Ribbon Jar

Don't look too closely!  
Please don't judge me.  I only have 995 square feet to work with.  This is what my "craft room" looks like.  I claim half of my son's closet for crafting supplies, as well as the space between shoes and hanging clothes in our master closet (the picnic basket doubles as my current project basket!).
The reason that I post these embarrassing pictures is to emphasize my craving for organization.  In my apartment, if even one thing gets left out, then the whole place looks like a wreck!  I try not to be OCD about it.  But truly, I look for better ways to organize myself.  Here is one of my favorite new discoveries:
The ribbon jar!
(Again don't judge me on the fingerprints on the lid... my son loves to clang it to make noise.  He was doing this just before our photo shoot.)
I got a package of old-fashioned clothes pins and unwound my spools of ribbon.  I tucked the end of the ribbon in the slit and then wound it right up. 
I secured the end with a pin.  So neat and tidy.
I don't have tons of ribbon yet.  But for now, everything fits perfectly into this jar.

P.S. This is my old "treat jar" from when I was a teacher.  So I still get warm fuzzy feelings when I take off the clanging metal lid to reward myself for a craft well done.  
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