Ruffled I-Pod Snuggie

Goldfish cracker crumbs... matchbox cars... sippy cups... spare batteries...wallet, camera, phone.  These are just a few of the things I have rolling around in my purse.  I don't know how any woman with young children manages an organized purse. I am constantly throwing random things inside "just in case."  My son seems to know exactly how precious the contents of my purse are and adds a few treasures of his own.  Which brings me to my problem:

Problem:  My beloved i-pod was becoming absolutely thrashed while rolling around in my purse.  I should have taken a picture of what it looked like a week ago.  But it was truly embarrassing.  I saw the look on my husband's face when he saw it, and knew I needed to prove I was worthy of my favorite musical accessory!

I mainly listen to my i-pod in the car, but leaving my i-pod out in the cold car has caused me some technical difficulties.  So I am trying to do better with leaving my i-pod in my purse.  Between my son's eager hands and the messy condition of my purse, I needed to protect the i-pod somehow!!!

I call it my little ruffled i-pod snuggie.  I never in my life thought I would use a snuggie, but my i-pod deserves one.  🙂  I would have posted a tutorial, but I know it would be laugh-worthy.  It took me a bit to figure out how to do the cover with the ruffle.  I am still a beginner sewer!  By the way, you really should not use adhesive velcro (I have tons from teaching!) when sewing.  The sew-on velcro is definitely better.  (I ended up sewing mine on by hand, but forcing my needle through the sticky layer of adhesive was a pain!!)

Everything is prettier with a ruffle don't you think?  And the velcro on the cover keeps my son out of it.  In fact he hasn't even attempted to figure out what is inside.  Score!
I used coordinating fabrics because I even wanted the inside to be pretty.  Plus some added thickness was desirable.  It is the perfect size to fit my i-pod inside.  In fact, I can even squeeze in my phone to protect it, too!  So now I can just throw it inside my purse and run about my day.
My only problem is that the snuggie doesn't match the purse... hmm.  Perhaps a new purse is in order?  I think I can solve that problem!  
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  1. sweet european dreams says

    functional and CUTE are always a great combo! I need to do the same thing for my sun glasses – in CO we wear them almost daily, so they get thrashed around a lot. Be sure to post the pic of your NEW matching purse as well…

  2. Love this! I need to make one of these for sure!

  3. Linda@Coastal Charm says

    This is sooooo stinkin cute…luv the colors. Hope you have a FUN week:)


    I’m having a GIVEAWAY…come by and check it out…I think you will like it!

  4. Very cute idea! Thanks for coming by and checking out my pear tutorial! I love new visitors! Smiles, JEN

  5. Don't dis the "Snuggie…"I have something exactly like that…only larger, and I use it to store diapers/wipes! I LOVE having my diaper changing stuff together at all times.

  6. So cute and stylish! I really like the colors!

  7. I definetly think you deserve a new purse. Even if it doesn't match either. =)

  8. Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} says

    That is beyond adorable with the ruffle. LOVE!!

  9. CraftyMummy says

    Great idea – I need one for my phone before I scratch it! Love the ruffle most!

  10. Pati @ A Crafty Escape says

    Super cute idea… my phone is now jealous of yours!

  11. Ooh I love this idea! I totally need to do this for my ipod. I'm glad you liked my table… you should defintely try doing some furniture- you'd love it, it's so much fun! 🙂

  12. This is adorable!

    I would love it if you joined my "Saturday is Crafty Day" party on April 24th! Stop by my blog for details.

  13. Very cute!! I love the ruffles…and the colors! You always do a great job!

    Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!

  14. Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden says

    That is just plain adorable! I love your fabric choices. It's always so cool when you can make something functional and pretty! Great job.

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours Day!

  15. Chocolate Sundaes says

    This is so cute!! Thanks for linking up at Sundae scoop! Hope to see you this sat!

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