilt she made:

12.  Tattered and Inked.  I saved the best for last!  Kelsey has amazing ideas.  I featured her cabinet door-turned Welcome sign.  So cute!  But she has many other thrifty ideas.  And she makes me want to try new things with paint!  Lately, I am loving Kelsey's burlap-yarn wreath.  I have got to make one!!

Alright, winners, here are the rules: 
1.  Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
2.  Pass the award on to 12 other bloggers.
3.  Link the nominees within your post.
4.  Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5.  Link back to the person from whom you received this award.

PS My fingers are seriously going to fall off after all this linking!  🙂  Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Danielle says

    What a great award! I will have to check out some of the those blogs that I've never heard of 🙂

  2. LuckyStarErin says

    You are so sweet! Thank you this is really cool:) I am going to check out the others..I only know a few you have listed so this is exciting.

  3. Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} says

    Thank you so much, Alison!! Very sweet! There are a few blogs here that I love to follow already. Can't wait to check out the rest!

  4. sharla@mylittlegems says

    Thanks Alison! Very nice award and thanks for the other great blogs- I found a few new ones to add to my never-ending list of good craft blogs 🙂
    I usually just post the awards at the bottom of my blog-:) I really appreciate the recognition and nice words- thanks a bunch 🙂

  5. Miss Crafty Pants says

    This is the first award I've received on my "Miss Crafty Pants" blog. I feel so honored!

    And to be mentioned with these other ladies….wow! Thank you for such sweet and kind words…it truly means a lot.

    Have a fabulous day!!

  6. LuckyStarHeather says

    Erin's totally right – YOU are SO sweet! You totally MADE my DAY!

    Thank you! Thank You!

  7. Alisa @ The Tidy Nest says

    Awww! You are so sweet! Thanks for the award and thank you for introducing me to so many great blogs!

  8. Wow! Thanks so much for this wonderful award! Those other ladies are so awesome and I loved looking at all their blogs! This was my first award so thank you for the sweet words!

    You made my day!

  9. C.R.A.F.T. says

    Thank you so much for the award 🙂 i feel so special! I will pass the award on tonight! What a fun way to feature ALL of the amazing crafts out there! Thank you again 🙂

  10. Thank you for the award!! I'll try to pass it along…I'm not so great at that!!

  11. Thanks so much for the sweet award! Now my fingers are going to hurt from this post! So worth it though! I am so honored and thanks again!

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