Welcome to Oopsey Daisy!
* My blog of projects and ideas*

Every day is an adventure at my house {or apartment, rather}. I don't know about you, but I'm building up quite a resume: Personal assistant. Baker. Race car driver. Interior decorator. Clown. Event planner. Boo-boo kisser. Personal shopper. Therapist. Educator. Financial Planner. Receptionist. Chef to the world's most critical food critic. And my personal favorite, toilet bowl cleaner. Just an average day in my life...

I am a huge fan of anything that makes my life easier, cuter, or more meaningful.

Disclaimer: I usually do things the hard way. In fact, I usually figure out the right way to do things after the fact. But I have lot of ideas floating around in this crazy head of mine. Many are "oopseys" and a few are "daisies."
Take a look at what is blooming.

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  1. how fun! I love the new blog!

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