Conversation Heart Magnets

Do you love conversation hearts? I do!  
Something about the silly messages and sicky-sweet taste.  
Want to make your own "conversation heart" magnets?

I love magnets.  And they are so easy to make.  I think I have accumulated a lifetime supply of velcro and magnet tape from teaching.  When I first thought of making some Valentine magnets, I thought of doing something with fabric or decoupage.  But then I got into default mode, and thought--laminating and magnet tape.  That's the ticket!  My hubby and I are having way too much fun creating messages for each other on our fridge.

So here's how to make them. Trust me, this is simple.

1. You can download the images of the magnets I made here. They are in color, so print 
them on a color printer for best results. Some are red and some are pink. How sweet.

2. Then cut them out. Now you have a big pile of lovey dovey words just waiting to be 
combined into sweet messages.

3. I would laminate everything if I could. So I laminated mine next, but it's definitely an 
optional step. Then cut out. I love cutting out laminating. So smooth.

4. Then apply magnet tape. I put 2 little squares on each end to be sure it would have 
enough "pull".

5.  Now slap those up on your fridge and giggle shamelessly while arranging fun messages.  
I still can't stop giggling.

So I think I am going to feature a free download every Friday.  So tune in and happy magnetizing!

The fun fonts I used for this project come from DJ Inkers.
Fonts copyright Dianne J Hook. Used with permission from DJ Inkers.

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  1. I will be doing this for sure! (the next time I set up our printer.) You have got to be the cutest mum in the world! I miss you so much. Come out for a visit again!

    Kellie Spiker

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! Such a fun idea and cute download!

  3. The download button on Scribd was disabled. Is anyone else having that problem?

  4. Hey Tara, I think it was able to print but not download, but I just fixed it! So try again 🙂 Sorry about that…

  5. thank you for sharing… Love these… Totally going to print these! I love them! They will be too much Fun!

  6. Hi! Just wanted to say that I love your blog and thanks for the freebies. I linked to them on mine:

  7. Hi Alison,
    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve got a new FEATURED BUTTON & have started my new MckLinky party TOT TUESDAYS. I’d love it if you’d stop by: Cheers, Jenn

  8. We have to give you a huge shout out…we bragged about you in our collection of 140 FABULOUS VALENTINE PRINTABLES ROUND-UP. We love your darling creative printable and we had to share your awesome-ness! Take a peek –> xox

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