ABC Marble Magnets

I think I have a magnet obsession. It goes back to my teaching days when I applied magnetic tape to just about everything so it would display nicely on my magnetic white board.  Magical stuff.  I also have a passion for all things "ABC"... so this little project was a perfect blend of both.   I am having too much fun leaving love notes on my refrigerator!
I think we've all seen the magnets you make with clear marbles such as these:

I have several sets that I made using cute scrapbook paper, and love them  But it's just so stinkin' fun to create messages!  So I found these cute stickers:

So I just used colored paper, punched a bunch of circles, and applied stickers like crazy.  The most important thing is finding glue that dries clear.  Don't use too much or it will show when it dries... just a dab will do!  I used a paint brush to help ensure a smooth finish.  Then I attached my handy-dandy magnet tape to the back of each marble.

What fun, bright, happy letters.  Wouldn't these be fun to help teaching your kiddos the ABC's??  I am imagining my son's little fingers sliding these around on a magnetic cookie sheet.  

Here's a message for you--dear readers!

Another fun set of magnets.  For now.  I love switching things up!

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  1. Darin and Kali says

    love this!

  2. Sarah Boyd says

    I need some new magnets! Love these!

  3. Sarah Boyd says

    I need some new magnets! Love these!

  4. Sarah Boyd says

    I need some new magnets! Love these!

  5. Sarah Boyd says

    I need some new magnets! Love these!

  6. CLEAN MAMA says

    Ooohh – I love these!


  8. Diana and Fam says

    So what glue did you use?

  9. craftlicious says

    wow this is so cute,i would love to try this one
    thanks for stopping by at my blog and your lovely comment

  10. I make these for every holiday. I just love them. I found the small round magnets at the dollar store that are the perfect size. You just peel off the back and stick it to the marble. I love your bright colors

  11. Kim @ seven thirty three says

    Such a great idea!

  12. Sweet Little Smoothie says

    Love these! I've put all sorts of pictures under those awesome little marbles, but I never thought of letters. Thanks for the great idea!

  13. Pati @ A Crafty Escape says

    Too funny that we both posted about magnets on the same day. I LOVE yours though… such a neat idea. My poor son can't spell his name with the LeapFrog letters on the fridge b/c there's only one "d". He'll be thrilled when I make him two!!!

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