Going For Gold

This last weekend was a crazy weekend for our family.  Besides celebrating Valentine's Day, this sweet little boy turned one! He also started walking in the last few weeks--and that means tearing up our apartment in a big-time way!  Oh yes, and my entire family was in town for the occasion.  I feel like I am still recovering from all of the fun and festivities.  So this week I will be featuring some of my birthday ideas and crafts.
I was racking my brain trying to decide upon the perfect theme for the big birthday bash UNTIL I realized that on the very day of his birthday, the Olympics would begin.  Score!  So we had an Olympic-themed birthday party.... and it was a blast!  I will share lots of the events of the evening with you.  But to start with:  

What's the Olympics without a gold medal?!  Everyone at the party would definitely need to earn a gold medal.

I started out with some wooden circles that I found at Michael's.  The hardest part of the entire project was peeling off the **sticky** labels off of each circle.  Thank you, Goof Off.  

I found a package of wooden stars (also at Michael's) and used Gorilla Glue to glue a star in the center of each wooden circle.  Less is better with Gorilla Glue.  I always have to remind myself of that!  It easily expands.

I spray-painted the medals with a nice shiny gold, of course.

I found this patriotic ribbon at JoAnn's, and used hot glue to secure it to the back of each medal.

All done!  This would be a really fun craft to do with kids, especially with the Olympics going on right now.

At our party, everyone was a gold medalist!  Enjoy watching the Olympics (I am watching right now!)
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  1. Cute, cute, CUTE!!! Thanx for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I LOVE all your ideas! 🙂


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