Christmas Eve bags

This project was created especially for one special night of the year: Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is definitely my favorite night of the entire year because have so many fun family traditions. One of these traditions includes giving each family member new pajamas and a special Christmas ornament that represents each person. So I decided that, rather than wrap each person's pajamas and each person's ornament each and every year, I would make a bag for our special Christmas Eve gifts. (I'm a little anti-wrapping so soon after Christmas.)
I love how these turned out!

I found some cute fabric on sale at JoAnn's at the after-Christmas sales, and even dragged my husband along to help pick it out.
My favorite part is that with one little pull of the ribbon, poof! It's shut. What a beautiful thing. I think I may use this same idea to make a gym bag for myself. I can't rave enough. I love the style of this bag!

I ironed-on some cute letters to spell our names on each bag.
**Word to the wise: Be sure your letters aren't backwards when you iron them on!! That was one of my oopsey's on my husband's bag.**

So now we each have an adorable little Christmas Eve bag. Hopefully every year, when my little guy sees this under the Christmas tree, he will start getting excited for the Christmas Eve festivities.
Hmmm.... are you humming Jingle Bells like I am?
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  1. How did you make the drawstring bags? I would love a tutorial before this Christmas!

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