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I had the best day yesterday!  Thanks, Kari, for featuring me on U Create!!  I kept checking my e-mail all day long, and the happy comments seriously made my day. It makes me want to be better at commenting myself so I can help spread the love!  You guys are awesome!

Let's celebrate the week with a little Free Download.  I think I have mentioned that I am part of a Family Home Evening group.  This was the perfect way for me to build up my FHE files.  I created my lesson on Family Love and Unity.  Whew!  It was a lot of work, but I love that it is all done and can't wait to see what the other team members have come up with!  Anyway, I created two games for the lesson, and I want to share one of them with you.

It includes a gameboard that looks like this:

The full download includes this gameboard with instructions and over 50 game cards.  Basically, you have a game marker to represent each family member.  The game cards represent scenarios that INCREASE or DECREASE family love and unity.  Each card tells the player to move forward or backward on the trail of hearts toward the End.  The first player to reach the End, wins!  

I hope some of you can use this game.  You can download it from my sidebar or by clicking here.

 Happy Friday!!!
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  1. What a fun game, I also love the Dating Ideas! My husband and I are always looking fore more ideas for our dates. Thanks for visiting my blog! I just love yours!

  2. Kim Sandling says

    This looks so fun! Thank you for sharing so our family can build up our FHE files too! You're the best!

  3. I am SO glad you can use this game. Seriously. It makes me feel like my time is DOUBLY well spent when someone else can use something I make, too!!!

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