Twine Tree

Are you enjoying Christmas in January as much as I am?! I can hardly wait for the next 11 months before I can really showcase all of these new, fun items. Today, I am showing something rather simple tree I made out of a styrofoam cone and twine.

I used one of those green styrofoam cones you see in craft stores. I didn't have to paint it, and if some of the styrofoam peeked through, at least it would be green. I began at the bottom, wrapping twine all the way around the cone up to the top, even covering the tip of the cone. It cost me quite a few hot glue burns, but it was worth it. But it seemed a little bare. This tree needed some decorating!!

Walking the aisles at Hobby Lobby, I saw cheery red styrofoam balls and realized they would make the perfect ornaments. I used a needle and thread and strung a short strand of ornaments. It was so easy. This is my kind of project. Then, I just draped the strand around the tree, securing with a bit of hot glue here and there.

What do you think? So simple. So lovely.
Doesn't it look lovely next to the Joy plaques?? Burlap and twine together... a perfect match. Ahhhh....
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