It’s Not Too Late To Decorate for Valentine’s Day!

I realize that not everyone loves decorating for Valentine's Day.  BUT if you want to throw something up just in the nick of time, here are 2 easy ideas to decorate in a flash!

This heart garland would be lots of fun to make with kids.  
First, cut out a ton of hearts!  I am a sucker for red/black/white together, so I scrounged up some scrapbook paper and started cutting.  (Well, actually, I let my cricut do all of the cutting.  If you cut them by hand, just use a standard template so your hearts are all the same size.)  Then fold all of the hearts in half.
To make the hearts 3-dimensional, I took 3 paper hearts, and glued them together, fold to fold. 
Then I punched a few holes, and strung them together with red ribbon.
Ta-dah!  I went a little crazy with the hearts, so I had enough to do 2 heart garlands:  One for the mantel and one for the hallway.  I have a whole set of small hearts, too, that I think I am going to save and use to make a valentine tree next year.

My last Valentine's project for the year:  I found these cute frames in the dollar bins at Michael's and just couldn't help myself.
Then I printed out some vintage sheet music for a song called Moonlight and Roses.  Perfect! I traced some ovals to fit in the frames an distressed the edges.
I added letters to each frame and added them to a bare bookshelf that needed some sprucing up.
Seriously took me about a half hour.  So easy.  
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  1. Wow! you creative ones are so inspirational! How cute is that?!

  2. LOVE it!!!

  3. Mandy Coffey says:

    hey friend! i've featured this post on my blog today

  4. Elizabeth @ Ucreate with Kids says:

    Love this! And your colors are perfect! Just featured this!

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