Happy Hundred Give-away!

I just have to say THANK YOU for following Oopsey Daisy!  This week, I kept watching my followers list grow, but I got stuck at 99 for a while.  Thank you for helping me get over that hundred hump!!  This blog has been a fun way for me to connect with many of you and get fabulous inspiration from all of the amazing, crafty, creative people out there!  Now I want to celebrate!

I have had a wonderful response to my burlap bunnies, so the winner of this give-away will win one of my sweet little burlap bunnies.  Not all of them are pictured above, but I will handpick one of my fav's to send to the lucky winner of this give-away.  It will arrive in time for Easter!  This makes me slightly nervous though.  By entering the give-away, you have to agree to the terms and conditions which are:
You can't laugh at my stitches!!
I never, ever promised to be a perfect seamstress, so if you see something you could improve upon, I would not be at all surprised.  Hopefully you realize this by the very name of my blog "Oopsey Daisy"!  

Agreed??  I hope so!  Now there are three ways to enter:
1.  Become a follower of Oopsey Daisy or leave a comment if you already follow.  Also leave me your e-mail address in your comment so I can contact you.
2.  Blog about this give-away and link back here. Leave another comment if you do this.
3.  Tell me what you like about Oopsey Daisy and leave another comment if you do this.

The give-away will close next Wednesday, March 24th at midnight, and I will announce the winner next Thursday.
Thanks for helping Oopsey Daisy to grow!  
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  1. Katie Bishop says

    I am a follower!

  2. I am a recent follower…my SIL sent me the link to the post with the fabric/Cricut. I'm enjoying what I get in my feeder from your site.

  3. Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} says

    I follow! 🙂

    mmcustomcreations @ dmaks (dot) com

  4. Hammond Bride says

    I'm a follower!

  5. Hammond Bride says

    Honestly? My favorite part of Oopsey Daisy is that we have the same name – even if we spell it differently. I also love that your blog is built on the principle that your stuff is never perfect! That's how I feel about all the stuff I create. 🙂 You make me feel better…

  6. Katie Stacey says

    I made your sugar cookies and I was actually going to blog about them anyway today, so I did…and I blogged about your giveaway. The cookies were so yummy, we're loving them!

  7. love the bunnies.. went and purchased burlap.. now just to find the time to make some.. ugh!

  8. just bought my burlap and was planning to make some bunnies tomorrow during nap time! I am a follower!

  9. Summer Rae says

    I follow!

  10. I follow! I love your blog and your bunnies 🙂


  11. ooh and I just blogged about it! Happy hundred! 🙂

  12. Yeah for reaching 100!! How fun. I am almost there too. Getting close. I am a follower. Love your blog 🙂

  13. Opps, and my email is raegirl25@yahoo.com

  14. I am a follower and these are adorable!!

  15. Kim Sandling says

    I am a follower! chicapooh@yahoo.com

  16. Kim Sandling says

    I love that you admit you have oopsies! You are so talented and I'm so glad you share those talents! Thank you for sharing all the cute things you make and do!

  17. I'm a follower! karaloupriday@comcast.net


  18. Pati @ A Crafty Escape says

    New follower! LOVE your blog 🙂

  19. Tyler and Jen says
  20. Tyler and Jen says

    I love all your downloads!

  21. Lindsayb-mo says

    I'm a new follower to your blog. I love it! Those bunnies are too cute. I will also blog about your giveaway!
    I love your blog! You are very creative and it inspires me. Thanks for the fun ideas! =)

  22. Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden says

    Congratulations on reaching 100! I think you're actually up to 111 now. I think your bunnies are adorable and I am definitely a follower!

  23. Stephanie Lynn says

    These are simply adorable! So glad I popped on over – Thanks for stopping by! I'm off to check out everything else! Happy Spring!

  24. I'm your biggest follower, I may even be a stalker. =)

  25. I'm a current follower, love your blog!

  26. I'm a follower and a big fan. Melissa Codella

  27. I love the valentine wreath. It looked so simple. i'm going to try it soon.

  28. I {heart} everything on your blog! I always get excited to see your new posts and to be a copy cat!

  29. Mangelson's says

    I am a follower

  30. Mangelson's says

    I love these bunnies, plus all the other crafty things on here.


  31. Sarah Burgoyne says

    I'm in! I'll trade a bunny for some cookies 🙂

  32. Diana and Fam says

    Didn't realize that I wasn't following!!! My bad, Way neat to hit your 100 already!

  33. Dave and Stephanie says

    i'm a follower.


  34. Dave and Stephanie says

    i love how you not only show what you are working on, but also link to other crafty bloggers (wednesday wowzers). you've introduced me to so many new blogs

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